Heavenly quake, the great monsters, and mysteries of nature!

60:1   In the year five hundred, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch; in the same parable I saw that the heaven of heavens was quaking and trembling with a mighty tremulous agitation, and the forces of YAHWEH the Most High and the malakim, ten thousand times a million and ten million times ten million, were agitated with great agitation.

60:2   And the Antecedent of Time was sitting on the throne of HIS splendor surrounded by the malakim and the righteous ones.

60:3   Then a great trembling and fear seized me and my loins and kidneys lost control. So I fell upon my face.

60:4   Then, Michael sent another malak from among the kodesh ones and he raised me up. And when he had raised me up, my spirit returned; for I had fainted because I could not withstand the sight of these forces and because heaven has stirred up and agitated itself.

60:5   Then, Michael said to me, “What have you seen that has so disturbed you?” “This day of mercy has lasted until today; and he has been merciful and long-suffering toward those that dwell upon the earth.”

60:6   “And when this day arrives -and the power, the punishment, and the judgment, which YAHWEH of Hosts has prepared for those who do not worship the righteous judgment, for those who deny the righteous judgment, and for those who take HIS NAME in vain - will become a day of covenant for the elect and inquisition for the sinners.”

60:7   “On that day, two monsters will be parted -one monster, a female named Leviathan, in order to dwell in the abyss of the ocean over the fountains of water;”

60:8   “and the other, a male called Behemoth, which holds his chest in an invisible desert whose name is Dundayin, east of the garden of Eden, wherein the elect and the righteous ones dwell, wherein my grandfather was taken, the seventh from Adam, the first man whom YAHWEH of Hosts created.”

60:9   Then asked the second malak in order that he may show me how strong these monsters are, how they were separated on this day and were cast, the one into the abysses of the ocean, and the other into the dry desert.

60:10   And he said to me, “You, son of man, according to the degree to which it will be permitted, you will know the hidden things.”

60:11   Then the other malak who was going with me was showing me the hidden things: what is first and last in heaven, above it, beneath the earth, in the depth, in the extreme ends of heaven, the extent of heaven;

60:12   The storerooms of the winds, how the winds are divided, how they are weighed, how the winds divide and dissipate, the openings of the winds, each according to the strength of its wind; the power of the light of the moon and how it is the right amount, the divisions of the stars, each according to its nomenclature, and all the subdivisions;

60:13   the thunders, according to the places where they fall, and the subdivisions of the lightnings according to their flashing of light and the velocity of the obedience of the whole array of them.

60:14   So the thunders have their respective moments of rest with patience; and each thunder is marked by its respective sound. Neither the thunder nor the lightning becomes disjoined one from the other; both go together in a single breeze and do not part.

60:15   For when the lightning flashes light, the thunder utters its sound; also, at that moment, the wind causes the thunder to come to rest and divides equally the time between each one of them. For the reservoir of their moments of thunderings is like the sand, so each one of them is restrained with a bridle and turned back by the power of the wind and driven in this manner all over the numerous corners of the earth.

60:16   Now, the sea breeze is masculine and strong and according to the power of its strength it holds back the air and, in this manner, is driven and dispersed among all the mountains of the world.

60:17   The frost-wind is its own guardian and the hail-wind is a kind messenger.

60:18   The snow-wind has evacuated its reservoir; it does not exist because of its strength; there is in it only a breeze that ascends from the reservoir like smoke, and its name is frost.

60:19   And the wind and the mist do not dwell together with them in their reservoirs. But the mist has its own reservoir, for its course is splendid. It has light and darkness both in the rainy season and the dry season; and its reservoir is itself a malak.

60:20   The dwelling place of the dew-breeze is in the extreme ends of heaven and is linked together with the reservoirs of the rain in both its courses of the rainy season and the dry season; also the clouds of the dew and the clouds of the mist are associated feeding each other mutually.

60:21   When the rain-wind becomes activated in its reservoir, the malakim come and open the reservoir and let it out; and when it is sprayed over the whole earth, it becomes united with the water which is upon the earth;

60:22   and when so ever it unites with other waters, it unites with the water upon the earth which is for the use of those who dwell on the earth, for it is nourishment for the earth sent from YAHWEH the Most High in heaven. So in this manner there is a measuring system for the rain given to the malakim.

60:23   All these things I saw as far as the garden of the righteous ones.

60:24   And the malak of shalom who was with me said to me, “These two monsters are prepared for the great day of YAHWEH when they shall turn into food.”

60:25   “So that the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts should come down upon them in order that the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts should not be issued in vain but slay the children with their mothers, and the children with their fathers, when the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts comes down upon everyone. After that there shall be the judgment according to HIS mercy and HIS patience.”

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