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Chronology Of
Victory Community

This is YAHWEH's Victory Community

YAHWEH through HIS wonderful unmerited favor, in July of 1996 moved upon Pastor Ra’ah Dawid to find a location for the Chaciyds to come out of the worldly system and dwell together in a community. YAHWEH blessed the congregation and moved upon the heart of a wicked sinner to sell 52 acres of land in a small community, Jefferson, South Carolina. It is centrally located near a major city with excellent attributes everyone looks for in a place to live. YAHWEH gave the name of the community to Pastor Ra’ah Dawid through HIS Word. 1 Yochanan (John) 5:4 "For whatsoever is born of YAHWEH overcome the world: and this is the victory that overcome the world, even our Emunah."

Their Loving Labor Set the Precedent

Pastor Ra’ah Dawid set the precedent of the way things would be done by moving onto the land himself first to bless and establish a hands-on leadership. A travel camper was moved on the land and set up for Pastor Ra’ah Dawid and his wife Sister RaFaeYah to immediately occupy the land. As the first pioneers on the land YAHWEH gave them wisdom and knowledge of how to cook, bathe, live and work with just bare necessities. If you have ever been in South Carolina in August and September in a hot and dry afternoon without air conditioning, you can certainly appreciate their loving labor. 

Water For Necessities Accessible Inexpensively

The first thing was to get water for necessities accessible inexpensively. With YAHWEH showing the men through simple methods they set up fifty-five-gallon barrels on wooden frames, inserted taps and even moved upon the hearts of the some of our neighbors to bring their water trucks out and fill them with water. We used solar shower bags, carried water for washing dishes and the animals until our first well was dug.

YAHWEH Prepared A place For Each Chaciyd

The congregation was a mix of brothers working on jobs in the world and some brothers that YAHWEH had blessed to stay or come on the land daily to assist in the work. So dedicated were the working brothers many of them would come to the land and work until dark after they finished their normal eight hours in the world. YAHWEH does miraculously supply every need as we have seen in the brothers having come with a variety of gifts in areas needed. Also, with willing hearts YAHWEH has taught us to do all things necessary to supply our every need. The sisters YAHWEH had blessed to stay with the children and teach at home. YAHWEH had HIS hand in every step of every project and the work moved miraculously along like watching a movie in fast motion. After approximately 6 months a well was dug and fresh water was available. One by one Pastor Ra’ah Dawid through the leading of YAHWEH prepared a place for each Chaciyd and moved us onto the land either in a temporary camper or an old mobile home, which we remodeled ourselves.

Return To the Old and Simple Ways of Life

The first major building was a large barn for the animals which is approximately 120' x 75'. The first animals to occupy it were our goats, which Pastor Ra’ah Dawid and his wife RaFaeYah daily. YAHWEH has given us cows, guineas, chickens, goats, sheep, horses, a lama, peacocks, cats, dogs, and the wildlife animals are seemingly overpopulated since we have occupied the land. When we first moved onto the land it seemed strange because we rarely saw birds, squirrels or rabbits and now they almost run in your house or run over you in the walkways. Now YAHWEH has helped us to raise our own chickens for eggs and meat, our own cows for milk and beef, fresh fish from our pond and hydroponics in our large greenhouse with vegetables from our greenhouse and gardens. YAHWEH has taught us many things of how to basically return to the old and simple ways of life. We have several dehydrators, some electric and two wood operated ones with large screen door racks for preserving our vegetables and fruit. We dry our own herbs and use our dried vegetables in meals like our tomatoes are used to make our own spaghetti sauce. With wisdom of YAHWEH, we have been able to take the meat from the deer our brothers kill every hunting season to make beef jerky which we vacuum seal for extended preservation.

Thanks To YAHWEH For HIS Bountiful Blessings

Both the kitchen and the first tabernacle were made possible by completely reworking to our design old mobile homes, which were ready by the end of our first year. The kitchen is a large double wide with several extensions added for seating and cooking areas. Each day YAHWEH blesses the hands of the sisters to prepare delicious home cooked meals for all the community. Everyone comes together at every meal to give thanks to YAHWEH for HIS bountiful blessings and the food that HE has provided for us. Twice a day all the Chaciyds come together for prayer and twice a week we have shachah service.

YAHWEH Is The Center Of Our Lives Here

YAHWEH led Pastor Ra’ah Dawid  to cut a horseshoe shaped road through the trees to make a lane for the homes to be setup in an efficient yet very attractive way. Each yard is landscaped by the creative ability of each family and the overall ascetics are lovely. YAHWEH has truly blessed us that now the central part of the community is a paved oval, which we call the blacktop. The Ruach of YAHWEH is joyous in the children as they use it to skate on, learn to ride bikes on or walk for exercise. YAHWEH is the center of our lives here and the blacktop sometimes seems to be the center of activity here as each long side of it connects one part of the community to the other. The kitchen and tabernacle area where most of the Chaciyds live, we call town. The other part of the community where the barns, large greenhouse and all building supplies etc. are located where the single brothers and a few families live we call the country. We have 3 small man-built ponds and one large one sometimes called, the Sea of Galilee. We have 6 gardens spots, several fenced pasture areas, small parks and playgrounds throughout the community.

The Girls Sew Their Own Uniforms

YAHWEH has given us our own school with a computer lab, home economics building, hands on kitchen training, and one on one personalized teaching. Most of the girls sew their own uniforms; they get greenhouse, laundry room, shower house, garden, and landscaping hands on lessons. For their summer recreation YAHWEH has given us a pool, basketball, a fellowship hall with games, playgrounds, a fully furnished gym, scheduled volleyball and softball games, a trampoline, fishing ponds, animals to work with and sometimes we perform plays written and costumed with scenery props directed by the Chaciyds. YAHWEH through Sister Jean directs the sisters in their various duties around the community preparing meals, canning and drying food, cleaning buildings, teaching, sewing for all our home furnishings, including quilts, couch, chair covers, and bed sheets, clothes, growing our own flowers, shrubs trees and much more. YAHWEH has given us a small greenhouse, which the sisters use in the wintertime to keep our tender plants until spring. We also use it to grow some tender herbs during the winter months.

Young Brothers Are Blessed By YAHWEH

The young brothers are blessed by YAHWEH to enjoy hands on experience taking care of the animals, working in our mechanics shop on the vehicles, operating tractors and backhoe, building techniques in carpentry in our woodworking shop, electrical, masonry, tile, carpet and painting as they remodel and build homes and buildings on the land. YAHWEH gave us a cabin, which the brothers have reworked with wood slabs on the floor, ceiling and walls to make a very cozy guesthouse on the land. They also built a root cellar with cement blocks in the side of a hill for storage. 

YAHWEH Reminds Us That We Must Go That Way One Day

    Since we have been on the land YAHWEH has shown us the Emunah of two of our sisters and five of our brothers that we have cared for in their last hours. They are laid to rest here on the land, so seeing their resting places every day YAHWEH reminds us that all of us must go that way one day. With YAHWEH's direction and guidance we will stand true unto our calling in MESSIYAH as our brothers and sisters have.

All Is Well with Our Souls as We Continue to Press

    As YAHWEH directs in scripture, we have celebrated our first seventh year rest of the land. Unless you have lived or stayed for an extended time in a community it is very hard for you to image truly how YAHWEH does HIS work in our lives on a daily basis. YAHWEH has allowed us to enjoy many wonderful days in sweet peaceful fellowship with our brethren, some days working out our soul yeshua with fear and trembling and some days with the trying of our Emunah through trials and tribulations, but we say, all is well with our souls as we continue to press into the straight and narrow way.

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