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Feed My Sheep

We have cows sheep and goat here at Victory Community and this year we had two dogs attack the sheep just before lambing started and killed about fifteen and the maimed about five others which we butchered. There were others to, one has a broken leg and then it gave birth to a lamb, anther gave birth and died soon after.

Being the person that takes care of the sheep and cows I had to rescue this lamb on the Shabbat. I saw the mother ewe with the lamb in the morning and the mother did not look well. I watched the lamb go away looking for the mother. The mother did not respond to the baby lambs cry. I knew something was wrong. After Shabbat service I sat down in my chair and fell asleep and awoke to the gate alarm ringing over and over. We know now that it had just gone faulty making it ring all the time. On the way back form checking the alarm, I saw the same baby lamb in the road and no mother ewe around. I picked up the lamb and went to find the mother. I found the mother dead in the field. The lamb was starving and cold, so found a cardboard box big enough for the lamb and carried it inside. I pulled out my supplies that I keep for just an event, baby bottle and milk replacement power for goats. So I got this lamb out of the pit. MATTHEW 12:11

This Shabbat morning, one week after finding the baby lamb, and after feeding the lamb and making the fire in the tabernacle for Shabbat service this came to my heart, "Feed My Sheep, Feed my Lambs." YOCHANAN - JOHN 21:15-17

YAHWEH, what do you want me to feed your sheep and lambs with today? 

YAHWEH, what do you want me to feed your sheep and lambs with today? was my question to HIM. Right away came the thought of what it takes to feed the cows, sheep and goats.

Hay feed and milk for the lambs.

Now it is the middle of winter and we must prepare in the summer for the winter and so there is much labor in the summer wile the grass is green and lushness. We cut the grass when the sun shines because you must make hay while it is fare weather. Then you wait for the grass to dry and then flip and windrow it up so that the baler can pick it up and make bales of hay. We make ours into large 1100-1500 lbs round bales. This takes three to four days per field. We on average put up 120 to 150 bales for the winter.

So what has this to do with YAHWEH and YAHSHUA?

He said we are to learn from the natural things around us, for they show us the workings of the heavenly things. Did he not have Yosef in Egypt to prepare for a great famine, a type of tribulation?

So with this in mind we are going to feed you with knowledge and understanding to give you strength, fortitude, and enduring patience to trust YAHWEH completely, for HE is in "ABSOLUTE CONTROL" of all thing. So then why do we see such a mess in this world? Here is the first thing we need to understand.

The next question is this "How do we get out from under this mess (satans world of lies, deceit, murder and everything else) to be under YAHWEH's absolute control in and through YAHSHUA. Simple, Total surrender or absolute surrender to YAHSHUA daily!!!