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And they wrote letters by them after this manner;
The elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren which are at YAHWEH's Victory Community.


The Penny And Yeshua Salvation

Do we know the origin of the penny and does it have any significance today? What has become of the value of Yeshua Salvation? Here is a different look at what has happened to Salvation in the Church with the watered down "go-spel". Has a spell been…

What YAHWEH Opens, Closes, Blesses, Curses - No Man Can Change

This is to show an example of how YAHWEH is in absolute control and that it is HE that open and closes, blesses and curses and that man cannot override it at all.

The True Working or Mechanics of Understanding

An insight to the workings of understanding and the importance of it and how it will preserve you. We need this so that we will be able to endure to the END.

Are You Ready For The Great Tribulation

This is a question that we need to ask ourselves daily so that we will be ready the the event. This period of time is fast approaching and we need to have the right garments and "the mind of YAHSHUA" on for this great event.

Feed My Sheep

This Shabbat morning, one week after finding the baby lamb, and after feeding the lamb and making the fire in the tabernacle for Shabbat service this came to my heart, "Feed My Sheep, Feed my Lambs."

Is It More Spiritual To Sprinkle Hebrew Terms In Messages Or Writings

This is a reply to a question: "Is it more spiritual to sprinkle Hebrew terms throughout our messages or writings? The apostles didn't. But they spoke Hebrew.

Does The Truth Or A Lie Reign In The Church

The Time To Build

Warning From A Young Righteous Daughter of YAHWEH

YAHWEH's Shabbat or Sabbath Rest Revealed

The Lie Called Chr+st-mas" The Christmas Lie