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Written In Your Heart?

ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME Enlightens The Heart

 When a man gets ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME written in his heart the perfect Law will keep him from sin. You had better have something to govern your soul, to let you know what you are doing so that you can stay away from wicked things. In the Law you find life and death. When a man will not do what the Laws say he will be destroyed. Tehillim (Psalms) 19:7 "The Law of YAHWEH is perfect, converting the soul."

Do You Know What Everlasting Life Is?

It is eternal abode with Almighty YAHWEH, that you are always going to be in HIS presence. There is no separation at all when we acquire everlasting life. You cannot have eternal life unless you believe on YAHWEH that sent MESSIYAH. How do you believe when you do not truly know YAHWEH? The lawyer was an interpreter of the Law of YAHWEH and he understood the Mosaic law. That is why he stood up to question MESSIYAH to see if HE was the legitimacy of what HE was speaking. He wanted to thoroughly test MESSIYAH to prove himself. The legitimacy of MESSIYAH was YAHWEH'S answer. YAHSHUA did not teach anything different than was written in the Law. MESSIYAH came by the Ruwach {roo'-akh} (Spirit) and gave us the power that enabled us to obey what the Law says. We can do what YAHWEH commands us to do without questioning Him. We just simply obey Him.

You Reject YAHWEH And You Are Going To Hell 

This is a perverted generation that has their own doctrine, their own concepts and their own precepts, that lead them far away from Almighty YAHWEH. This is a generation that is estranged from YAHWEH. They do not know the liberty that we have in MESSIYAH. They despise HIS qodesh {ko'-desh} (holy) SetApart  attributes and they reject the most profound thing of HIS attribute, the memorial of HIS NAME. YAHWEH's NAME is what defines HIM. HIS NAME is an eternal, everlasting NAME. You reject YAHWEH and you are going to hell for you are not part of YAHWEH's  house nor part of YAHWEH's  family. A man creates his own god that he has his own interpretation to lead him down a path to hell. There is one thing about the truth of YAHWEH, a man will submit to HIS righteous Law, they will not reject that.

A New Life Should Be An Invigoration And A Desire To Obey Truth

Under the old law they were under a death sentence. What the spirit of the law has done it has brought a new life to us so there should be an invigoration and a desire to obey the truth.

Obey And Remember Because Of Adoration And Love For HIM

Tehillim (Psalms) 119:18 We need our eyes open that we may behold the wondrous things out of the Law of YAHWEH. Religion has blinded our eyes. The feast days were made for a memorial unto YAHWEH. HE did not give us Christmas, Halloween and these pagan traditions, yet we shun the feast days of YAHWEH. It is because of adoration and love for HIM that we want to do it. It brings to remembrance YAHWEH constantly, time SetApart for our minds to be set upon HIM.

 You Can Have Confidence In The Law Of ABBA YAHWEH

Revelation 14:1-4 YAHWEH knows them that are HIS. So ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME must be written in your hearts. HIS NAME must be written in your forehead and you think on YAHWEH'S NAME as David did. When you think upon the NAME of Almighty YAHWEH, you will have confidence in the Law of the ABBA. The first fruits are the pure, the pick, they have never defiled themselves. You cannot defile yourself with the spirit of this age. You have to free yourself from it. How do you do that? By keeping the Law of YAHWEH.

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