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SetApart Ruach Of YAHWEH

SetApart Ruach haKodesh; The Power Of YAHWEH 

You shall receive power, after that the SetApart Ruach Ruach haKodesh is come upon you:

The mysterious power of YAHWEH, conceived in the first place as the mode of YAHWEH's activity, manifested especially in supernatural revelation to selected individuals and in their being possessed by a force which gave them marvelous strength, courage, wisdom, and the knowledge of YAHWEH's will and HIS dealings with men; later identified with the personal presence of YAHWEH., and regarded as the distinctive endowment of HIS people; and in the New Covenant understood as the mode of YAHWEH's operation in the assembly, made possible through the work of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH and mediating the exalted MESSIYAH to HIS people and the assembly to it's exalted Head. Interpreters Bible Dictionary

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