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YAHWEH And The Gods In Scripture


Pdf book YAHWEH And The Gods In ScriptureIn this book I am hoping that you will come away with a mind that is curious, investigative, analytical, inquiring, and determined to know whether the information contained here, is either "THE TRUTH," or a "FALSE SPECULATION" on the writer’s behalf. If these things prove to be true by investigating the SCRIPTURE, you must begin to search for the detailed TRUTH of the matter of THE NAME of the ONE that created all things that are visible. Is it important to know THE NAME of HIM that has been hidden by religious scholars in SCRIPTURE? I want to convince you that the name of anyone is very important. You can see in the historical records of names that they never change because of time. Is THE NAME of the CREATOR important? If it is, then should not we know it and love it? I do hope that this book will inspire, stimulate, and infuse you with the willingness of heart to search out every hidden TRUTH of THE NAME of THE CREATOR. That your heart will only be satisfied, appeased, and truly content, when the full TRUTH of HIS NAME is revealed in your heart, and then will you declare it with a resounding "HALELLUYAHWEH." 

Shalom Aleichem (peace be unto you)!

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