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Be Our Guest On YAHWEH's Sword and we know that all things work together for good to them that love YAHWEH, to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.


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Guestbook Comments:

Posted by Tenise G. on
I am moved by Yah's love for me to bring me to the awareness of your teachings. i am soooo happy. thank you so much for sharing Yah's wisdom building his kingdom and lighting a fire up under us to denounce wicked reasoning and be fashioned into his bride. i need that real talk encouragement. HalleluYah!! for the holy Spirit is showing out in my life at the top of this 2013 by bringing me into the awareness of this beloved community. From gardening to torah teachings I most definately will be tuning in to future webcasts and tuning up on You Tube. Todah from all of my heart. ps if there is an email list please add me.
Posted by Yaaqov/ysryl/James on
It ha been very illuminating visiting your well produced site. It is always a pleasure to experience hidden mana being revealved in the offspring of Ibrahym. Barak your efforts and continued success. Perhaps in another timeline we'll touch hands to break bread and share from the table of Yah.
Posted by Meshiach on
Great website!
May YHWH bless you manifold in Yahshua Messiahs' Name!!

Posted by Ariski on
So blessed to have found your wonderful site. I am new to this understanding, so much to learn. May Yahweh bless your works, in Yahshua name.
Posted by dc on
Here I have found understanding. Confirmation of word in my heart proves Yahweh lives and all glory for His loving me. I felt led to read the story of Paul's trial with Augustus. A wave of great cheer came over me as I realized Yahweh had Paul speak to so many levels of officials... it seemed the captivity was for Yahweh's glory. Strong confirmation within me. I am glad this website exists; I will return to read more.
Posted by ED BREVING on

Posted by Nadya Boman on
Upon finding your link through a brother on FB, both my husband and I were noticeably moved by the Ruach Ha Chodesh upon merely scanning over your site. Am sure we will visit often and glean much from your teachings.
We praise our Yahweh for you, your site and teachings. May you and yours prosper abundantly beyond measure in and for His Kingdom as you continue to be a delightful tool that hits every target of Yahweh's intended that will also bring forth much fruit that is acceptable in HIS sight.
Do not grow weary in your well doing.
Again, thank you for being a tremendous light in this dark world.
Blessings and Shalom.
Rob & Nadya Boman
Odessa, TX.
Posted by Moreh Richard Fulk on
Great Site Achi, I will visit it often and soon I will add it to our blog roll.

Moreh Richard Fulk
Posted by Michael Mpane on
Shalom Brother in our ABBA YAHWEH.I love the messages.Baruk
Posted by Adam FreeMan on
I checked in to see your date for Succoth this year and was pleased to see The Names being used.

I will check your site out.

YAHWEH bless you as you deserve,
Posted by byron on
Apostle hosea wadi massah meribah from meterie Louisiana is a good apostle of Yahweh. I knew him personally. My name is Byron Rayshard Eric Darrel Smith.
Posted by David . Dill on
My wife was surfing the web and she was lead to this web-site. I decided to she for myself as the Father speaks to her spirit I will listen and so far I like what I see. Its good to see a web-site like this, to know that we as a people are having are eyes opened by the Father Yah. I will continue to explore as this site has some very interesting articles. HalleluYah and praises to YHWH, His Set-apart name...
Posted by Pamela Davis on
Thank you for proving this sight free and most of all for providing the Books that are not included in my Holy Bible. I do have a Completed Jewish Bible that I truly enjoy however I have always felt that there was Books left out. My YHWH go before you in all that you do throughout your journey in life.
Posted by cecil { koresh ] on
Greeting from cape town south africa i enjoy your website it is a blessing keep up the good work.yours cecil.
Posted by Raymond Ragodon on
Praise YhWh Eloahim for you wonderful and very informative website. This greetings come from the Philippine Islands.May Ruach Ha Qodesh give more insights for the World to Know these sacred names. Shalom in Yahshua Ha Mashiach's Name.
Helo, Pastor Robert. Pls i wish to a member of your church and i will be glad to be a resident of Victory Community in U.S.A. So send to me, your church address in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria- West Africa, i will be glad to be hearing from you, thanks.
Posted by Hanetta on
Shalom Pastor Roberts and Victory Family!
You continue to impress as a faithful servant of
Yah. The work is tiring, but I see you ever so refreshed.
Certainly, it is the Ruach Hakodesh! Thank you for the continuous
Torah insight and guidance. It has certainly been Spiritual Manna
for me! Hanetta, Coastal Georgia
Posted by lydia ruth on
shalom Aleichem oh how i hav hungered & thirst for this teaching my whole inner being lept 4 joy as i kept clicking evrything i read was confirming what Ruach haKodesh has been revealing to me since i prayed out many yrs ago th words of David "Open my eyes that I may see Wondrous things from YOUR LAW".Soon after having returned empty yet again from yet another evangelical sunday service my countanance cast down sitting @ my table I looked up & in anguish cried out to my then god of jesus,"what is missing please show me"? I felt compelled 2 open my Bible my eyes fell on Yesha.58v13-14!as I read these verses my whole being tingled & I knew change was happening & life turned in2 a voyage of discovery.U hav been th confirmation bringer as Ive so yearned to know th meaning of th TRUE NAME of ABBA YAHWEH & YAHSHUA MESSIYAH because all iv been saying is YAHuWEH & YAHushua Meshiach, yeshuah,eloah elohim,adoni hashem,god bt non felt right they werent sweet to my mouth had no taste! For sure it has been truly "joy cometh in th morning" Th NAME ABBA YAHWEH & YAHSHUA MESSIYAH shall remain on my lips like honey to th day th ALMIGHTY ONE YAHWEH takes my breath & spirit away. oh!taste & see that YAHWEH is soooo good!I cant express th relief I feel & Oh to share in th flesh th experience of TRUE worship with you all who hav the privilege of th "KNOWING" would be absolutly delicious tho right now is something I dream about; But as ABBA YAHWEH has th amazing ability of placing such desires deep in our inner thoughts so as "DEEP cries out to DEEP" if it is in HIS Will then we shall see!;as we know "For with YAHWEH ALL things are possible" so leaving all things where they belong in ABBA YAHWEHs Loving care may HE place HIS LOVING ARMS around you right now Pastor Roberts & Zakane YarahneYah also those who work tirelessly with you may you each feel th warm embrace of ABBA YAHWEH for your service to HIM as you comfort guide love & feed HIS lost little sheep, for sure your reward is very great indeed.Lastly it blew my cotton sox off when I read "HalleluYAHWEH bcos this is what was revealed to me quite sometime ago, I was tickled pink so I was even though everyone thinks Im ODD,som say im "bewitched but "I count it all joy" for I jst know Im on th right road now tho go it all on my own lonely but never alone.YAHWEH has heard my deepest groans when prayer just couldnt come.Having had a laptop 4yrs used it 10 times Im nt @ all enthusiastic bt on Shabbath was compelled to switch on & I was taken to YAHWEHs SWORD which pierced my bones seperating them from th marrow! HalleluYAHWEH. Im lost in wonder of your sincerity in th TRUTH & so as I go well into th night watch now 03.04am 4th day Feast of Unleaven Bread 2015 here in Carlisle Cumbria England with gratitude shalom brachi from (dare I say sister) Lydia Ruth age 66yrs (this Scripture was on th mantle shelf when I viewed ths house 1998 Romans 8v28!!!!!) xxx
Posted by ED BREVING on


Posted by Donna Bugarski on
I have searched for more than 20 years for others that have studied Torah teachings, that with a burning desire to obey, have had revealed to them the truth of His words. And with a willing heart, "Come out of her my people" and bow to my King in true worship. With much disappointment I have found myself more and more alone. May YAHWEH draw us together in one body of YAHSHUA so that we may come together and worship our God! For many are called, but few are chosen. Shalom
Posted by Zakiyah on
Shalom Pastor Roberts,

The wedding feast was very nice. Seeing the sacred love union of ones
dedicated in Yahweh was immeasurably tender! The garments were gorgeous
and the young people so honorably well poised. It means a lot to have a true Torah teaching source extend the invitation of such a momentous occasion to the greater remote community. I had not seen a Hebrew Wedding before this. I felt compelled to watch a second time and could not help, but dance. Congratulations Akh Shimriy & Akot Shamiyah. May Yahweh Barak you with much joy, perseverance, and shalom!

Georgia, USA
Posted by Bridget on
Shalom Pastor Roberts And Victory Family..
I must say Thanks ..your knowledge of The true ABBA Yahwah and the Salvation of Yahshua have changed my Life and is making me a better person..I listen to you everyday and read the much needed literature on your website..I listen through live stream..Utube..Facebook what ever it takes..I can't get enough..I thank you so much and ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers.. Its hard out here but I plan to stay determined and to continue to draw close the The True Almighty Yahweh..So please continue to preach the truth..you bring light to a very dark place..Thanks
Posted by ken on
Shalom my brothers and sisters, my name is Ken and I want to give all the praise to the most high for finding his website, I'm in the Portland Oregon area and seeking a spiritual place to fellowship , I was wondering if anyone my know of a house of praise were I can get to know more about the truth in learning more about Yah? My the most high be with all my brothers and sisters, I can be reached at 916 519 0406 , Shalom Ken
Posted by Jacob Gierok on
I love Enoch with all of my heart. Kether and malkuth are yhwh. May you be blessed with god's love. May his strength hold you upright and soom the rightious will enherit the earth. I am so glad that ii am a holy person instead of someone lost and unrightious. Seek HSH if you have not found him he is the light. Ishmael is my friend. And Enoch was the most upright human that ever lived he is the most loved by god. Shalom
Posted by Jacob Gierok on
I love Enoch the prophet and Ishmael. How close are you to metatron? I have a heart of gold. Soon the rightious will inherit the earth it is moveing closer to the sun. Pkoftlease look for god within all things. God created all things. And he hates that which is unrighteous. I have a strong realitionship to kether and melkuth and i'd like some stuff sent to me in the mail my home address is Jacob Gierok 8810 e. Traverse hwyh. Traverse city, .Michigan 49684 may be a friend of yours.
Posted by Sherry on
Hi I was laying down yesterday and something brought me here.I was wondering if there are services that teach the words of Yahweh in the Charlotte North Carolina area.If you know of any please let me know thanks.
Posted by Jim Watts Watts Feed and Seed on
I am pleased to meet one of your Brothers in Faith. I am totally impressed with all you do and hopefully will be visiting soon.
Posted by Jacob Rodgers on
Praise to the Highest...I'm so thankful I was baptized in the name above every name Jesus Christ the one true God.....
Posted by Ben Yoseph on
Shalom, and return from conquering your enemies round about in peace brothers at YAHWEH SWORD community.
My name is Dondre' aka Ben Yoseph of Charleston, S.C;
I've been a faithful scribe under Robert Davvid since I was awoken 2011` by messiahk Yahuushuwah himself.
I would like to show my loyalty to the brothers there like Phineas had Zeal.
Please allow me to visit on a day when service is available to the greater congreagation of Yahsararel.

This is a letter/epistle to give you all a heads up on my attendance throughout Raach DAvvid's ministries, before he goes, becasue i believe he is filled with the Fire of allmighty YAH and has in his posession the very same Ruach HA Kodesh that YAhuushuwah has....

this means a great deal to me!
He is one of those enlightened men, 144,000. I must learn from my elder.

Shalom again, and return from beating these nations round about into subjection.
Peace unto Yahsararel scattered abroad:

SCRIPTURE for this epistle: to strengthened the brethren,

Baruch 3:8

“Behold, we are yet this day in our captivity, where thou hast scattered us, for a reproach and a curse, and to be subject to payments, according to all the iniquities of our fathers, which departed from the Lord our God.”
Posted by Katherina on
Great reference and clearing up the names as they actually were written. Easier to read. Also thank you for adding in reading the subject(s) such as the Fruit of the Spirit, the Scripture and much more. Shalom.    

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