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Ruach Ha Kodesh Is YAHWEH'S Entrance

The Comforter Is YAHWEH In The Ruach haKodesh

Elder JeremiYah Odelle joined Pastor Roberts live on his radio broadcast to give us some words of wisdom. These are some of the excerpts from that conversation. 

Elder JeremiYah Odelle from Palestine, Texas is a man of ancient that understands the old path and experienced certain things in life. Elder JeremiYah came ready to serve YAHWEH in any way that HE wanted him to. It is a blessing to have an elder of truth that can share with us many things that will give us strength and understanding in our walk as we continue on our path to serve YAHWEH. We must identify the true calling and the identity of YAHWEH upon ones life. It is a vital link and an important part of the walk with YAHWEH to have elderly men. 

There are so many different doctrines today and so many different slants. There are many ways that man is trying to portray this mighty plan of YAHWEH, and it is causing so many to go into many different ways of error. Why do you think that is so, Elder JeremiYah?

The ONLY Interpreter Of Scriptures Is The Ruach Ha Kodesh

I believe this has come about because it is handed down from generation to generation with various interpretations coming out of the carnal mind. They are not in tune with the ONLY interpreter of Scriptures which is the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Without the indwelling of the Ruach Ha Kodesh you have no interpretations of the Scriptures! All you have is the carnal, logical understanding of man.

Elder, so many of the so-called "churches" today  have a Ruach of ill repute in them. They have so much whoredom, which is the Ruach of idolatry and sun worship. As you begin to walk in the light of this truth, it begins to be revealed unto us the great mysteries so that we begin to understand those things, then we can see the vileness of these things as our eyes become open unto the very tricks of hell. 

Along with the indwelling of the Ruach Ha Kodesh we are given the Ruach of discernment. These things are laid bare and made open unto us. Just like the Pharisee, Scribes and the lawyers their minds were opened unto YAHSHUA the MESSIYAH. Was the Scripture, Yochanan (John)14:26 just for the apostles or was it for us in this hour as well? Of course it was for us, because you cannot separate the one Body. There is one YAHWEH, Who became the MESSIYAH. There is one Ruach, one baptism and one circumcision. There is only one!

Today there is one grinding of the wheat that is going to be made into one loaf of bread that our Abba (FATHER) is going to feed the world with. This is why you see a lot of troubles and problems among the brethren, because they are being ground. They are the stones. They are being ground and they do not like it. 

There are so many doctrines today, so many beliefs, and so many interpretations. The Ruach of MESSIYAH is such a Word of simplicity. YAHWEH said HE would send HIS Ruach in HIS NAME. HIS Ruach would teach us in all things concerning the  Abba (FATHER) and the hope that we have in MESSIYAH. We have a prolific of doctrines today that if a person is not careful it will almost burden them down.

Elder JeremiYah believes that there is enough information out there on the NAME of YAHWEH and the people do not need to be taught any more about YAHWEH'S NAME. What needs to come into their understanding is how to move from the place that they are now in, into the place that YAHWEH wants them to be. YAHWEH has moved upon Elder Odelle to study Yochanan (John) 12:23. This is the message that Elder Odelle calls Son-ship. The grain of wheat that falls into the ground and dies, that is YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. If the wheat remains alone it will just rot. It does not die, it just stays alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit. And so YAHSHUA died and rose again on the third day. As YAHSHUA promised He sent back the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Comforter. The Comforter was YAHWEH in the Ruach. He came and entered in to those 120 men that had gathered in the city for the Feast and they all heard them in their own language.

By The Power Of The Ruach Ha Kodesh

What YAHSHUA was talking about in this Scripture is that He wants to be the same thing in the believer of YAHWEH as HE was in Miriam, the mother of MESSIYAH. HE came to her by the Ruach and she became pregnant with child and in due time she brought forth that child. That child matured and became full grown. It is the same with us when we believe and repent. When we fall before Him in repentance of our sins then HE does enter into us. We need to believe that HE enters into us by the power of the Ruwach Ha Kodesh. HE takes HIS abode in our flesh body, this vessel of clay. As Sha'ul said let this mind that was in YAHSHUA MESSIYAH be in you. When the mind of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH is in us, and HE does come in and abide in us, what happens is that is the seed and we become pregnant. Like an embryo we begin to take in the nourishment of the Word and we begin to grow. There is going to come a time, Brothers and Sisters when our MESSIYAH is going to return and HE wants to see the crop that HE has sown come forth. HE wants to see that seed grow, mature and come forth.

That is what that ministry was for, apostles; prophets; evangelists; pastors and teachers; for the bringing up to maturity of the saints of YAHWEH. "Until we all come into the fullness of MESSIYAH". We must first become followers unto HIS death and as HE rose from death, we also should rise in a new life. A new man, in a new race of people where there is no black nor white. We are a new race of people which is a spiritual people. WE are a SetApart race of people that are just like HIM! How does this happen? How can we do this? 

What YAHWEH Expects Us To Become

YeshaYah (Isaiah) 49:1 is some footsteps to follow in how we can become what YAHWEH expects us to become after HE has planted HIS seed in us. In Verse 3 the King James version speaks of this as YAHSHUA MESSIYAH, which it is. It is also speaking of Yisrael, but not as Yisrael physically. This is Yisrael which has the Ruach! Another words MESSIYAH is the embodiment of Yisrael. So there can be no true Yisrael without YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. The deer hunter that goes out to hunt does not just pick up a stick on the way and stick it in his quiver. He does not want a crooked old stick with rough bark. They have a polished smooth shaft which has been worked and worked with no rough edges on it. That is what YAHWEH is talking about, the smoothing out, the sandpaper and the knife for the carving away of the rough edges. Because when HE decides to use one of HIS shafts, one of HIS arrows and send that one forth, it has to be smooth enough to not to go off the mark. Remember that YAHWEH says when HE sends HIS Word out it will accomplish what HE sends it out to do. It will never come back to HIM void. That means that if you are not a polished shaft you are not even in HIS quiver. If you are not a polished shaft and smooth enough to be used HE will not even pick you up! You have to go through this polishing, through this rubbing smooth.

What It Takes Is A Crying Out To YAHWEH

What it takes is a crying out to YAHWEH to take out of you all of your own will, everything that you ever desired, everything that you thought that you would want to be, everything that HE has not put in you and you offer that up to HIM as an offering. HE offered (sacrificed) HIMSELF up to us as an Offering and that sure was a sweet smelling savour in the nostrils of YAHWEH our Abba (FATHER). We are to become just like HIM! HE is the firstborn of many brethren. We are not ashamed to call HIM our elder brother. Not only is HE our only Abba, HE is our deliverer, HE is our King, HE is our Saviour, HE is our brother, for HE is everything that we need. We need to get it into our minds that we do not want anything or that we do not need anything. We do not care to have anything but HIM. And whatever we do need, as we walk around in this flesh, HE will provide it!  We think that we need this or that we need that, but no we need more of HIM. We need more polishing!

It is a shame that when the truth goes out that it does not  just find every  vessel and fill it up. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH said that wide is the highway, but the road that leads to destruction many there be thereon. The reason that HE said that is because Satan has deceived the whole world. We all have been deceived, but there is one thing about YAHWEH'S called and elect, HE has not allowed them to become bewitched to whereby they will not obey the truth when they hear the truth.

The NAME of YAHWEH Is the Truth

That NAME is the light and the life. there is no other life in anything but that NAME. You say what is a name, a name does not mean anything. Yes a name does mean something. That NAME denotes HIS nature. When you have HIS NAME, HE writes it in your heart and in your mind. That is HIS nature that HE is putting in you. That is what we are talking about, this polished shaft. Becoming more and more like YAHWEH'S nature because more and more of your carnal ways and your wicked sinful mind is being burnt to a crisp on the altar of offering (sacrifice). We need to offer ourselves daily, hourly if we are going to become more like HIM. We are not going to enter into the kingdom if we are not like HIM.

YAHWEH does not care what you want. HE wants to give you all good things, but all good things do not necessarily come through your understanding and your desires. They come through your Abba (FATHER) that knows what you need. And most of us need a good taking to the woodshed. Most of us need a whipping, for we need the fire. Even as Elijah called down fire on the altar of offering (sacrifice) that had been soaked and soaked with water. Elijah saw the offering and the water consumed. That is what YAHWEH can do to one that gives themselves over wholly; body, soul and Ruach to YAHWEH. YAHWEH says you shall love YAHWEH with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. You can not love your neighbor as yourself unless you first love HIM. That is YAHWEH'S love that comes through and goes out. That is that river of living water. It is not your little carnal love. Most of the world today is like Yisrael that forsook that fountain of living water for those cisterns that they had dug.

The Book of YermeYah (Jeremiah) said that we need to get back to the ancient pathways. The SetApart NAME of YAHWEH was one of the ancient keys of knowledge. "Woe unto you, lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge:" That key was the NAME of YAHWEH which YAHSHUA MESSIYAH came to bring  back. They hated HIM for it.

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