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YAHWEH And Heath In The Scriptures

Teachings on Healing and Health

Diseases and the Wholeness Of YAHWEH - Part 1

What Is It To Be Whole? Whole to continue in life, remain alive, from discouragement, from death, from faintness, to cause to grow, to restore to health. Where Is The Healing Today and How do we Obtain It? By the instruction of YAHWEH. The Torah as taught by the Ruach, is medicine and healing for YAHWEH's true people.

The Healing Of YAHWEH - Part 1

The book of SIRACH 38:9-10 says: My son, when you are sick do not be negligent, but pray to YAHWEH, and HE will heal you. Give up your sins and direct your hands aright, and cleanse your heart from all sins.

The Healing Of YAHWEH (Part 2)

SIRACH 28:3 Does a man harbor anger against another, and yet seek for healing from YAHWEH? And also in SIRACH 21:3 All lawlessness is like a two-edged sword; there is no healing for its wound.

The Healing Marpe Of YAHWEH

In ENOCH 96:3 it says: "But you, who have experienced pain, fear not, for there shall be a healing medicine for you, a bright light shall enlighten you, and a voice of rest you shall hear from heaven.  But we need to be on guard for this in the book of SIRACH 3:28 The affliction of the proud has no healing, for a plant of wickedness has taken root in him.


by faith and it will be opened unto you.