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YAHWEH'S Second Blessing

Conversion from a life of continual weakness and failure to one of power, victory and abiding rest in our  ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH'S love.

In the Life of the believer, there sometimes comes a crisis, as clearly marked as their conversion, in which they pass out of a life of continual weakness and failure to one of power, victory and abiding rest. This transition has been called the Second Blessing. Many object to this phrase, as being not Scriptural, or as tending to make a rule for everyone, what is only a way of experience in some. Others use this phrase as a way to express, clearly in human words, what should be taught to all believers as a possible deliverance from the ordinary life of the believer, to one of abiding fellowship with YAHWEH, and entire devotion to YAHWEH'S service. In introducing this phrase into the title of this book, I have indicated my belief that when rightly understood, these words do express a Scriptural truth, and can help a believer in putting before them clearly what they can expect from YAHWEH.

Let me try and make it clear how I think we should understand what this Second Blessing is. I have already said why it was that YAHWEH made two Covenants, not three, the reason being that there are two parties concerned. In the first Covenant man was to prove what he could do and what he was. In the second, YAHWEH would show what YAHWEH would do. The first was the time needed of preparation, the second was the time of YAHWEH'S fulfillment! The same necessity as was needed for the whole nation, exists in the individual also. Conversion makes a Law breaker into a child of YAHWEH, who is full of ignorance and weakness, without any conception of what the whole-hearted devotion is that YAHWEH calls each child to, or the full possession YAHWEH is ready to take of them. In some cases the transition from the start of conversion is a gradual growth and enlightenment by the Spirit of YAHWEH. But experience teaches us that in the great majority of cases this healthy growth is not found. To those who have never found the understanding of a healthy growth, of victory over Law breaking and perfect rest in YAHWEH, and have lost hope of ever finding it, because all their efforts have been failures, it has been a wonderful help to learn that it is possible by a single decisive step, which will bring them into a right relationship to YAHSHUA, HIS Spirit and strength, to enter into an entirely new life!

See And Confess Law Breaking (sin) Is Not In Harmony With YAHWEH'S Will

 What is needed to help such a believer to take this step is very simple. They must see and confess that the evil, the Law breaking in the life they are now living, is not in harmony with YAHWEH'S will. They must see and believe in the life which Scriptures point out, which the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA promises to work and maintain in them. As they see that their failure has been on account of their striving in their own strength, and come to believe and trust that our Master YAHSHUA will actually do all the work in them in YAHWEH'S power, they can take courage and surrender their self to YAHSHUA anew! Confessing and giving up all that is of self and Law breaking, they can wholly yield themselves to the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA, and YAHSHUA'S service, then they can believe and receive a new power to live their life by belief and trust in the Son of YAHWEH. The change is in many cases as clear as was conversion. For lack of a better name, that of a 'Second Blessing' came most naturally.

When it is seen how greatly this change is needed in the life of most believers and how it rests entirely on belief and trust in the MESSIYAH and HIS power, as it is revealed in YAHWEH'S Word, all doubt as to its Scriptural-ness will be removed. And when this truth is seen, we will be surprised to find, that throughout Scripture, in its history and teaching, we find what illustrates and confirms.

Look at the twofold passage of Yisrael through water, first out of Egypt, then into Canaan. The wilderness journey was the result of unbelief and disobedience, allowed by YAHWEH to humble and prove them, and show them what was truly in their heart. When this was accomplished, a second blessing led them through the Yorden River into Canaan, as the first had brought them through the Red Sea out of Egypt.

 Into Immediate Presence Of YAHWEH, And Full Experience Of Power Of Heavenly Life

Or look at the SetApart Place, and the Most SetApart Place, as types of life in the two Covenants, and equally in the two stages of the believers experience. In the first, there was real access to and fellowship with YAHWEH, but always with a veil between. In the latter, the full access, through a torn veil, into the immediate presence of YAHWEH, and the full experience of the power of the heavenly life.

As our eyes are opened to see how terribly the average believers' life comes short of YAHWEH'S purpose, and how truly the mingled life (half spiritual, half carnal) can be expelled by the power of a new uncovering of what YAHWEH waits to do in us, these types in Scripture will shine with new meaning.

Lets look to the teachings of the New Covenant. In Romans, Shaul contrasts the life of the Believer under the Law with that of unmerited favor, the spirit of bondage, with the Spirit of life. What does this mean except that Believers can still be living under the Law and its bondage, that they need to come out of this into the full life of unmerited favor and liberty through the Separate Spirit, and that, when they see the difference, nothing is needed but the surrender of faith, to accept and experience what YAHSHUA will do through the Spirit of YAHWEH in them!

 To the Corinthians, Shaul writes of some being carnal (ruled by the fallen nature) and therefore still babies, walking as men after the fallen nature, while others were spiritual, having spiritual discernment and character. To the Galatians he speaks of the freedom with which the MESSIYAH, by the Spirit, makes us free from the Law, in contrast to those who were seeking to perfect themselves by the fallen nature or flesh; the contrast of what was begun in the Spirit and those who honoured in the flesh. All this was to call them and us to recognize the danger of the fallen nature, the divided life and to come back to the life of belief and trust, the life in the Spirit which alone is according to YAHWEH'S will! Everywhere we see in Scripture what the state of the Church of the present day confirms, that conversion is only the gate that leads into the path of life, and that within this gate there is still a great danger of mistaking the true path, by turning aside, or back, and that when this has taken place we are called at once, to turn back with our whole heart and give ourselves to all that the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA is willing to work in us.

 Just as there are many who have always thought that conversion must be slow, gradual, and uncertain, and cannot understand how it can be sudden and final, because they only take man's power into account, so many cannot see how the uncovering of the true life of separation from evil and the entrance into it by belief and trust, out from a life of self-effort and failure can be immediate and permanent. They look too much upon man's effort and cannot understand how the second blessing is no more or less than a new vision of what the MESSIYAH YAHSHUA is willing to work in us, and the surrender of belief and trust which yields to YAHSHUA.

 I would hope that what I have written in this book will help you to see that the second blessing is just what you need, is what YAHWEH, by YAHWEH'S Spirit, will work out in you. This is nothing but the acceptance of YAHSHUA in all HIS delivering power as our strength, and life, and is what will bring us into, fit us for, that full life in the New Covenant, in which YAHWEH works all in all. 

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