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YAHWEH's Sword 2004 Guestbook

Date: 10 Apr 2004
Time: 19:56:20
From:  Kennie Cagle Texas


Shalom Achi, I found your site from Bro Terry Arthur's link. HalleluYAH another body of believers. It is so great to know that Yah is calling us out. Keep up the fight.

Date: 11 Apr 2004
Time: 18:50:46


Shalom Achi, Found your site by route of Paleo Times, and Bro. Buddy Arthur. Praise YAHWEH for you all there in your community, it looks so beautiful, thank YAHWEH HE Blessed you in such a wonderful way. There are some of us that have walked this path alone for many years, YAHWEH puts each of us where HE needs us to be for HIS purposes, and therein through each of us HE shows forth HIS power and HIS will over mans', it is for the latter end that HE looks, our final destination, HIS KINGDOM! THROUGH YAHWEH, YAHSHUA our MESSIYAH, Who strengthens us, Shalom, Ben, Brenda 23yrs.on The Road 38yrs.married

Date: 24 Apr 2004
Time: 22:17:27


Yahweh can always help you if you trust in His only Son Yahshua through faith in Yeruach.

Date: 06 May 2004
Time: 12:23:05


Praise the Lord Shalom Shalom It was so much surprising to read the contents on your webpage. I had got so much treasure in knowing about our YAHWEH and his son YAHSHUA. My name is Simon Selva Kumar ,aged 33 yrs ,born again christian. I lead a group of youths and believers to pray for Israel, bless Israel, support Israel. Also i take time to teach believers about the importance of Israel and our duties for them. I agree to your message that all the events happening in the world does happen by the will of our God. He appoints the kings and the rulers. Please pray for my out reach ministry in India and for the needs. God Bless Israel,God bless India, God bless you.

Date: 11 May 2004
Time: 19:15:25


Shalom in Yahshua, Wow, It was so neat to find this website! I have been browsing through many True name websites and finding this one is such a blessing! I loved seeing all the joy on the faces here. You can truly see Yahwehs presence is among you, HalleluYah! I love to see the variety of brothers and sisters among you too:) Your gardening looks beautiful. May Yahweh bless your group to grow and strengthen and be a light in the darkness! Love in Yahshua, Rachel Prescott in California

Date: 25 May 2004
Time: 22:28:38


Praise the Lord Pastor! nice website. Please let all of the Saints of the Most High God know that I do love them and miss them very dearly. The Saints at Straitway send their love to all at the community. We miss you all. Blessing & Peace in Jesus name The King is Coming! Pastor Dowell Straitway Truth

Date: 28 May 2004
Time: 15:36:11


Shalom Achi, Praise our Almighty YAHWEH! Our group, including those who came down from Indiana, were all immersed INTO the name of YAHWEH on 5-21-04...A total of eight (including myself (Elder Caleb Kinley and Elder Michael Cline of Indiana). We are working on a new site at www.edahyahweh.org Our old site was nayahushua.org Elder Cline will be starting a congregation in Indiana, and we have one here in Arkansas, perhaps soon one in Texas... Yahweh Bless! Elder Caleb Kinley Elder Michael Cline

Date: 10 Jun 2004
Time: 14:52:16


Shalom Pastor Roberts, I have enjoyed visiting your site very much. I just came into the knowledge of Yahweh's name about 10 months ago. I am from an apostolic background. I noticed that the ladies of your congregation dress in a very modest fashion and I was pleased to see that as I definitely believe in holiness standards. In listening to some of your sermons I was under the impression that you do not believe in tongues as the evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I may have misread some of your statements and was wondering if you could clarify this for me. I also was wondering what you believe about the headcovering for women. I was always taught in the UPC that a woman's long, uncut hair is her covering but after studying the scriptures I have come to the conclusion that a headcovering is actually the topic of discussion in this passage in I Corinthians 11. I also love to hear the sounds of worship in your congregation. Also, are you of the oneness belief as I gather you are. Please tell me all you can about your congregations and what you believe. Yah bless, Becky

Date: 10 Jun 2004
Time: 14:56:07


Shalom brother My name is Obadyah Ysrayl, I'm a biblical researcher / teacher of the fathers word. This is an excellent site, great work. I agree with your teachings, May the spirit of Yah continue to move upon you. I notice one teaching that was missing from your site. That would be whom the true Israelites are. The truth about Israel is one of the most important biblical topics today. Yah has made them the priest to the nations, the carriers of his word. He said Israel is the only nation he has known (Amos 3:2). Yahshuah stated salvation is of Israel (John 4:22). I travel the country giving lectures about who the true Israelites are according to scripture. The lecture is entitled "THE BIBLICAL HEBREW HERITAGE OF BLACKS IN THE AMERICAS". I have a slide show presentation that proves the so called blacks of the west are true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In fact our entire history in the western hemisphere is a part of biblical prophecy. Our people are in dire need of the truth.

Date: 10 Jun 2004
Time: 18:07:24


Comments: what is the difference in the old days before they knew gods name the called in him Yahweh so why get so offensive if you have faith in God it doesn't matter how you dress look or talk! In the bible the Gentiles were saved Because they had faith and the Jews did not answer this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 22 Aug 2004
Time: 22:41:37


Nice page. I found you on geocities Sacred Name 7th day Sabbath Blievers Directory. Lois AR

Date: 29 Aug 2004
Time: 13:17:00


Greetings sisters and brothers of YAHWEH, I think you have a great website and I wish I could attend your congregation but I live to far. I pray to YAHWEH blessings to all in YAHshuah MessiYAH.

Date: 22 Sep 2004
Time: 11:28:39


Shalom Kulahm, Mah Shalom Kym? Meetz-oo-yahn (excellent), I pray!! It is a blessing to come across your site, praise YAHWAH!! I just wanted to encourage you in your efforts to continue to live the way Ahbeenu (our Father) has commanded us in Torah. I also wanted to let you know that I have a Yahoogroup called "Virtuous Israelite Woman" for Israelite Sisters only. It is a sisterhood community geared to help sisters return unto YAHWAH and become that "Virtuous Woman" in Meeshlee/Proverbs 31. Please take a look at our homesite and if it is something that you would like your sisterhood to be a part of, we would love to have them become a part of web sisterhood family. Our Home Site is: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/virtuousisraelitewoman Again, Halleluyah for your courage and strength to do for self and walk the way of YAHWAH!! May the blessings of YAHWAH be with you all! Your Sister, Anayah

Date: 14 Dec 2004
Time: 18:16:44