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YAHWEH’s Covenant Feast Days;
How To Determine Them

YAHWEH's Covenant Feast Days Calender New Year DetermineA Step by Step guide on How to Determine the New Year of YHWH, with each month so you will know how to determine the Feast Days of The Most High YHWH in their appointed time.

Kodesh Covenant Moadim-Feast Of YHWH

The first instruction unto YisraYah, concerning the moadim-feast of YHWH, is quite clear for us to understand. We are instructed to qara'-proclaim them in their season, or appointed time. These important gatherings must be established and re-establish among the true seed of YHWH in YHWHSHUA. We will begin here in the book of Wayyiora-Leviticus as the mandate takes shape as how we are to determine The Feast Days of YHWH, from Pesach to The Last Great Day. The instruction for YisraYah begins in Wayyiora- Leviticus:

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