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YAHWEH's Truth The Missing Books of King James Scriptures

We need the SPIRIT OF TRUTH that will lead us to YAHWEH's LAW.

Content of Sermon Message Preached by Pastor Roberts:

Man Has Tried To Hide The Name And Missing Books Of Scripture

Man cannot hide YAHWEH's truth concerning the missing books of the King James Scriptures. YAHWEH's Word is given for knowledge and understanding. MESSIYAH came to reveal the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH as a memorial that HIS NAME would be remembered and always bring our minds and thoughts into focus on HIM.

What Scripture Was Paul Preaching From?

Romans 10:11 What scripture was Shaul (Paul) preaching from? He had to be preaching from the Law of Moses (Mosheh), the Prophets and the Psalms, for there was nothing else and they are just as relevant today as they were then. 2 Timothy 3:16,17 Scripture was given that we may have a rich knowledge and understanding of what doctrine is and there is only one doctrine. There are not many doctrines there is only one YAHWEH, one faith and one baptism. No one can walk in doctrine unless they are disciplined and that is why you have so much division today, because men are not disciplined. Scripture brings forth a great understanding and profound truth of whom the ABBA (FATHER) is and what HE represents. If we truly trust scripture and believe what it says, we will do what the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH commands us to do. We will not deny YAHWEH,  but love HIM with all our heart and soul 

Men Have Handled YAHWEH's Word In Unrighteousness

Yochanan (John) 5:31, 8:14 (bear) and 5:30, 8:15 (judge) How do you explain these scriptures when someone points this out to you? The debacle of this Babylonian English language what it does and the words that it uses, has perverted many things. There are men that have handled YAHWEH's WORD in unrighteousness, false messiahs, false prophets and teachers that have gone out and distorted much of the truth of YAHWEH. That is why YAHWEH must have anointed men in this hour to preach and teach to show HIS people the clear path. We have not given the ABBA (FATHER) proper time and energy that HE may reveal unto us, a people that HE can trust with great riches and jewels that we would actually take them and hold them dear to our bosom. 

We Need To Know YAHWEH's Truth  All The Truth 

We are the SONS OF YAHWEH and HE did not call us to be ignorant, but HE brought us into the fullness of knowledge through the revelation of MESSIYAH.  Yahshua Ben Nun (Joshua) 10:12 and 2 SchmuEl (Samuel) 1:18 These scriptures make mention of the-book of Jasher. The meaning of Jasher is upright, straight, but where are these books, can you find it? 2 Dibre haYamim (Chronicles) 12:15 This scripture makes mention of the book of Shemaiah the prophet. The meaning of Shemaiah is "heard by YAHWEH", but where is this book, can you find it? 2 Dibre haYamim (Chronicles) 20:34 This scripture makes mention of the book of Jehu the son of Hanani, but where is this book, can you find it? 1 Dibre haYamim (Chronicles) 29:26 This scripture makes mention of book of Samuel the seer, and the book of Nathan the prophet, and the book of Gad the seer, but where are these books, can you find them? 2 Dibre haYamim (Chronicles) 9:29 This scripture makes mention of the book of Nathan, but where is this book , can you find it? 

Why We Must Study To Show Ourselves Approved

YeshaYah (Isaiah) 65:11 This scripture makes mention of troop, which in the Hebrew Lexicon means Gad = "god of fortune", also mentioned is that number which means Meni = "fate" or "fortune", god of fate who the Jews worshipped in Babylonia. Are these words not confusing and that is why we must study to show ourselves approved. All scripture is given by inspiration of YAHWEH, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 

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