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YAHWEH'S New Covenant: Unmerited Favor Exceeds Law Breaking

YAHWEH's unmerited favor is sufficient for you,
HIS power is made perfect in weakness.

"Law breaking will not be your master, because you are not under Law, but under unmerited favor." RomiYah-(Romans) 6: 14 The words, New Covenant of unmerited favor, though not found in Scripture are the correct expression of the truth it abundantly teaches, in that the contrast between the two covenants is none other than Law and unmerited favor. This New Covenant unmerited favor, has as its great characteristic: "The Law came in, in order that offenses would increase, but where Law breaking increased, unmerited favor increased all the more." RomiYah 5:20. It is to bring the believer away from under the Old Covenant and to teach them their place in the New, that Sha'ul writes: "You are not under Law; but under unmerited favor.” And he assures them that if they believe this and live in it, their experience would confirm YAHWEH'S promise: "Law breaking will not be your master." What the Law could not do, give deliverance from the power of Law breaking over us, unmerited favor would do through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH. The New Covenant is entirely a Covenant of unmerited favor. In the wonderful favor of YAHWEH, it had its origins, it was meant to be a showing forth of the riches and honour of that favor and by unmerited favor working in us, all of YAHWEH'S promises will be fulfilled and experienced.

Unmerited favor is the favorable disposition in YAHWEH which moves YAHWEH to freely love us, without our merit or work and is applied by YAHWEH through all the blessings which we receive.  The redeeming work of the MESSIYAH and the righteousness HE won for us, equally with the work of the Spirit in us as the power of the new life, are spoken of as unmerited favor. It includes all that YAHSHUA has done and still does, all HE gives and has, all HE is for us, and is in us. Yochanan says: "From the fullness of HIM we all receive favor in place of favor, because the Law was given through Moshe, yet unmerited favor and truth came through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH," Yochanan- 1:16,17. What the Law demands, unmerited favor supplies.

The contrast which Yochanan pointed out is expounded by Sha'ul: "The Law came in, in order that the offenses could increase," and the way be prepared for the increasing of unmerited favor, which exceeds it. The Law points the way, but gives no strength to walk in it. The Law demands, but makes no provision for its demands being met. The Law burdens, condemns and kills. It can awake the desire, but not satisfy it. It can rouse to effort, but not secure success. It can appeal to motives, but gives no inward power beyond what man has in himself. And so while warring against Law breaking, it becomes its very ally in giving the Law breaker over to a hopeless condemnation: "The strength of Law breaking is the Law." QorintYah Alef-(1 Corinthians) 15:55-57

Unmerited Favor Came Through YAHSHUA The MESSIYAH

To deliver us from the bondage and the rule of Law breaking, unmerited favor came through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH. Its work is twofold. Unmerited favors exceeding abundance is seen in the free and full pardon from all Law breaking, in the applying of a perfect righteousness and in the acceptance into  YAHWEH'S favor and friendship: "In HIM we have been purchased through HIS blood unto the forgiveness of Law breaking, according to the riches of YAHWEH'S unmerited favor."

EphsiYah-(Ephesians) 1:7 It is not only at conversion and our admittance into YAHWEH'S favor but throughout all of our lives, at every step of our way, and among the highest attainments of the most advanced believer we owe everything to unmerited favor and this favor alone. The thought of merit, work and worthiness is forever excluded.

YAHWEH'S Exceeding Abundance Of Unmerited Favor

The exceeding abundance of unmerited favor is equally seen in the work which the SetApart Spirit every moment maintains within us. We have found that the central blessing of the New Covenant, flowing from YAHSHUA'S purchase of us and the pardon of our Law breaking, is the new heart in which YAHWEH'S Law, fear, and love have been put. It is the fulfillment of this promise, in the maintenance of the heart in a state of readiness to meet with YAHWEH'S indwelling, that the honour of unmerited favor is especially seen. In the very nature of things, this must be so. Sha'ul writes: "Where Law breaking increased unmerited favor did exceed more." And where as far as I am concerned, did Law breaking increase? All the Law breaking on earth could not harm me, were it not for its presence in my heart. It is there that it has exercised its terrible rule. And it is there where unmerited favor must increase and be proved, if it is to benefit me. All the unmerited favor on earth or in the heavens could not help me, it is only in the heart that it can be received, known and enjoyed. Where Law breaking increased, in the heart, there: "unmerited favor did exceed more-so that as Law breaking ruled in death, working its destruction in the heart and life-even so will unmerited favor rule, in the heart also, through righteousness into eternal life through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH our Master."

Of this rule of unmerited favor in the heart, Scripture speaks of wonderful things. Sha'ul speaks of: "the gift of unmerited favor of YAHWEH, which was given to me according to the working of YAHWEH'S power," and " the "unmerited favor of our Master overflowed for me with the belief, trust and love, that are in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA." "The unmerited favor which was given to me as not found empty, but I worked harder than all of them, yet not I, but the unmerited favor of YAHWEH which was in me." And "HE said to me, MY unmerited favor is sufficient for you, MY power is made perfect in weakness." Sha'ul also speaks of it in the life of other believers when he tells them, "be strong in the unmerited favor that is in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA," and when he tells us of "the unmerited favor of YAHWEH" shown by the Macedonian believers and "because of the surpassing unmerited favor of YAHWEH in you, thanks be to YAHWEH for YAHWEH'S inexpressible gift," to the Corinthians when he was writing to encourage them. QorintYah Bet-(2 Corinthians) 9:14,15

By YAHWEH'S Unmerited Favor You Have Been Delivered Through Belief And Trust

Let us listen to what YAHWEH'S Word says: "By unmerited favor you have been delivered through belief and trust, not of works, lest any man should brag. Because we are YAHWEH'S workmanship, created in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA for good works, which YAHWEH has prepared before, so that we will walk in them. EphsiYah 2:8-10. Unmerited favor stands in contrast to good works of our own, not only before conversion, but after conversion also. We are created in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA for good works, which YAHWEH has prepared for us. It is unmerited favor, the free gift of the Spirit which alone works in us and through us. Not only starting the work but the continuance of the believers' life is the work of the Spirit, by unmerited favor. As we see that the SetApart Spirit, by unmerited favor is literally and absolutely to do all in us, so that all of our acts are the showing forth of the Spirit by unmerited favor, we will consent to the life of belief and trust, a life in which every moment everything is expected to come from YAHWEH. It is only then that we will experience that Law breaking will not, never, not for a moment, have rule over us.

"You are not under Law but under unmerited favor." There are three possible ways to live as a believer, one, entirely under the Law; two, entirely under unmerited favor; three, a mixed life, partly Law, partly unmerited favor. It is this last one which Sha'ul warns the Romans against. It is this life which is most common, and works such ruin among believers.

Let us find out whether this is not our position and the cause of our weak witness and life. Let us beg YAHWEH to open our eyes by the SetApart Spirit, so we can see that in the New Covenant, everything, every movement of our lives is by YAHWEH'S unmerited favor, through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH, by the SetApart Spirit, which works powerfully in us. Let us believe and trust that YAHWEH, our Covenant Mighty One wants to cause unmerited favor to exceed in us. And let us begin to live the life of belief and trust that depends upon, looks toward, and always waits for YAHWEH through YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH, by the SetApart Spirit, to work in us that which is pleasing in YAHWEH'S sight!

So be it!

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