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Our library resource catalog of books, booklets and flyers that we offer to you to help you in this hour and time. All the books are made available online and some we have in print which we send out free. If you are able to help in this, please send a donation to help with the cost of them.

Limited Resources

Dew to limited resources we will be making all the books in Ebook and PDF formats soon.



YAHWEH And The Gods In Scripture

This booklet goes into the hidden TRUTH of THE NAME of THE CREATOR YAHWEH. In this book I am hoping that you will come away with a mind that is curious, investigative, analytical, inquiring, and determined to know whether the information contained here, is either "THE TRUTH," or a "FALSE SPECULATION" on the writer’s behalf.

The 2nd Book of Baruch

The Book Of Enoch Name Restored

Book Of Yasher - Jasher - Restored Name

Book Of Jubilees Name Restored

Books of YAHWEH's Scripture

YAHWEH Warns; Demise of The Nations

A booklet written by Pastor Roberts on a warning of the demise of the Nations. YAHWEH has called HIS people to be a nation of worship and praise, one that will acknowledge HIM and HIS NAME, that HIS NAME will be established in the nations and then live by HIS code the Torah and the Spirit.

The Origins of The Days of The Week

If you are seeking YAHWEH's truth and desire to know the history behind these pagan names, then this pdf booklet will help you. 

What Is The Septuagint?

A book for your edification that we present this book of history, commentaries and contradictory passages in the KJV concerning The Septuagint.

Textus Receptus; The Received Text

A short History on the Textus Receptus which is the name use for the first published Greek text of the New Covenant consisting of hundreds of extremely similar but not identical editions.

Hair and Beard In Scripture

A booklet on the Scriptures say about Hair and Beard.

The Importance of YAHWEH’s Feasts

A booklet on the Importance of YAHWEH’s Feasts that HE has given to us in the Scriptures.

And Men began to call on the NAME Of YAHWEH

This booklet goes into how the Name of YAHWEH was hidden and taken out of the bible.

Clean And Unclean Foods Today

A book that can be used as a guide as to what is clean and unclean. It also has a list of products that will help you see some of the things that are clean or unclean.

YAHWEH’s Covenant Feast Days

A Step by Step guide on "How to Determine the New Year of YAHWEH, with each month so you will know how to determine the Covenant Feast Days of The Most High YHWH in their appointed time.

The Lunar Shabbat Doctrine Exposed

A PDF e-book on the false Lunar Shabbat Doctrine. Pastor Roberts goes into detail of when the day begins and then the moon was created on the 4th day. Not anywhere close to the Sabbath day.

Can We Keep The Passover Outside Of Jerusalem?

The question is ask of the readers of this article, "can any of the Feast Days be kept outside of the city of Yahrushalayim where the Name of YHWH is put." I will establish the Truth of this matter by concrete evidences in SCRIPTURE TRUTH as to how YisraYah is to keep the Commands of YHWH, concerning keeping the Feast Days where HIS Name is put.

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