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 By Brother Elijah MosesBrother Elijah Moses and family

As much as I try to suppress the feeling of resentment toward my own people I am constantly supplied with another scenario to make me embrace my sentiment.  Their have been two occasion as of recent that have lit the match to propel me to pen this article.  As devastating a disaster as the recent Hurricane Katrina was I find it annoying that we again seek an opportunity to complain against the “system”.  Locally a similar scenario has occurred where homes are being foreclosed on and the answer we offer is shift the blame to the government; protest.  I have come to the point where I reject attending prep rallies or forums entitled “don’t do this to us” or “Stop the violence”, not because I’m unwilling to be active, more so because they resolve no issues.  Just talk of how “they did this or that to us”.  It appears that there are more demagogues that sincerely concerned citizens.  And for the most part, the sincere concern is blinded either by “We really have no ideal what to do” or “I have my own problems”.  “Black” leaders often abandon the flock as their stature increases, mingle into the ranks of the social elite and become unfamiliar or unable to again identify with the “struggle”.  One fact is that facts are not pliable.  We don’t suffer as individuals we suffer as a people, thus racial profiling.  Truth be told, as I continue to plumb through the history of the “struggle” that has plagued us for the last 120 years, it ceases to amaze me how we still are in the wilderness as pertains to correcting our woes.  I then consider how much the government has helped us, from affirmative action to public assistance, HEAP, Belmont Shelter, brown vs. board, public education, TAP, PELL, and the countless other programs that we continue to gravitate to in search of refuge from the storms of poverty.  As I was riding the NFTA the other day I revisited the all too familiar sites of NFTA police shuffling young teens out of the train station.  One of them (young black male approx 16 yrs old) replied the same thing most adults reply “Why you keep harassing me?”  The loud mouth youth appeared to be on the brink or arrest and detention, so I respectfully decided to intervene.  While trying to compel him to stop screaming his frustration at the cops he should quiet down, control himself, and keep from getting arrested as his friend had been. He did for a moment and then continued his disgust.  I didn’t wait for the result.  I used to wonder why we just can’t seem to figure it out. Then I learned, and learned and watched.  Biblical prophecy had unfolded.  Then I marveled how accurate it is, describing our condition to a T.   If you agree that we have “overcome” and made progress then disregard this.  If you clearly see that we have not read Deuteronomy 28:29.   We still wander around without a clue on how to remedy our ails…we are blind.  Every year for the last several years I have been in attendance at the city auction, and every single year I am disgraced to find out that drug dealers (current and former) have more common sense than preachers.  See, whether they are trying to get out of selling drugs or expand their empire they go down to acquire property.  Then I watch the Arab Islamic groups that are purchasing properties in the Sycamore area around their convent, remolding and building community.  It is immediately called to mind how they purchased the former detention facility on best, and the negro’s again protested.  See, as sad as it is blacks don’t appear to have the sense of an ant, who will work together diligently in a community to provide for the whole.  Every nationality once lived in slums and ghetto’s upon coming to America, the Irish did, Polish did, Italians did, Chinese did, so did the Arabs.  With less than 1 generation or a decade they moved on, while blacks continued to rally, protest, march, and complain about their conditions in the slums.  On October 21st a meeting at city hall in front the common council was held about the auction.  Author O. Eve being present commented best “I am especially disappointed at the faith based community”.  None of the preachers showed up.  The protest of the auction or supposed protest should have been held on Sunday.  I say people sit outside these large edifices called Church staging a protest.  Several of the mammoth structures are located around areas of devastated neighborhoods, dilapidated houses, shoebox grocery stores (if any), elderly people, and most of all crime.  See preachers have learned well from their former oppressors, get the money in the ghetto and flee to the suburbs.  Large church on Delevan, preacher lives in suburbs, on Main St. preacher lives in suburbs.  As a matter of fact, one just moved his church to Amherst and purchased a $545,000 home (The Buffalo News 8/9/05).  Question, how many homes could be purchased at the city auction with just half of that money…$272,500?  Do you think they, Rev. such and such or Pastor Offering could help build the areas off of Broadway, Coldspring etc?  The question is do they care… the answer is apparent.  A friend of mine (single mother of 1) who attends the church of one of the Big 6, pulpit pimps, was in danger of loosing her apartment, and her heat had been shut off for 2-3 months.  When I asked about seeking help from “church” she responded “they believe that too many people use them for money, so I can’t ask”.  Wow, you can’t ask.  What are they there for, to work a few hours a week and drive around in an $80k car?  Then the advocates or victims of the pimping throw out comments like “touch not God’s anointed, nor speak against them”.  Well there fruits do that; I and others just state the facts.  I would like to conclude that there is much farmland for sale, cows, chicken, turkeys and lamb to be raised, empty lots where fruits and vegetables can be grown, and many houses sometimes as many as 30 on one street that can be purchased from the city for anywhere from $700-$2000 and entire neighborhoods can be renovated by the Church.  Remember $272,000.  Please stop complaining to the government, they already feed, cloth, shelter and educate many of us black folk.  They even build prisons (homes away from home) for our sons, and take care of their children when they are locked up.  Let’s not burden them anymore.  Let’s build!  Not another million dollar church that doesn’t teach the simple basics of the Scripture, which is YAHWEH’s Law, the same law that is going to govern the entire world in time to come, the laws of Moses.  Let’s protest the pulpit pimps.  If they don’t supply for the needs of the entire community with the big 6 having at least 4 million in local banks, stop attending.  This isn’t about religion it’s about practicality.  Yahshua didn’t have a big home, he traveled and preached.  His lead apostle Peter said in he didn’t have silver or gold (Acts 3:6).  How does YAHWEH feel about our pastors or pulpit pimps?  Jeremiah 23:2 “Therefore thus saith YAHWEH of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith YAHWEH” (emphasis added).  Don’t be deceived by letting people rally you to march against the government, they do enough for us as people as it is.  Place the blame back on ourselves, our leaders, and our own people.  Don’t fuss about not having a grocery store, pressure your local pastor into building one (it’s not like they don’t have the money).  Don’t harass police about solving crime, pressure your pastors who haven’t visited you.  If they taught YAHWEH’s laws it would in turn decrease crime, and there would be no need to complain.  The youth are distanced from church but still follow the message of clergy as a rapper Biggie Smalls once said “Get Money”.  Reform only will happen with accountability as individuals and as a collective.  If you really wish to help you own people we need food, clothing, and shelter provided for us, by us.  Freedom from governmental dependency will garner uplifting respect, as it did for all ethnic groups who huddle in America.  I hope some of you are listening to this voice of dissent and should you desire to voice any comments or concerns I can be reached by email at      

Thank you

Bro. Elijah Moses


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