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SetApart Ruach haKodeshOf YAHWEH
Responsibility, Duty And Office

SetApart Ruach haKodesh, whom YAHWEH has given to them that obey HIM 

When one possesses the SetApart Ruach of YAHWEH he will speak with the authority of YAHWEH. He will understand the truth of Scripture because the Ruach Ha Kodesh (SetApart (Qadash) Ruach) will only lead you into all truth. We have grieved the SetApart Ruach and do not have the power of the SetApart Ruach dwelling in us, so with our own determination have been deceived in many facets of this Ruach (Spiritual) walk. We have walked in a path of our own tradition believing that our own ways were right and they are not right.

SetApart Ruach haKodesh Must Function In The Midst Of The Assembly Today

We do not walk in the power of our Abba (FATHER) YAHWEH because we do not understand the will and the truth of ALL-MIGHTY YAHWEH. The SetApart Ruach of YAHWEH will lead us unto the place that we must decrease and YAHWEH will increase. The profoundness of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH and the power of the light that HE walked in will increase in us. The SetApart Ruach has an administration and power that must function in the midst of the assembly and the congregation today! Scripture tells us the function, the attributes and the power of the SetApart Ruach. The SetApart Ruach shall come upon you and you shall receive power. The SetApart Ruach shall be a witness that the testimony that YAHSHUA stood for represents Abba YAHWEH

Learn How To Receive The SetApart Ruach haKodesh

We must move into that realm that we know how to worship Abba YAHWEH, for YAHWEH is a Ruach. You must be able to identify Who the Abba is.  "But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Abba in Ruach and in truth: for the Abba seeketh such to worship HIM." Yochanan (John) 4:23 To receive the SetApart Ruach all you have to do is ask Abba YAHWEH out of a pure intent in your heart, with a pure motive and knowledge of what you are asking for.  As a loving-kind Abba, YAHWEH will not withhold any perfect gift from you.

ALL-MIGHTY YAHWEH through the SetApart Ruach haKodesh

"They were all filled with the SetApart Ruach, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Ruach gave them utterance." YAHWEH concentrated the SetApart Ruach haKodesh in that little town of Jerusalem that day that the witness would be so profound that the whole world would know of the great power that was revealed and made known in the body of believers. The whole world was aroused at the outpouring of that great power of ALL-MIGHTY YAHWEH through the SetApart Ruach haKodesh.

And grieve not the SetApart Ruach haKodeshof YAHWEH,
whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption

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