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YAHWEH Calls An Abomination Seven Unclean Spirits 

With authority commandeth YAHSHUA the unclean spirits,
 and they did obey HIM

This generation cannot discern what is right and wrong, because of the abomination of the seven unclean spirits that have entered in. It is written, it shall be also unto this wicked generation. In the previous generation, there was some kind of morals and gravity, whereby they knew right from wrong. YAHWEH is not a Word only for yesterday, it is a present word. It is always a very present help in time of trouble. It is written for our examples, to teach us what kind of life to live just by those examples. You do not have to experience it, it is by the examples that HE has laid down for us that we ought to know what is right and what is wrong. 

When You Deny The NAME Of YAHWEH You Are Cursed

Look up scriptures concerning curse and see if they are true today. When YAHWEH came into the Garden of Eden, did HE curse the serpent? The scripture says, you kohen (priest), this is a Commandment for you, give honour to MY NAME. In Romans 1:18 it is written about the wrath of YAHWEH against the men that suppress the Truth of YAHWEH. These are men that hold the Truth of YAHWEH in unrighteousness

YAHWEH Said At One Time You Were Ignorant And I Winked 

There is no power in the midst of YAHWEH's house, because we have not walked in HIS anointing. We have walked in a religious spirit and our traditions. Our sins have overcharged us and overtaken us that we continue in the same sins. YAHWEH said at one time you were ignorant and I winked, but now I am calling you all to repent. You need for your mind to be renewed, for your thoughts to be renewed and for your heart to be refreshed by the profound revelation that YAHWEH shall reveal unto you.

Vile Things Come From The Inward Parts Of The Soul

YAHWEH is revealing a truth that will keep us in this hour. There are seven vile things that shall over take this generation. They will do them from the inward parts of their soul. Not a fleshly act like adultery grabbing hold of something, it will rule the center of his life. That is what pride does. A man commits adultery he knows that he has done something wrong. Pride does not do that. They have an air about them. It shows on their face, in their temperament and they say you are not going to tell me anything. It will not go unpunished. 

Satan Is The Father Of Lies And That Is His Avenue In

When you lie, you open up your soul to the powers of hell. Anytime you lie, or there is a willingness to lie and there is no shame for it, you open up your soul to every kind of vile foreign spirit there is. Because Satan is the father of lies and that is his avenue. When he lied to Eve that was his avenue to enter her soul and take root in her. A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it.

Religious Laws That Give A Right Of Passage To Sin

A hand that shed innocent blood, loves to sin and take the side of the wicked. To frame mischief by law is what this generation is doing. They are giving a right of passage to sin because they do not deal with sin, lies and corruption of the flesh. They frame mischief by their way of their religious law.

The Mind Today Is Being Railroaded With Imaginations

How wickedly you devise and imagine things that are so wicked. You take no thought of what you are thinking. Feet that are swift to run to mischief, sin and do damaging sin and grab hold of it. A wise man will first hear the matter and weigh the thing against YAHWEH's Word. A false witness will tell you one thing and live, or their fruits show another way. Love is truth, honesty and integrity. Buy the truth and sell it not. All liars are going to hell. Discord is strife and fighting. A froward man, one that can not control his mouth, speaks what is on his mind and sows discord among the brethren.

Know The Truth Of The Matter, This Will Make You Free

When you know the truth of the matter it will make you free. You are not bound to do that again. You are free from that. Blessed is that man that makes YAHWEH his trust, and respects not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

Imagine Seven Vile Wicked Spirits Coming To Overtake You

Do you know the seven most vile spirits that are working in this hour? Do you know what scripture says about them? YAHWEH literally hates them and they are so filthy and vile before HIS eyes that HE calls them an abomination. When one is cleansed, these seven most vile spirits enter back into them if they are not filled with the Spirit of YAHWEH. Think how filthy one wicked spirit is and imagine seven more wicked that the first coming in to overtake you.

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