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YAHWEH Warns;  Demise of The Nations

 YAHWEH Warns; Demise of The NationsCome near, ye nations, to hear;
 and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear,
 and all that is therein; the world,
 and all things that come forth of it.
 For the indignation of YAHWEH is upon all nations,

YAHWEH has called HIS people to be a nation of worship and praise, one that will acknowledge HIM and HIS NAME, that HIS NAME will be established in the nations. A nation must live by the principles of YAHWEH in order to have life in the nation. YAHWEH is the only one that can govern and only the government of YAHWEH will yield the power and peace in any land. 


Download a PDF or EPub Ebook and read Pastor David Roberts' anointed message to the nation of YAHWEH's called out assembly.

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