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Know That YAHWEH Your All-Mighty One, This One Is The All-Mighty One; The El Who Is Faithful, Keeping The Covenant

Therefore, know that YAHWEH your ALL-Mighty One, this One is the ALL-Mighty One; the El who is faithful, keeping the Covenant and loving kindness to all those who love this One and those who keep this One's Commandments. Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7:9

This study is written with a very practical purpose, its object is to help believers to know the wonderful New Covenant of Unmerited Favor HE has shown to us which is HIS love, which YAHWEH has made with them and to lead them into the living and daily enjoyment of the happy life it gives them. The Practical lesson taught us by the fact that there was a first Covenant, that its one special work was to convince us of Law breaking and that with out it the New Covenant could not have come, is just what many believers need. At conversion, they were convinced of Law breaking, by the SetApart Spirit, but this had reference to the guilt of Law breaking and in some degree to its hatefulness. A real knowledge of the power of Law breaking, of their entire and utter weakness to throw it out or to work in themselves what is good is what they did not learn at once. And until they have learned this, they cannot possibly enter fully into the blessings of the New Covenant. It is when a man sees that he cannot raise himself from the dead, nor can he make, nor keep his own inner being alive, that he becomes capable of appreciating the New Covenant promise and is made willing to wait on  YAHWEH to do all in HIM.

Men often make covenants. They know the advantages to be derived from them, an end to hostility or uncertainty, as a statement of services and benefits to be given, as a security for a certain performance, as a bond of friendship and goodwill, as a ground for perfect confidence and friendship, a covenant has often been of unspeakable value.

In YAHWEH'S infinite higher understanding, looking down on our human weakness and need, there is no possible way in which men pledge their faithfulness that YAHWEH has not searched out to make use of, to give us perfect confidence in YAHWEH and the full assurance of all that YAHWEH (in YAHWEH'S infinite riches and power as our Mighty One) has promised to do for us.

It is with this view, that YAHWEH has consented to be bound by Covenant, as if YAHWEH could not be trusted.

Happy is the person who truly knows YAHWEH as their Covenant Mighty One, who knows what the Covenant promises them; what unwavering confidence of expectation it secures. Knowing that all its terms will be fulfilled to them, what a claim and hold it gives them on the Covenant-keeping Mighty One, YAHWEH.

To many people who have never thought much of the Covenant, a true and living belief and trust in it would mean the transformation of their whole life. The full knowledge of what YAHWEH wants to do for them, the assurance that it will be done by an ALL-Mighty Power, being drawn to YAHWEH in personal surrender, dependence and waiting on it to be done, all this would make the Covenant the very gate to the heavens. May the SetApart Spirit give us some vision of its honour!

When YAHWEH created man in YAHWEH'S image and likeness, it was so that mankind could have a life as like YAHWEH'S own, as far as it is possible for a created being to live. This was to be by YAHWEH living and working all in man. For this reason man was to yield himself in loving dependence to the wonderful honour of being the receiver, and bearer for showing forth of the Anointed life. The one secret of man's happiness was to be a trustful surrender of his whole being to the willing and the working of YAHWEH.

Yield Your Willing Consent And Entrust Yourself Completely To YAHWEH

When Law breaking entered, this relationship to YAHWEH was destroyed. When man had disobeyed, he feared YAHWEH and fled from YAHWEH. Man no longer knew, loved, or trusted YAHWEH. Man could not deliver himself from the power of Law breaking. If his deliverance was to be effected, YAHWEH would have to do it all. And if YAHWEH was to do it in harmony with the Law of man's nature, man would have to be brought to desiring it, to yield his willing consent and entrust himself completely to YAHWEH.

All that YAHWEH wanted man to do, was to believe and obey YAHWEH, which becomes part of his very life. Deliverance could only be by belief and trust; YAHWEH would restore the life man had lost. Man, in belief and trust, has to yield himself to YAHWEH'S work and will.

The first great work of YAHWEH with man was to get him to believe and trust YAHWEH. This work cost YAHWEH more care, time and patience than we can easily conceive. ALL the dealings with individual men and with the people of Yisrael had just this one object; to teach mankind to trust YAHWEH.

Where YAHWEH found belief and trust, YAHWEH could do anything. Nothing dishonours and grieves YAHWEH more than unbelief. Unbelief is the root of disobedience and every form of Law breaking, it made it impossible for YAHWEH to do YAHWEH'S work. The thing YAHWEH sought to awaken in man, by promise, threatening, love, kindness, and judgment, was belief and trust.

Of the many ways in which YAHWEH'S patience and higher favor was used to stir up and strengthen belief and trust, the chief one was the Covenant. In many ways YAHWEH sought to effect this by HIS Covenant; First, it was an uncovering of YAHWEH'S purpose, holding out in definite promises what YAHWEH was willing to do in those with whom the Covenant was made. It was a SetApart pattern of the work YAHWEH intended to do on their behalf, so that they might know what to desire and expect, so that their belief and trust might nourish itself with these very things (although as yet unseen) which YAHWEH was working out. Then the Covenant was meant to be a security and guarantee, as simple, plain and human like as YAHWEH'S honour could make it, so that the very thing which YAHWEH had promised would indeed be brought to pass, and worked out in those whom YAHWEH had entered into the Covenant with.

YAHWEH'S Devotion To The Truth, Faithfulness And Unchangeability

Amid all delay, disappointment and apparent failure, YAHWEH'S promises in the Covenant were to be the anchor of the inner being, pledging YAHWEH'S devotion to the truth, faithfulness and unchangeability for the sure performance of what was promised. So the Covenant was above all else to give man a hold upon YAHWEH as the Covenant-keeping Mighty One, to link man to YAHWEH in expectation and hope, and to bring him to make YAHWEH alone the portion and strength of his inner being.


Faithfulness Of The All Powerful YAHWEH

Oh, that we knew that one of the surest remedies for our unbelief, YAHWEH'S chosen cure for it is the Covenant into which YAHWEH has entered with us! The whole work of the Spirit, the whole plan of unmerited favor in the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA, the whole of our spiritual life, the whole of the health, growth and power of the assembly has been laid down and provided for, secure in the New Covenant. It is no wonder that where that Covenant with its wonderful promises is so little thought of, its plea for an abounding and unhesitating confidence in YAHWEH is so little understood, its claim upon the faithfulness of the All Powerful YAHWEH is so little tested; no wonder that believers lives should miss the joy, strength, separateness from evil and heavenly calling which YAHWEH meant and clearly promised that each should have!

Let us listen to the words in YAHWEH'S Word, which call us to know, worship and trust our Covenant Mighty One. It might be that we will find what we have been looking for ….the deeper, full experience of all YAHWEH'S unmerited favor can do in us!

In our text, Moshe says: Therefore, know that YAHWEH your Mighty One, this One IS The Mighty One, The EL who is faithful, keeping the Covenant and loving kindness to all those who love this One, and keep this One's Commandments. Hear what YAHWEH says in Yahayah: The mountains will depart and hills be removed, but MY steadfast love will not depart from you, neither will MY Covenant of peace be removed, says YAHWEH who has loving kindness towards you. YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 54:10. More sure than any mountain is the fulfillment of every Covenant promise.

Of the New Covenant, YAHWEH speaks through YermeYah (Jeremiah): I will make an everlasting Covenant with them, that I will not turn away from doing good to them, but I will put MY Fear in their hearts so that they will not depart from ME (YermeYah 32:40). The Covenant secures both sides, YAHWEH will not turn from us nor will we depart from YAHWEH. YAHWEH undertakes both sides, HIS and ours.

Trust The Covenant-Keeping Mighty One YAHWEH! 

Let us ask very earnestly whether the lack in our believing life and especially in our belief and trust, is because we have neglected the Covenant. We have not worshipped nor trusted the Covenant-keeping Mighty One! Our inner beings have not done what YAHWEH called us to, to take hold of YAHWEH'S Covenant, to remember the Covenant. It is no wonder that our belief and trust has failed and come short of the Blessing. YAHWEH could not fulfill YAHWEH'S promise in us. If we will begin to examine the terms of the Covenant, as the title-deed of our inheritance and the riches we are to possess, even here on earth, if we will think of the certainty of their fulfillment, more sure than the foundations of the everlasting mountains, if we will turn to YAHWEH who has engaged to do ALL for us, who keeps Covenant forever, our life will become different from what it has been, it can and will be all that YAHWEH would make it.

The great lack of our religion is we need more of YAHWEH. We accept deliverance as YAHWEH'S free gift and we do not know that the only object of deliverance, its chief blessing is to fit us for and bring us back to, that close fellowship with YAHWEH, for which reason we were created and in which our honour in eternity will be found. All that YAHWEH has ever done for YAHWEH'S people in making a Covenant was always to bring them to YAHWEH as their Head, their only good, to teach them to trust YAHWEH, to delight in and to be one with YAHWEH. It cannot be otherwise. If YAHWEH indeed be nothing but a fountain of goodness, honourable, full of beauty and happiness, the more we can have of YAHWEH'S presence, the more we conform to YAHWEH'S will, the more we are engaged in YAHWEH'S work, the more we have YAHWEH ruling and working all in us, the more truly happy we will be. If YAHWEH indeed is Owner and Author of life, strength happiness and separateness from evil, and alone gives and works it in us, the more we trust YAHWEH, depend and wait on YAHWEH, the stronger, happier and SetApart from evil unto YAHWEH we will become.

 This is the only true and good religious life which brings us every day closer to YAHWEH, which also makes us give up everything to have more of YAHWEH! No obedience can be too strict, no dependence too absolute, no submission too complete, no confidence too implicit to an inner being that is learning to count YAHWEH its chief good, its exceeding joy.

 In entering into Covenant with us, YAHWEH'S one object is to draw us and to render us entirely dependent upon YAHWEH, and so to bring us into the right position and disposition in which YAHWEH can fill us with YAHWEH'S Spirit, Love and Happiness. Let us undertake our study of the New Covenant, in which if we are believers, YAHWEH is at this moment living and walking with us. Let us study with an honest purpose, and surrender at any price, to know what YAHWEH wishes to be to us, and to have us be and do for YAHWEH! THE NEW COVENANT will become to us one of the windows of heaven through which we see into the presence and very heart of YAHWEH.


By Brother Pat McCulloch

1. There is a true pure religion (religious) of YAHWEH as mentioned in the New Covenant. Yet we do not want this Word to be misconstrued to mean the worldly "religion" that is defiled by man today.

2. The root meaning of Elohim in English is broken down into two parts; the first part El means strength, mighty or strong one, and the second part Elah means to bind oneself by an oath, so implying faithfulness. Therefore the plural of Elohim is The Mighty One of Oaths, of Promises, of Faithfulness and of Covenants. (YAHWEH our  ABBA (FATHER)

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