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YAHWEH's Feast Days Calendar for 2015

Whoso is wise, and will observe these things,
 even they shall understand the lovingkindness of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH has SetApart HIS people, HIS Sabbath and HIS Covenant Feast Days for honor unto HIM. Take heed and learn from YAHWEH's Word in the instruction and examples that our FATHER gives us. As we learn obedience and to follow YAHWEH's Word in all things, let us rejoice in HIS Mighty NAME "YAHWEH" forever!

These days are bases upon the last new moon I was able to see here in Jefferson, SC.
The Regular Course Of Day And Night, And YAHWEH's Sovereign Power Over All The Creatures

"HE appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knows his going down."

PDF Print 2015 Annual Sabbaths Calendar Dates

2015 YAHWEH Feast (Moadem) Days

As of this Abib 1st March 21

Hebrew Day 2015

 2015 Festival of YAHWEH's Moadim
(Note: All feasts start on the eve before.)

The Day

Abib 1st /

New Year - YAHWEH's Beginning Of the Year

March 21st
Abib 13

Passover - Pesach the 14th day

The Pesah Meal will begin at 6:00 PM EST.

April 3th
Friday Eve
Abib 14

Passover - Pesach **


April 4th-
Double Shabbat
Abib 15

Khag Matstsaw - The First Day of Unleavended Bread - Chag Ha Matzoth **


April 5th-

Abib 21

Seventh Day of Khag Matstsaw - The Feast of Unleavended Bread - Chag Ha Matzoth **

High Shabbat

April 11th
Double Shabbat
Siwan 11

Feast of Weeks - Shavuoth - Pentecost - Bikkoor - Firstfruits **

High Shabbat

May 24th
Tishri 1

Feast of Trumpets - Feast of the Shofar - Yom Teruah

High Shabbat

September 14th
Tishri 10

The Day of Atonement - Yom Kippoor- YAHSHUA the Propitiation

High Shabbat

September 24th
Tishri 15

The Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot  - Festival of Ingathering

High Shabbat on the 29th

September 29th - October 5h
Tishri 22

The Last Great Day - The Going Home

High Shabbat

October 6th


** indicates that these Feast Days are times that the gathering of the brothers and sister in a Convocation together

These are all "Tentative Dates" of YHWH's Feast Days; it could change with the sighting of the moon for the new year of YAHWEH. These are the  days that we have determine by the astrological calculation and the knowledge of the green ears at this present time. The dates will not change drastically, but by a day or two before or after these reported dates. You can make your plans around these dates. A letter will be sent to all on our newsletter list if there is a drastic change.

The feast always start on the evening of the the previous day. Some days are regular days with high Shabbats at the start and the end such as Unleaven and the Feast of Tabernacles.

PDF Print 2015 Annual Sabbaths Calendar Dates

Serve YAHWEH with a perfect heart and with a willing mind:
 for YAHWEH searches all hearts,
and understands all the imaginations of the thoughts:
 if you seek HIM, HE will be found of you;
 but if you forsake HIM, HE will cast you off forever.

Come be with us here at Victory Community and celebrate YAHWEH's 2015 Feasts in true worship of Him in the Ruach ha-Kodesh.

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