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2012 Live Video Broadcast Comments


Posted by Lakesha on Jan 21st, 2012
Shabbat Shalom!
Posted by Myra Buthcer on Jan 28th, 2012
Shalom Pastor Dawid Robert I give all Praises to Abba Yahweh and to his son Yahshua Ha'Mashiach i thank the abba for being able to hear the truth of His word from his man serverant I pray that you will be strenthen in His Power and strength May Yahweh keep you for you have taught me the truth of Yahweh and I know now I can make it through in the name of Yahshua Ha'Mashiach
Posted by A on Feb 4th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom!Praise Yahweh and to His Yahshua Ha'Messiah,I am glad and very Thankful to Abba Yahweh for being able to hear His word,and for the songs being downloadable,Praise Yahweh!I'm from the country of Philippines,marriage and living here in Japan,I Pray that someday,Abba Yahweh build His Assembly here in japan..pls.pray for us,and to my family here,also in Philippines.May Yahweh Keep you and More Power through His son Yahshua Ha'Messiah.
Posted by Lakesha on Feb 4th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom! Glad to see another Shabbat and to see it in the presence of my brothers and sisters in Yahshua. I give all praise unto YHWH today and can't wait to hear His Word.
Posted by Deborah on Feb 11th, 2012
All praises to Yah for the class today. Bless you all. Deborah
Posted by Lakesha on Feb 18th, 2012
Shalom everyone!

Glad to be here in fellowship.
Posted by alanvictory on Feb 25th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom, my name is Daniel, I'm from Romania, one four months ago I learned the truth about our Creator and the universe relegated Ha'Mashiach YAHSHUA YHWH and his son. In Romania I do not know if Jews and Hebrew communities which to contact. I am only here and not want to lose. However I would be the YHWH-Elohim and YAHSHUA Ha'Mashiach me I was never apart. Please if you can help me to contact other people of Romanian origin who follow the true teachings of the Torah YHWH.
will follow .... on your site, but do not know English. Waiting ....... answer from you on my e-mail the_shakall(at)yahoo(dot)com
YHWH bless you .... Shalom haMashiach ubraha of Yahshua.!!!!!
Posted by DeborahYah on Mar 3rd, 2012
Sabbat Shalom Family,

What another wonderful Shabbat! Todah Yah may Yahweh barak. We love you all and send greetings from Virginia. The class today realy helped illuminate my understanding of the scriptures. We look forward to joining you all for the Feast. Send our love to all at Tshuwah.
Posted by Kim on Mar 3rd, 2012
Shalom Pastor,
Thank you for your messages. They are hard to hear and to bear but I listen with an open ear for truth. And they are true. Mighty is the Truth of YAHWEH. My He bless you to continue strong to teach us and help us turn from every wicked way.
I like to know if you have any teachings on head coverings? If your Sisterhood would post something regarding this teaching as it is being discovered more and more today. It seems as the females of the Diaspora are awaking up to the beauty of our natural hair, we are showing it off.I am being lead to cover my head. I like to know what is the take of the community of YahWehsword? Thank you kindly.
Posted by Lakesha on Mar 9th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom!
Posted by Achot Hadarah on Mar 10th, 2012
Posted by Lakesha on Mar 17th, 2012
Shalom Pastor and all IsraYah!
I give all Praise to Yah for allowing us all to experience another Holy Shabbat.
Posted by Ozero Novastar on Mar 24th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom! Yah barak kol Yisrayah!
Stronger and stronger, Zawkane Yeremiyah! Todah!
Posted by Lakesha on Mar 30th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom IsraYah!
Posted by DeborahYah on Apr 6th, 2012
Shalom Israel! Happy Feast day to you all. I was unable to join you all in person, however my heart and prayers were there with you. We kept the Feast as commanded in Virginia, yet we know that you all had a wonderful time honoring the Most High! Barak Yahweh! Todah Yah! I pray that although we were not able to celebrate with you all today, we pray that we will join you soon. Much love.
DeborahYah and little Brother Malcolm.
Posted by Lakesha on Apr 13th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom. Hope everyone enjoyed the feast.
Posted by Ozero on Apr 14th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom! Shalom, Shalom Ra'ah Divid and kole YisraYah!
I Todah YAH for the Sword of His mouth through this messenger! YAH Barak!
Posted by Lakesha on Apr 20th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom to all IsraYah. Hope everyone enjoyed their week. Thank you Pastor for allowing YHWH to use you for His Glory. Blessings to you and all with you.
Posted by Lakesha on Apr 20th, 2012
Wow Pastor! Glad to hear you had a good week and a productive one too. I agree with the sweet peas...I love to garden myself, even though I have a small space, but I do love to eat the sweet peas right off the pod. Delicious!!!...I look forward to visiting you all.
Blessings Pastor!
Posted by Achot Hadarah on Apr 21st, 2012
Shabbat Shalom! All praises to Yah. Yahweh Barak to all. Praise Yahweh for His messenger that we all may hear the Truth and accept it. Raah speaks the Truth!! Todah Yah for him! I pray I will see you all again soon down at Tshuwah! Enjoy the Shabbat everyone!!
Posted by DeborahYah on May 5th, 2012
SHALOM! Awesome Shabbat! The message was beautiful and fed us well. Thank you for the understanding of Yah's Word. Our prayers and support are with you and the body as you travel to Mt. Moriah (Memphis). The message today was encouraging and helps me to understand just how short time is. This causes me to cling to the Word even stronger. I will continue to life up the true name of Our Abba!

Today Yah!
Sis DeborahYah
Posted by Lakesha on Jun 2nd, 2012
I Todah Yah for this very powerful message! Shabbat Shalom to you all.
Posted by Lakesha on Jun 30th, 2012
Shalom to all IsraYah! All praise be unto Yah for His Truth!
Posted by Ozero on Jul 21st, 2012
Shalom, shalom. Hugo Chavez...
Posted by corey on Aug 11th, 2012
Shabbat shalom, Thanks a lot for the live messages & thanks be to Yah for the word
Posted by Joshua Olin Mack on Aug 25th, 2012
Shabbat shalom, shalom alayashem.
Posted by mary opher on Aug 31st, 2012
I am listening,continue to plant your seeds. "The harvest is plentious".
Posted by Achotee Kim on Sep 8th, 2012
YAH BARAK All listeners in the name of His Son YAHSHUA HA'MessiYAH and especially the Household of YisraYah. I have been listening to the Great Messages spoken by this Pastor Roberts since late Novemeber of 2011 and NEVER have a service been disrupted with commercials as it was today. I don't want to miss a word of TRUTH this few and far in-between messenger of YAH have to say. So let's band together people and support him financially to keep the filthy advertisement/commercials of the world off this channel. We should be able to see by poking around on Yahwehsword.org, listening to the messages, and looking at the pictures of the community, that we can give our tithes, offering and gifts in FAITH as he will do right by our monies. HalleluYAHWEH, we need a voice that speaks for the Throne of Splendor in this dark hour. If this is not one, then point me to another. YAH Barak all who give to this ministry that is like no other I have found. This include international/foreign funds as well. Blessings to Israel all over the world in the Land of the Living, I pray for you all always and often in my prayers. HalleluYAH.
Posted by sister marianna on Sep 14th, 2012
Pastor Roberts, i cannot believe i was there for the Feast and how time has passed. I look forward to coming again, right now i am still taking care of my 92 year old mother. i will think and picture all the saints there at your beautiful, spotless grounds and beautiful colors and talents. shalom shalom, sister marianna
Posted by Dru Muldrow on Sep 15th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom Pastor Roberts and everyone there. I would like to thank you for your insight last evening, you really helped me see more clearly.I appreciate your chastisement of me and your rebuke of my terminology use when I spoke to you. I have taken advice that you gave me, and I will continue to listen and learn from you Todah Pastor Roberts.
Posted by Dru Muldrow on Sep 15th, 2012
Todah Pastor Roberts, I appreciate what you said to me last evening, and I also appreciate your chastisement in choice of words last evening. I have taken the steps that you suggested to me with the woman that I spoke about last evening. I also thank you for rebuking me at my use of those terms and in telling me either I would love you or hate you. I choose to love you and to continue to learn from you, as I continue to serve Yahweh and Yahshua, and to keep Yahweh's commandments. Todah Pastor Roberts.
Posted by Ozero'eh on Oct 13th, 2012
Shalom, shalom! Shabbat shalom, kole YisraYAH! A pulsating and dynamic message, indeed, my Zawkane Diwid. Again, YAH KOLE ABIR has strengthened my lev through the sword of the mouth of this messenger. We MUST get caught up to the KINGDOM MIND of YAH, YisraYAH! TODAH YAH!
Posted by Dru on Oct 19th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom Pastor Roberts. Please expain to me how we are supposed to wed (not the traditions of this country), but according to the word of the most high Yahweh.Todah Pasor Roberts.
Posted by Maria_DallasTX on Oct 20th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom. I normally attend via online Eliyah.com teachings but this morning I have been drawn to attend your teaching. Todah Yah for your teaching. I got hungry when you talked about the fried chicken smothered in gravy...lol...
I enjoy the use of the Hebrew words in your teaching. I am learning them as you are teaching them. Is there a website you suggest to learn Hebrew? This is a whole new language for me. I appreciate how you explain the Torah. Praise Yah for placing you in our path to teach us His living Word. HalleluYah! Sister Maria
Posted by Kojo Ewur on Oct 23rd, 2012
We are messianic Jews in Ghana, the name of our church is NEW YERUSHALEYIM SYNAGOGUE OF YAHSHUA, we need tools to make our teachings go far. We are facing challenges with the Christians here. we know we Jews will one day rejoice in Heaven. Shalom Elikihem. YAHWEH SHALOM.
Posted by Nechemia Adriele on Oct 27th, 2012
Shabbat Shalom! A blacklight enables man to see things he can't see with his own ability. We can see the lint on our shirts and in our hair in the pressence of a blacklight. So it is with torah! Torah enables us to see the spirit of what is transpiring in this hour. Tov for allowing the Abba to use you to enlighten in this hour.
Posted by ISAIARIA MORELAND on Nov 15th, 2012
Thank you for your email and keeping in touch with me . I am going through a sand storm at the present , but I know Yeshua is faithful. Keep me in your prayers as I keep everyone there in my prayer.
Posted by Rita DiLeo on Nov 16th, 2012
Thank you for the truth...Since there are so many religions What would you call yourself? A follower of Yahweh?
Posted by Rita DiLeo on Nov 23rd, 2012
So what does one do when they live with people who celebrate Christmas?
Posted by Isaiaria Moreland on Nov 26th, 2012
I will be praying for everyone and especially. Pastor Dawid Robert. I am going through a storm also, we will keep each other in prayer
Posted by George on Dec 8th, 2012
Hi,Pastor can u let me know of any place of meetings where the children of Yahweh is gathering,I'm residing in Cape Town ,South Africa
Thank you
Posted by Anna Hudson on Dec 8th, 2012
Shabatt Shalom Raah Roberts. Things have been pretty rough this year but I thank and praise Yah for getting me through it. Your teaching today gave me and reassured me of His strength and power in all things. I thank and praise Yah for His servant. May Yahweh barak you and the Victory Community. Sister Anna. 
Posted by Rita DiLeo on Dec 28th, 2012
i am sorry I know i have ask this before but What do you think i should do when i live with family who celebrate all these pegan holidays???
Posted by Rita DiLeo on Dec 28th, 2012
How can I just tell my family I don't celebrate this anymore when i did for years...It is now new years and If i dont sit down and eat with my family they will call me all kinds of names like stupid idiot and so on...so how do i handle this.
Posted by Nechemia on Jan 15th, 2013
Shalom Pastor Roberts. Unto the Pure all things are pure. Once we acknowledge that the Highest sends the spirit of nachash forth we understand that all things, good or bad work for our good if we are in the faith. He raised Pharoah up, he created the opposition in our faith provided the doorway to salvation and on the sixth day said things were "very good". His word is forever settled and Bless the Most High for giving us this understanding; now we pray that we have those sences to discern both good and evil enabling us to manouver around nachash though it is "by the way". Good word Pastor
Posted by Rita DiLeo on Jan 18th, 2013
Sabbat Shalom I thank you for your program and your community I hope in the future to send my tithes Through yehshua I can do all things It has been 8 days I have repented from smoking cigarettes..I no longer and with the power of yahweh have a desire for that junk..shalom
Posted by Telfort Bilenceley on Jan 26th, 2013
I love Yahweh's family and I love being a part of them.Praise your mighty name oh YAHWEH...