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Book Recourses on YAHWEH's Sword

A list of available books, booklets and tracts that are put out through this site.

Wisdom is the principal thing; [therefore] get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.  Exalt her, and she shall promote you: she shall bring you to honor, when you do embrace her.  She shall give to your head an ornament of favor: a crown of beauty shall she deliver to you.

Pagan Expressions; Origins Of Heathen, Not Of YAHWEH

It is our desire to return unto the pure worship of our Father YAHWEH, and in doing so we are weeding out the pagan expressions that pollute our pure worship. They are not acceptable in YAHWEH's sight or correct just because they have been handed down to us from generation to generation.

Come Out Of Her My People

The Gift of "discerning of spirits" must be prayed for, in order to discern between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.

Pagan Names Of The Days Of The Week; Yahwehsword

Many of the words that you use every day are not pure words of YAHWEH and are steeped in pagan traditions, or are the names of pagan gods!

YAHWEH Warns, Demise of the Nations

YAHWEH has called HIS people to be a nation of worship and praise, one that will acknowledge HIM and HIS NAME, that HIS NAME will be established in the nations.

Guide To PESACH / Passover Service For YAHWEH's Tabernacle

This book takes you through each step of the  PESACH Service through YAHWEH's Word for a complete understanding of this memorial time for all YAHWEH's people. 

The Septuagint; Scripture is given by inspiration of YAHWEH

For your edification we would like to present this book of history, commentaries and contradictory passages in the KJV concerning The Septuagint. The Septuagint is a Latin word meaning seventy and is the translation from Greek of the Old Covenant.

Textus Receptus; Greek text of Yahweh's New Covenant

Textus Receptus is the name we use for the first published Greek text of the New Covenant. It actually is not a single edition, it is text-type of its own consisting of hundreds of extremely similar but not identical editions.

Scriptures, The Word Of Yahweh:- Yahweh's Sword

Source for purchasing your own copy of YAHWEH restored scriptures.

Feast of Tabernacle Booklet

These are the instruction that YHWH gave to Moshe concerning the appointed time for YOM HaKIPPURIM (THE DAY of ATONEMENT). It is an important time of the year for the people of YHWH to celebrate this great FEAST.

Hair and Beard Booklet

Bereshith - Genesis 1:27 So YAHWEH created the man in His image, in the image of Himself He created him; male and female He created them.

The Importance of YAHWEH

Why do we teach that we must keep the Old Covenant Feasts? Were they done away, along with the rest of the Torah like sacrifices and other rituals?" Many have the mistaken belief that what is found in the Old Covenant is old, dead and faded away.

Men began to call on the NAME

The books of the Scripture have hidden the name of YAHWEH. Those who translated the word of YAHWEH knew the name of YAHWEH, but refused to proclaim it.

YAHWEH And The Gods In Scripture

In this book I am hoping that you will come away with a mind that is curious, investigative, analytical, inquiring, and determined to know whether the information contained here, is either "THE TRUTH," or a "FALSE SPECULATION" on the writer's behalf.

YAHWEH's Congregation Songs

David says in the Psalms, sing unto YAHWEH, lift up Kodesh hand, and bless YAHWEH's precious name. HE is Worthy of all Praises, and Honor.



by faith and it will be opened unto you.