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YAHSHUA: Nothing Of Myself

YAHSHUA allowed YAHWEH to do everything in HIM!

There is nothing that will bring you so near to YAHWEH, nothing that will unite you closer to YAHSHUA, nothing that will prepare you for the living presence and power of YAHWEH working in you, as the death to self, which is found in these simple words, I can do nothing of myself!

One would think that no words could make it plainer than the Words as the Covenant states it, that the difference between the Old and New Covenant is that in the New, everything is to be done by YAHWEH. And yet believers and even teachers do not accept it! Even those who do, find it hard to live it out. Our whole being is so blinded to the true relationship we can have with YAHWEH. YAHWEH'S inconceivable all present, Almighty working in us every moment is so far beyond the reach of human understanding, our little hearts cannot rise to the reality of YAHWEH'S infinite love making itself one with us, and YAHWEH'S love delighting to dwell in us, and work all in us what must be done there. When we think we have accepted this truth, we find it is only a thought. We are such strangers to the knowledge of what a Mighty One YAHWEH is, as the actual life by which YAHWEH'S creatures live. In YAHWEH we live and move and have our being.

The knowledge of ABBA YAHWEH, the Son, and the Spirit is especially too high for us, in that wonderful, most real and practical indwelling, which to make it possible, the Son became a human being and YAHWEH'S Spirit was sent forth into our hearts. Only those who confess their ignorance and wait very humbly, and persistently on YAHWEH, to teach us by the Spirit what this all-working indwelling is, can hope to have it revealed to them.

 The Deepest Secret Of YAHSHUA'S Life On Earth

I was doing a study on the good news of Yochanan (John) and of the life of YAHSHUA, which is set forth, there I cannot say how deeply I am impressed with what I regard as the deepest secret of YAHSHUA'S life on earth, HIS dependence on the ABBA! It has come to me like a new revelation. YAHSHUA uses the words not, and nothing of HIMSELF, many times; not MY will, Not MY words, Not MY honour, Not MY power, I can do nothing of MYSELF, I speak not of MYSELF, I came not to do MY will. Just think what this means in connection  with what HE tells us of HIS life in the ABBA. "As the ABBA has life in this One's self, so YAHWEH has given the Son to have life in HIMSELF." "That all mankind will honour the Son, even as they honour the ABBA." And yet this Son who has life in HIMSELF, even as does the ABBA, immediately adds, "I can of MY own self do nothing." We would have thought that with life in HIMSELF, HE would have the power of independent action, as the ABBA has. But, no, "The Son can do nothing of HIMSELF, but what HE sees the ABBA doing."

The chief mark of this, YAHWEH'S life in YAHWEH, is evidently unceasing dependence, receiving from the ABBA, each moment in whatever HE had to speak or do. Nothing of MYSELF, is shown to be as true of YAHSHUA, as it always should be in the weakest or most Law breaking person. This life of the ABBA dwelling in the MESSIYAH, and the MESSIYAH in the ABBA, means that just as truly as when YAHSHUA was begotten of the ABBA, HE received the life of YAHWEH ,and honour from YAHWEH, so the continuation of  HIS life came only by an eternal process of giving and receiving. The more closely we study this truth, and YAHSHUA'S life in the light of it, the more we are compelled to say, the deepest root of YAHSHUA'S relationship to the ABBA, the true reason why HE was so well-pleasing, the truth of HIS honouring the ABBA was this; YAHSHUA allowed YAHWEH to do everything in HIM! YAHSHUA only received and worked out  what YAHWEH worked in HIM. YAHSHUA'S whole attitude was that of the open ear, the servant spirit the childlike dependence that waited, for everything, on YAHWEH.

The infinite importance of this truth in the believers life is easily seen. The life of the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA lived in the ABBA, is the life that YAHSHUA imparts to us. We are to remain in HIM, and HE in us, even as YAHSHUA was in the ABBA and the ABBA was in HIM. And if this truth, of YAHSHUA remaining in the ABBA, be this unceasing self-denial, "I can do nothing of MYSELF," this life of entire and absolute dependence and waiting upon YAHWEH, should it not be the most marked feature of our believing life, the first and all-pervading disposition we must seek to maintain?

 In William Law's book, he especially insists upon this, in his striking repetition of the call; If we would die to self, in order to have the birth of YAHWEH'S Love in our inner being, we must sink down in humility, meekness, patience, and resignation to YAHWEH. I think that anyone who enters into this advice, should remember how this self-renunciation was one of the many virtues in the character of YAHSHUA, indeed the first essential one, without which YAHWEH could not have worked anything in HIM.

Let us make YAHSHUA'S Words our own: "I can do nothing of MYSELF."

 Do say this at the beginning of each day. Then look up and see YAHWEH waiting to do all as soon as we are ready to give up all to YAHWEH, and receive all from YAHWEH. Bow down in humble worship and wait for the SetApart Spirit to work some measure of the mind of the  MESSIYAH YAHWEH in you. Do not be discouraged if you do not learn the lesson at once, there is the Mighty One of Love waiting to do everything in those who are willing to be nothing!

Sometimes this teaching appears dangerous, other times it seems terribly difficult.  MESSIYAH YAHSHUA, the Son of YAHWEH, teaches us, that this was HIS whole way of life; I can do nothing of MYSELF. YAHSHUA is our life, HE will work it in us ! And when, as the Lamb of YAHWEH, HE puts HIS disposition in us, we will be prepared for YAHSHUA to rise in us, and shine in us HIS attributes and power.

Nothing of MYSELF, these words spoken two thousand years ago, coming out of the innermost depths of the heart of the Son of YAHWEH, are a seed in which the power of eternal life is hidden. Take it straight from the heart of YAHSHUA and hide it in your heart. Meditate on it "until it reveals the beauty of YAHSHUA'S life in YAHWEH, HIS meekness and humility explain how all the power and honour of YAHWEH could work in HIM. Believe in it as containing the very life and disposition which you need, and believe in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA, whose Spirit dwells in the seed that will make it true in you.

Begin in acts of self-emptying, and offer it to YAHWEH, as the desire of your heart. Count upon YAHWEH accepting them, and according to YAHWEH'S unmerited favor, the Spirit will make the acts into habits, and the habits into dispositions. And you can depend upon it, there is nothing that will bring you so near to YAHWEH, nothing that will unite you closer to YAHSHUA, nothing that will prepare you for the living presence and power of YAHWEH working in you, as the death to self, which is found in these simple words, I can do nothing of myself !

These words are One of the keys to the New Covenant life. As .I believe that YAHWEH is actually to work all in me, I will see that the one thing that is getting in my way is my doing something of myself. As I am willing to learn from YAHSHUA by the Separate Spirit to say truly, Nothing of myself, I will have the true preparation to receive all that YAHWEH has engaged to work, and the power to confidently expect it. I will learn that the whole truth of the  New Covenant is just one thing: YAHWEH Works All! The seal of the Covenant stands sure: "I YAHWEH have spoken it, AND I Will  DO IT ."

So be it! YAHWEH is true, let YAHSHUA  take control of your whole heart!

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