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Warning From A Young Righteous Daughter of YAHWEH

A letter to Pastor Roberts from a young daughter of Zion

Dear Pastor Roberts,

 Good Afternoon:  I love your preaching, Keep it up!  I am fifteen years old. My mother walked out on us when I was seven. My big brother was ten years old and my little brother was four. All because my dad learned the name of YAHWEH and about the Shabbat.

We were living in Texas then. Before we were a Baptist member. Five months after we moved to North Carolina my mom moved out, and She lives in Charlotte with a Baptist preacher. Then she left the Baptist Preacher and met someone else. I told my mom she is a whore and I don't spend weekends with her anymore. She dress me the way she dress herself.

Last year my dad met a young lady from Alabama. She told my dad about you. And she brought us some of your CD's. The one that caught my attention is "Examine Yourself " I told my mom about the CD's and she said there is nothing wrong in the way people dress, they can wear anything they want. Pastor, I don't want to be like her. So I pray that YAHWEH send my dad a righteous wife. He met this woman from Alabama who gave us your CD's. Pastor, this woman teaches  how to dress, how to eat, how to cook, to be a woman, She loves my dad very much. Whenever she comes by our house, she always finds something to do. She cooks, she cleans, she wash, and she irons. I told my dad YAHWEH sent this lady to him. This lady dress natural,  no fancy clothes, She don't wear nail polish, nor she polish her toes. I am learning to dress like her pastor. So please pray for us.

My dad friends a few of his friend's keep calling him and telling him this woman  is not his type. Pastor this woman has the righteousness of YAHWEH. The only thing is she is short and my dad is 5'11'' and she is 4'11'', but I love her very much.  My dad when he goes to his friends when we go to the supermarket, and  His friends ask  him who is this lady? and he says she is my sister in YAHWEH, and if they say anything further, he says  "no only sister in YAHWEH" so I told my dad, because of  lying to people who this woman is to him or else YAHWEH will take her away and send him one who pretend to love YAHWEH, and then in the end it turn bitter. So pastor, I would like for you to warn all the men of YAHWEH who is out there  lonely  looking for a righteous woman whenever they find such a woman don't be shame of her, don't matter how short she is, just you thank ABBA YAHWEH for sending such one unto them and give Abba YHWH the honor and praise, because they are shame of the righteous woman they found there. Shatan will praise them for it.

Pastor please read my letter to warn the righteous man and also the righteous woman, whose founded a righteous man not to be shame of him. I am listening to her. My letter read on your CD. I want you to pray for me and my family pastor, and I love you. Say "Hi" to the congregation. My name is Mary Johnson and my dad is Melvin Johnson. My dad is 63 years old and this lady is 54. I am fifteen. I love you Pastor Roberts.

My dad was baptized in the House of YAHWEH when we were in Texas. He has a brother who is an elder in the House of YAHWEH. She is going to marry dad on the 18th of June.

"Bye" Pastor

From Sister Mary Johnson


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