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What YAHWEH Opens, Closes, Blesses, Curses - No Man Can Change

This is to show an example of how YAHWEH is in absolute control and that it is HE that open and closes, blesses and curses and that man cannot override it at all.

To show an example of this, there were three of us in a truck one day, the driver was grossly overweight at five hundred pounds. We were on our way to fix a breakdown that one of our community truck had, and on the way the driver made his regular stop at Bojangles and got himself a burger and fries. He got back in the truck all five hundred pounds and proceeded to pronounce YAHWEH's blessing on it. This then dropped into my heart sitting next to him, "What YAHWEH blesses no man can curse and what HE curses no man can bless." His blessing this polluted food did not make it blessed at all. You see this man did not need to eat this food from the world of polluted pork grease and unclean hands that cooked this food, and this cannot be changed by pronouncing a blessing over it. The pork grease cannot be made clean, it is still unclean because YAHWEH said so. You see the man had eaten about an hour before at the Community, and it was his lust that was at work.

I show you another example in a different light. This was some twenty five years ago while staying with a grace Christian toting man and his Jezebel wife. I was doing some work for him. We were working in his orchard pruning and mulching the trees, and it was while working he said to me that he tells his wife little lies to keep and make her happy. This then dropped into my heart that day: "A lie is a lie is a lie." Just as you cannot change a lie, so you cannot change the blessings and curses nor can you close what YAHWEH opens nor open what HE closes.

YAHWEH is in absolute control.



Posted by Michael Leblanc on
Hello in the name of Yahweh. My name is Michael Leblanc and i have been studying the true teaching of Yahweh for many years off and on for quite a few years now. I have been praying to Yahweh to help me find a family and community i could go to and belong to where i can work and live and grow in His wisdom and true knowledge and be a part of and out of nowhere i was searching the internet about two days ago and i came across website and videos and when i saw the videos of your home and community my heart leaped for joy. It was a beautiful site to my eyes. I called and left you two messages today and yesterday seeking to speak with you in hopes thst i can come and live and work and be apart of your community. I want to be baptised correctly also. I DESIRE TO COME OUT OF BABYLON. Yall are my only hope to do so. Work is not a problem i can and will pull my weight. Following rules is not a problem and i dont have a problem obeying authority. I have no family and i am alone in the world. I no one to fellowship with who believe in what i believe in now. I WANT OUT OF BABYLON. Can you find it in your heart to allow me to come live and work and be a part of your community? I am not a sex offender. I am homeless i dont want to go to anymore christian homes because to live and work because i have never found fulfillment in any of them. I know Yahweh directed me to your website for a reason because i had just about given on finding a place like yours but he lead me to your website and home videos. I dont have money to give you, but i am strong and i am a good worker and i can pull my weight and i would love to wake in the morning get up and having a smile on my face knowing that i am working at your beautiful place serving and working for Yahweh. please allow me to come and live and work and be apart of your community. my phone number is ( 210 548 1263) and (210 527 9322) and my email is (ml305598@gmail.com) i dont know how i will get there if you allow me to come but i will find a way in the blessed name of Yahweh Thank you.
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