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The True Anointing of YAHWEH Will Bring That Excellent Oil

 YAHWEH Fresh Anointing, the Excellent Oil Of YAHWEH Is Strength

There is only one true anointing and it comes by the will of  ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH. We are not going to receive that until men began to obey YAHWEH. Satan has sent a delusion or has brought this delusion by the permissiveness of the will of YAHWEH. It is because of the sin and corruption of the people that there is no demonstration of the true anointing of YAHWEH.

To Instruct and Teach 

In MESSIYAH we find our liberty to worship the ABBA YAHWEH. For HE has given us that strength by the unction of the spirit, that it may defy the power and strength of our flesh. The flesh has no preeminence or power in the presence of Almighty YAHWEH. That is why MESSIYAH said HE would not leave us comfortless. HE said that HE would send the ruwach {roo'-akh} (spirit) of YAHWEH, that HE would come in HIS NAME to instruct and teach us.

Spirit Of YAHWEH Will Come With One Directive

The SON OF MAN came in the honour of the ABBA, because they are one. Explain the number one, explain a husband and a wife being one. There were things that MESSIYAH did not ever speak to the people, places that HE did not ever lay HIS hand to heal. There was a reason why. Because the ruwach {roo'-akh} (spirit) of YAHWEH will come with one directive and that is to bring honour to the works that are finished in that body that was made flesh for the hope of all of us. And man shall know that this is YAHWEH, with the seal of the ABBA.

We Need To Be Guided Into The Presence Of YAHWEH

MESSIYAH came to glorify the ABBA'S NAME and so the spirit will honour the SON'S NAME, because the SON came in the ABBA'S NAME. HE will teach you what YAHWEH has told HIM and show it unto you. HE will not come in some strange order of doctrine. How is it then that these men say that they have the spirit, and yet it leads them into diametrically opposing spheres? Somewhere, somehow we need to be guided, as the spirit will do, into the presence of YAHWEH.

Part Of Conspiracy Of Hell And The Power Of Darkness 

This trash we call the anointing of YAHWEH is not HIS anointing. It is a part of this conspiracy of hell, this power of darkness. Man has learned to do according to their denomination and religious posture, that they act a certain way and they carry on things in a particular way. That is why the Baptist does things one way, the Pentecostal do things another way, the Apostolic yet another way and they each say they are walking in the dynamics of YAHWEH'S spirit. This cannot be so.

The Jezebel Spirit Has Robbed Us Of Our True Spiritual Identity

That is what Israel has done, every time she went out to play under every bay tree, she would commit whoredom. If you would study the scriptures you would see that is why YAHWEH would bring havoc on them in their illicit whoredom of sin. When they began to go after strange identities of Baal and other kinds of gods, HE would bring fire down on them. No different than Sodom and Gomorrah and that is why HE had to bring true Israel out of Sodom. That was Lot and the birth of HIS truth. HE had to bring them out and yet that Jezebel turned around and became a pillar of salt. That is what this generation is, it has become a pillar of salt with no savour. She has no flavor to her at all in any of her religious orders, there is nothing to spice a man's soul.

Do You Dress Like It, Walk Like It Or Talk Like It?

This is a pagan world that defies any man that will stand with any decency of truth. They want someone to speak lies unto them and give them some strength in their flesh that they can participate in their fleshly, carnal activities. We can not do that for we are a peculiar people and we should be set apart. We should not act as the world, dress like it, walk like it or talk like it.

Do You Want To Be Converted And Be Healed?

YAHWEH does not care about your emotions and how you feel. Esau began to cry and sought a place of repentance carefully, yet there was no place found for him to repent. HE had rejected the oracles of YAHWEH and if you reject HIS NAME, you reject Him. YAHWEH'S NAME is everything HE is. In HIS NAME is the SON'S NAME and that NAME is the Spirit's NAME. HIS worth is summed up in HIS NAME, YAHWEH. You must see with your eyes, hear with your ears and understand with your heart to be converted and be healed.

Let The Righteous Smite Me So That Excellent Oil Will Flow!

It is hard to take an old rusty bolt or nut off of something. You have to lubricate it and so it is with you. You need the fresh anointing, that excellent oil of YAHWEH. It is written, Tehillim (Psalms) 141:5 Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head. So let that excellent oil flow.

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