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SetApart Ruach haKodesh In YAHSHUA

Sha'ul; Law of the Ruach Of Life

Ruach Ha Kodesh of YAHWEH Was Manifested Fully In YAHSHUA MESSIYAH

Sha'ul (Paul) says little about the relation of the Ruach to YAHSHUA during his earthly life. According to Sha'ul's teaching, which no doubt reflects the tradition which he had himself received, YAHSHUA was "descended from David according to the flesh and designated the SON of YAHWEH in power according to the SetApart Ruach  by HIS resurrection from the dead". RomiYah (Romans) 1:3-4 Herein is the hope of the SetApart Ones of YAHWEH that the SetApart Ruach of YAHWEH was manifested fully in the SON YAHSHUA. The operation of  the power of YAHWEH in HIM denotes HIS Son-ship, as HIS human descent marks HIM out as the Davidic MESSIYAH; and this Son-ship is proved by the fact of the Resurrection. More important, in the thought of Sha'ul, is his conception of the Ruach as the moving of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH'S presence in and among HIS SetApart Ones. The Ruach, in the Lukan writings, is the link between the ascended MESSIYAH in heaven and HIS SetApart Ones on earth. In Sha'ul the link is more intimate: YAHSHUA MESSIYAH dwells in the SetApart Ones and in the community; the SetApart Ones are "in YAHSHUA," and the community is the "body of YAHSHUA". The method by which this mutual indwelling takes place, and by which YAHSHUA is made the life principle of the assembly and the assembly is united to its head, is the Ruach,  which is the Ruach of YAHSHUA HIMSELF.

Confession Of YAHSHUA As MESSIYAH Is A Sure Indication Of The Working Of The True Ruach Of YAHWEH

The new life in which the SetApart Ones share through unmerited favor, responded to by belief-i.e., the life of the resurrection anticipated in the present time -is a state of being "in the Ruach". RomiYah (Romans)  8:9-11 This does not denote a condition of prophetic joy. It includes the whole content of the SetApart Ones life, the deep personal union with YAHSHUA made possible by unmerited favor. It is a state in which the Ruach of YAHWEH dwells in the SetApart Ones. The "Ruach of YAHWEH" is now recognized as the "Ruach of YAHSHUA": "Any one who does not have the Ruach of YAHSHUA does not belong to HIM. To "have the Ruach of YAHSHUA" is the same as experiencing MESSIYAH HIMSELF: If YAHSHUA is in you....your Ruach is alive" (vs.10). This again is equated with the indwelling of the "Ruach of HIM who raised YAHSHUA from the dead" (vs.11). The Ruach is identical with MESSIYAH and mediates YAHSHUA to the assembly and the assembly to YAHSHUA. The Ruach makes the risen and exalted YAHSHUA present to the individual SetApart one and to the assembly collectively; it is in the Ruach that the SetApart Ones and the assembly are united to YAHWEH. Hence the SetApart Ruach and YAHSHUA may be spoken of interchangeably as the principle of the new life and the means of man's access by unmerited favor and believing in YAHWEH the Abba (FATHER). The Ruach is the "Ruach of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH" PhylypsiYah (Philippians) 1:19. It is thus the decisive test of the authenticity of the prophetic inspiration to determine the relation of its content to the basic Set Apart belief in YAHSHUA MESSIYAH.  There can be no revelation of the Ruach which contradicts this; and, on the other hand, the confession of YAHSHUA as MESSIYAH is a sure indication of the working of the true Ruach of YAHWEH. "No one speaking by the Ruach of YAHWEH ever says "YAHSHUA be cursed!" and no one can say 'YAHSHUA is 'Ruler' except by the SetApart (Qadash) Ruach QorintYah Alef (1 Corinthians) 12:3

Since the Ruach is the method of the SetApart one's witness of the risen MESSIYAH, it is possible for Sha'ul to set together in his thought, in parallel as it were, " YAHWEH, YAHSHUA MESSIYAH," "YAHWEH," and "the SetApart RuachQorintYah Bet (2 Corinthians) 13:14, and the necessary implication of this is that the Ruach has come to be understood as personal. 

As the motive and principle of the new life "in YAHSHUA" the Ruach stands in sharp contrast to the law, the principle of man's relationship to YAHWEH under the old dispensation. To return to the bondage of the law would mean separation from YAHSHUA and abandonment of the SetApart one's hope, guaranteed by the indwelling of the Ruach. GalutYah (Galatians) 5:5 The New Covenant, brought into effect by YAHSHUA, is a relationship to YAHWEH consisting in and depending upon the indwelling of YAHWEH'S Ruach, and not a legal relationship embodied in a written law. The latter cannot give life. The Ruach "YAHWEH" of Shemoth (Exodus)  34:34 effects a transformation into the likeness of YAHSHUA. "from one degree of exaltation to another." QorintYah Bet  3:18 

Law Of The Ruach haKodesh Of Life In YAHSHUA MESSIYAH

Release from the law and its condemnation means a discharge from servitude and an entry into the new life in which the Ruach is both the motive and principle of life in YAHSHUA and also the anointing in which that life is lived: "we should serve in newness of Ruach, and not in the oldness of the letter. RomiYah 7:6 This new principle may itself be termed a new Law, the "Law of the Ruach of life in YAHSHUA MESSIYAH"; but it is of a totally different kind from the old law, which is the "law of sin and death." RomiYah 8:2 "For the Law of the Ruach of life in MESSIYAH YAHSHUA has made me free from the law of sin and death." It is a principle of life which could never be attained through the performance of supposedly works of righteousness; it is given only through "hearing" the message "with belief."  GalutYah 3:2 It is significant that the SetApart experience of life in the Ruach is so real and vivid that Sha'ul can use it as a convincing argument to the Galatians who are being led back to legalism by false teachers: "Did you receive the Ruach by works of the Law, or by hearing with belief?"

To abandon the teaching of unmerited favor and revert to legalism would be to exchange life in the Ruach for life "in the flesh." GalutYah 3:3  "Are you so foolish? having begun in the Ruach, are you now made perfect by the flesh?" The flesh is man's human nature in its unredeemed state, as alienated from YAHWEH. It is in itself incapable of responding to the Ruach, and it represents a principle which is wholly at enmity with the Ruach and is to be put to death or "mortified" by those who are united with YAHSHUA in HIS Death and in HIS Resurrection to the new life which is Ruach-controlled and Ruach-motivated. Those who are walking by the Ruach must contend against the hostile principle of the flesh, and Sha'ul reminds his hearers of the contrast between the works of the flesh and the "fruit of the Ruach," which is seen in the qualities of the SetApart one's life, beginning with love, joy and peace.  GalutYah 5:16-25 Life in the flesh results in corruption; life in the SetApart Ruach is eternal life. GalutYah 6:8 "For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that sows to the Ruach shall of the Ruach reap life everlasting."  SetApart Ones are those who "walk not according to the flesh but according to the Ruach...set their minds on the things of the Ruach. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Ruach is life and peace."  RomiYah 8:4-6  Those in whom the Ruach of YAHWEH dwells are not in the flesh but in the Ruach and by the Ruach they put to death the deeds of the body--i.e., in this case, the flesh. The promise of the Ruach was thus reserved for those who could receive it through belief, not for those who sought yeshua in legal works; the Covenant of the Ruach is therefore intended for the Gentiles. GalutYah 3:14 "That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH; that we might receive the promise of the Ruach through belief." 

Life in the flesh results in corruption;
life in the SetApart  Ruach haKodesh is eternal life through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH

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