Feast of Tabernacle Booklet


These are the instruction that YHWH gave to Moshe concerning the appointed time for YOM HaKIPPURIM (THE DAY of ATONEMENT). It is an important time of the year for the people of  YHWH to celebrate this great FEAST. They were commanded to afflict themselves by fasting. They were commanded not to work at all on that day and if any man did there were great consequences to those that did not obey this great command. You will notice this in the reading of the verses of  SCRIPTURE concerning this FEAST. You will find this in the book of WAYYIORA the 23rd chapter concerning the this important time of the year. Also notice in verse 31 that this shall be a "statute for ever throughout the generations". It is not an event that we take lightly at all. We must obey YHWH. These words came out of the mouth of  YHWH and we can not take them lightly. I will advise you to do a greater in-dept study on the GREAT FEAST DAYS of  YHWH. There are many resources to consider for greater understanding of the importance of the FEAST DAYS of  YHWH. I will try to give you an overview on the value of this important celebration.


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