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The Seventh Day Shabbat Of YAHWEH

What Day Is YAHWEH's Shabbat Rest?

I to was in this very same place 16 years ago. YAHWEH started to move on my heart and I did not know what day to keep also. I share this testimony with you to help you. I cried out for YAHWEH to show me which day is HIS Shabbat. I asked for a sign that it would rain all day on the HIS day. I did not give it much more thought till it started to rain at sundown Friday. As the Shabbat  day came I knew that this  was the answer as to which day it is, and was settled in my heart. As the sun was setting, it stopped raining and the last rays of sun shone beneath the clouds. It was breath taking and I knew. Well the following week a friend invited me to go to his cabin in the wood. My friend and I went squirrel hunting. This YAHWEH gave as a confirmation of the week before. It started to rain again Friday sundown but not on the ground. I could hear the rain in the thick tree tops of  West Virginia. This continued again all Shabbat  (Saturday). I felt very uneasy trying to shoot squirrel and sat in the wood listening to the rain on the tops of the trees repenting that I had gone squirrel hunting on the Shabbat. It stopped raining that sundown and I did not feel one drop of rain on me all Shabbat.

After this experience I looked into the Shabbat and found it is not hard to understand that the Shabbat (Saturday) is a 7 day cycle and has never been lost. The Jews still keep it. The Roman Catholic whore house confessed to changing it from the 7 day to the first day of sun worship god. You can find it if you dig deep.

It can also can be a true blessing to you, and you will find yourself closer YAHSHUA and refreshed for the next week if you remember and rest and keep it in the spirit. It is a day to rest from your labor and toil. You will learn to love it.

May YAHWEH bless you


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