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Letters Expounding The Word Of YAHWEH

And they wrote letters by them after this manner;
The elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren
which are at YAHWEH's Victory Community

"The Lie Called Chr+st-mas" The Christmas Lie

YAHWEH's Truth Behind The Pagan Holiday Chr+st-mas. The Christmas lie that people love to their own souls destruction because they do not love the truth.

Warning From A Young Righteous Daughter of YAHWEH

A beautiful letter from a young daughter of Zion.

YAHWEH's Shabbat or Sabbath Rest Revealed 

What Day Is YAHWEH's Shabbat Rest Day?

 THE MINISTRY OF YAHSHUA   by Fredrico Stewart  

This study of the Feast Days of Leviticus 23: is inspired by the Rhu Arc Ha-kodesh (Set-Apart Spirit) we will apply and lay them over the ministry of Yahshua from his immersion forward.

The Time To Build By Brother Elijah Moses

As much as I try to suppress the feeling of resentment toward my own people I am constantly supplied with another scenario to make me embrace my sentiment.  Their have been two occasion as of recent that have lit the match to propel me to pen this article.

What Is Sin   by Zakane Yarameyah

So Bro. Jermaine what are you trying to convey to us? What I'm saying is. Like dirt, trash, and unnecessary objects (obstacles) are cleansed out of a dwelling place, so must sin be cleansed out of our levim (hearts).

Does The Truth Or A Lie Reign In The Church    

Let's take a look at some of the practices followed in this church. The activities surrounding that worship, its origin and the answer to the question Do they realize their fault?

Division - The House Divided  

Let There Be No Division Among You As Once Becoming Saints

A Letter For: Dear Yisrael

True Yisrael are those who are doing the Father Yahweh's will, not talking about it!

RACISM In The Church

Does It Really Make Any Difference What Color YAHSHUA's Skin was?

The Extreme Spiritual Makeover

Pastor Joey Griffin is your spiritual guide for Scripture study.

Learning To Endure, Stand Firm And Persevere

If we are to "persevere" we must become fit for the race, we must train, strengthen ourselves and be consistent.

What It Takes To Get Here

A personal journey on some of the things we must learn to overcome to please our Father Yahweh.

Could This Be You?

Man's traditions which have nothing to do with our FATHER

The Letter to the Hebrews and the Better Covenant

Letter to the Hebrews was written to Yisraelites to come out of the Old Covenant into the better Covenant.

What Does It Mean to be Born From Above?

Understanding what being born from above means.

 Are You Becoming Set Apart from Evil?

Understanding YAHWEH's will that you become set apart from evil.

Having Begun in The Spirit 

Are you now being finished by the fallen nature?

The Fruit of the Spirit is Love 

Love as a fruit of the Spirit with a twofold object. 

He Who You Obey, To Him You Belong

Obey the truth of YAHSHUA rather than obey the instruction of another man.

Father YAHWEH Knows Best

Poem, Our FATHER YAHWEH always knows what is best for us.

And I beseech you, brethren, suffer the word of exhortation:

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by faith and it will be opened unto you.