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Does The Truth Or A Lie Reign In The Christian Church


   Shalom and Greetings in the name of our Heavenly Father and the hope of Yahshua MessiYah! My name is Pastor Joey and I hope you find it rewarding looking into some of the boldness, used by a church claiming to adhere to Abba’s principles, yet at it’s best point following a demon filled Catholic doctrine which it claims at one point to be “Protestant” of.

   Let’s take a look at some of the practices followed in this church. The activities surrounding that worship, its origin and the answer to the question “Do they realize their faults”? But to make sure we fully understand what’s being discussed here let’s get to the meaning of some important words so that we do not misinterpret their meaning!

   For example “Protestant” it’s root word of course is “protest” its “ant” is personal meaning “one in protest with what was the protest-ant in protest with? As we know it was the “Roman Catholic Church. Put together by a man called Constantine in 345-65 A.D. I suggest you do a character profile on Constantine himself-but in short you will find he was Pagan-witchcraft worshipper who cut his own wife into pieces and caused his own children to pass through the fire. He sacrificed them. His forerunners who are known as the “church fathers” Cyprian, Iraneus, Ignateus, were also Romans trying to form an “Ecclesiatical Network” (Catholocism) of the divine- (meaning Divination church)?

   At the time of all these events taking place you have a people who are called Jews (which we’ll get into later) and another people Romans or pagans according to the Jewish people simply called “Goy” or “Goyim” in Hebrew.

   Pagan’s worshipped “Gods” idols like Moloch & Ammon Romans worshipped idols like Diana-Astarte (Easter) etc. As this study goes on we will get into these deities in a more exact detail so that you are able to see the similarity between the 3 faced deities of Rome, and the pagans inside of Christianities supposed “triune” God they call Jesus, and the Nature of the “Trinity,” This is what the original “Protestants” were trying to separate from! But Why?

   The worshipping of saints which is common among the Catholic Church, St Francis, St Patrick, and St Christopher etc. All a bunch of dead “men” who the church claims are in the Heavens making “intercession” for you. This is against every piece of scripture in the word! There is only one who makes intercession or who mediates for us. Timtheous Alef (I Tim.) 2:5, Qorintyah Alef (I Cor.) 8:6, Ivrim (Heb.) 9:14-15 Yahshua is our justifier and not Chris or Pat and not Mary! Tell me something “Holy Mary Mother of God” what God? Surely not our Heavenly Father who always has been and has no beginning or end. How could He have a mom? I cannot figure out where they got that.

   Scripture tells us plainly “there is only one way to get the Father.” It does not say through Chris, or Pat, or Mary or Teresa. It plainly states in Yochanan (John) 14:6 “I am the way the truth and the life and no man or woman come unto me!” That is Yahshua speaking no one else can sanctify nor save us!

   Constantine’s “Ecumenical”, “ecclesiastical” or “universal” network of churches was set up to bring pagans and Jews into one group. Making their Jesus God a triune god. “Trinity” which would supposedly incorporate the Jews belief, which was originally YAHWEH into the pagan worship practice by claiming their Jesus, was “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” all combined but yet capable of separating themselves. Claiming also that YAHWEH would make himself into a man Jesus come down to the earth and live among sinners (which we know Abba cannot even look upon sin) and then hang himself and go back home!

   What kind of nonsense would that be if we would fall for that? The Protestant faith should have recalculated everything non-scriptural (Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween etc.) and find its original root and re-established itself. But instead organized itself as another false religion.

   The Catholic Church instituted the gathering of people to worship on “Sun- Day. The Shabbat was clearly to be worshipped on Saturday as we call it today. Sunday was another day of the pagans. They worshipped Nimrod (The Sun God) on “Sun” Day. Christmas recognized as the birthday of their Jesus (Dec. 25) was not Yahshua MessiYah’s Date of Birth, but in fact it was the day Nimrod the Sun God was born. If you calculate your scriptures in Luke from Zechariahs (Elizabeth’s husband) time of priestly duty (June 9th-16th) you can plainly see Yahshua MessiYah was born the last week of September Roman Calendar.

   There are a few different ways to calculate the birth of our MessiYah. The Catholic and Christian churches know that the date Dec.25 is incorrect. Some also know the roots of this date are pagan and symbolize the birth of Nimrod, Yet they continue year after year to celebrate these man made holidays which are totally against scripture. YAHWEH instituted “feasts” How come no Christian congregations are worshipping his feasts? Yet they were the only feasts Abba instituted? And to add a little more to the lack of obedience they are also Shabbat! You may wish to look at these feasts in Wayiqra (Leviticus) 23!

   What’ happening in the Christian church? It might better b considered a Christian social club. Its congregation is full of dead man’s bones. They gather together to dance sing and roll around in the aisles screaming at the top of their lungs in some mumbo jumbo voice they call “tongues.” They gamble in their gatherings holding raffles drinking alcoholic beverages and selling tickets to throw darts at baldons to win prizes. This is not worship it is pagan love yeast!

   YAHWEH never stated the people should make different groups or sects or cults among HIS chosen people. Making the Covenant anew or renewing the Covenant HE makes the statement all the tribes Judah Israel, Joseph, Ephraim & Manasseh would all be made into one people. Read that in YeremiYah, Ezer, Zechariah, Zephania, and many other places. But today’s Christian social club has Baptists, Pentecostals, Episcopalians, Methodist, Apostolic, Seven Day Adventists, The Church of God, and Evangelicals etc.! All having different doctrinal beliefs, All claiming to be right, some of them are even putting faggots behind the pulpit. Some have women teaching men, where we know that cannot be correct, some are pro-abortion killing, murdering our brother’s and sister’s. Where is that in doctrine?

    My children’s mother prior to my conversion had an abortion (behind my back) and on “Sun-Day” wanted me to go to church! Her family approved of that. They said they were Christians too. This left a filthy taste in my mouth for anything to do with being a Christian. After our separation (due to her infidelity) she became a prostitute and gave birth to a 5-½ lbs. crack baby. Yet she claimed being a Christian. My son Joey Jr. suffered until I was able to rescue him! I cannot begin to tell you the events that take place in our local chapel here in Okeechobee. Homosexuals are active in the chapel. Having sexual relations within the building itself and the same day singing in the choir. I see deception daily in our congregations, it is disgusting! Do you think these people are doing YAHWEH’S will? No way! I promise they will all give an account for the actions in which they have taught others!

   But sooner or later the question arises “What do we do to make things right with Abba?” How do we walk in a pleasing manner to HIM?” Who can help us to learn what HE wants from us?” Do we care enough about it? “And when do we start?”

   I can guarantee you assuredly, confidently that a lie reigns within the so-called Christian Church today! The Shepherds who are supposed to be teaching us, and to be leading us to truth are mostly LIARS. They are using Abba’s gift of eternal life to line their pockets; but Shaul (Paul) says in Timtheous Alef (I Tim.) 6:3-5 and also Yahudah (Jude) verse 16 thus to gain advantage. All you have to do to recognize this is stop tithing to their church and I guarantee the tithing sermon comes next week! Whose storehouses are being filled, YAHWEH’S or theirs? It is easy to see if you just open your eyes!

   I love to hear the answers of these so-called pastors when they open their mouths to defend their lies. For example Kenneth Copeland. just bought a new Citation 10 Jet for  (9) Nine Million Dollars with whose money? Statistics show that it costs 7 to 10 times more to maintain a Jet. It must be filled with fuel, hire a pilot, lease a Hanger to store it, keep it washed, keep it service, and insure it for a month than it would cost to fly 20 people around the world. And the Citation will not carry 20 people! So why have it? Why don’t Ken and Gloria fly United Airways or Piedmont or some other airline to save “your money” pride or greed!

   I could show you the same effect with T.D. Jakes or Creflow Dollar, Joyce Meyes, Jack Van Impe, Tim LaHaye, Jesse Duplainis, Joni Ericerson Tada, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, Jim Baker, Tammy Baker and 95% of today’s T.V. Evangelists who receive your money and spend it on the world’s possessions. They make truth teachers look really bad with their lying deceiving lips.

   Their anti humanistic doctrine is a hoax. All their Christmas, Easter, and other pagan rituals will kill you! MessiYah did not nail the law to the stake, but they’ll tell you he did. Excuse me; it was a cross to them. They cannot even get that part right. They do not study!

   We here at Yahwehsword are putting a new focus on allowing you to see what truth is. We hope you will study with us to find the true path to yeshua. The first part is easy, it’s learning to become obedient, and to recognize the ravenous wolves around you that wear sheep’s clothing and will draw you t the pit.

   Please inquire with Elder Roberts about the feasts. YAHWEH prescribed holidays, not Constantine’s pagan ritual. Yoshua 1:8, Timtheous Bet (II Timothy) 2:15 walk hand in hand. It you are knowledgeable of scripture. No one can deceive you or at least mislead you to the lies that reign inside the Christian church.

   Stay in touch with us at www.yahwehsword,org for our upcoming newsletter with scriptural studies.  May the Shalom of YAHWEH be with you.


Keep the faith until we meet again!
Shalom Alaichem
In YAHSHUA’S Wonderful Name




   Trinity Gods, Goddesses, Easter or Astarte along with many other Gods that were used for basic pagan worship practices are found inside your Catholic and your modern day Christian churches.

   Isis Horus and Seb Isis Horus’s mother and Horus her own son had relations and bore to themselves a son “Seb”. This incestial couple also known as Semiramus, Nimrod, and (Horus) Tammuz in other parts of the world were looked upon as “God” Triune Gods=A Trinity. Commonly worshipped by pagans (Goyim) still have their mark in the Catholic Church. “I.H.S.” it is on the altar.

   Easter also known to pagans and sorcerers in most of today’s witchcraft cults was known as Asheran Astarte, Gaia (Mother Earth) Diana (Roman Goddess of fertility) Aphrodite (Greek) Nut (Goddess of the sky) Venus, Athena and many other names we commonly hear today. Also this is the root of the Asherah Poles placed in the temple by evil priests and kings (see Manasen son of Hezekiah who put the Asherah Poles back in the temple in Melechim Bet (II Kings 21:7) this seemed common practice among Israel.

Trinitarian doctrine was used by Constantine in the development of a religion that would unite pagans with Israel to join them together around 365 A.D. “it worked.”

   You can find many of these facts in a very well put together book called “Fossilized Customs” by Lew White. You may inquire with Elder David. Roberts at on how to obtain this awesome little book that will teach you how to gather vital information on today’s practice used in our churches with thousands of other facts that will keep you alert to deception. The Church will deceive you!

   We have an obligation to seek out the truth and not believe that were put in place to deceive the minds of those who do not search with a pure heart. It is either that or you just do not truly care! My job as a watchman only goes so far. “I’ve blown the trumpet!” I even have personal friends who’ve laughed at me and mocked me only to find out years later and say, “Pastor Joey, I am sorry I laughed at you, now I see!” Then there are the ones who haven’t. I have washed my hands of their blood, “Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 33.”

   Search this Truth-“I challenge you to prove me wrong,” Do you care enough about where you will spend eternity? Does it really matter where you spend eternity? Would you want to lead your children or those you love straight into the bowels of hell? Do you care?


Keep the faith! Shalom Alaichem

By Joey Griffin

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