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Do you know who your REDEEMER is? Do you truly know ABBA YAHWEH and HIS NAME? Are your prayers not being answered? Maybe you are calling on a lord or god!! In the Hindu religion there are 320 million gods. Tony Blair in a report acknowledged Lord so and so, and so on, there are many Lords. The true REDEEMER of the saints is not god or lord. HE is the mighty REDEEMER YAHWEH. If you deny HIS NAME, Law and Shabbat (Sabbath), you are none of HIS and will not go into HIS kingdom.

We Walk As Bastards Because We Do Not Know Our ABBA'S NAME

Has the god of this world blinded your eyes? You are more concerned with the name of the anti-MESSIYAH than our true ABBA'S NAME. It is our own sin that blinds our knowledge and understanding. We walk as bastards because we do not know our ABBA'S NAME. Pray that the ABBA remove the scales from your eyes that you may see the truth for we believe in an everlasting ABBA YAHWEH. There is a simplicity to scriptures because our faith is based on a common mans yeshua.

YAHWEH'S Men Are To Declare And Oversee The Assembly of YAHWEH

It is written in Acts 20:27, 28 that Luke did not shun to declare unto us all the counsel, meaning written Word of YAHWEH. YAHWEH'S men are sent to the saints to declare the Word of YAHWEH and oversee the assembly of YAHWEH.

The Oldest Book In Scriptures And It Is Written Of A REDEEMER

In Tehillim (Psalm )74:2 and 3 David, in the Old Covenant, speaks of the congregation's REDEEMER and purchaser, one that buys back. YeshaYah, (Isaiah) in the Old Covenant many times talks of our REDEEMER. As it was in the Old Covenant our REDEEMER liveth  Iyob (Job) 19:25 and HE has not lost the redeeming power of HIS NAME YAHWEH. How could Job, the oldest book in scriptures, talk of a REDEEMER if HE had not been manifested yet? He was talking of the ONE that purchased him, saved him from His sins and delivered him, YAHWEH.


As the scripture tells of a husband and wife are no more twain but one flesh, so it is with YAHWEH and YAHSHUA. In YeshaYah (Isaiaih)48:12 the ABBA YAHWEH and Revelation 1:11 the SON YAHSHUA, both speak of the first and the last, one being the ABBA YAHWEH and the other being the SON YAHSHUA. YAHWEH came in a clay body, YAHSHUA, to pay the price for our sins. YAHWEH came for our sakes, in a body of flesh, to show us how valuable we are.

YAHSHUA Is The Express Image Of YAHWEH

YAHSHUA gave us an example to pray, OUR ABBA, SetApart be YOUR NAME. For the ABBA YAHWEH is our REDEEMER and the SON came to do the will and finish the work that the ABBA gave HIM. YAHSHUA, the express image of YAHWEH, came to restore luster and excellence unto the ABBA YAHWEH. YAHSHUA was a witness of the spiritual light of all things written afore time in scriptures. HIS testimony was true, because HE could only speak what HE had heard from HIS ABBA, YAHWEH. YAHSHUA was the preciousness of the ABBA YAHWEH toward us.

Do You Know The NAME Of YAHWEH?

In Revelation 14:11, the most critical time ever, YAHSHUA states that our seal in our forehead must be our ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME

YAHWEH Purchased Us Through The BLOOD Of YAHSHUA 

We are told to baptize in the NAME of the ABBA and the spirit of YAHWEH will witness that YAHSHUA is one with HIM. Everything points to the ABBA YAHWEH, because HE is our REDEEMER and has purchased us through the BLOOD of YAHSHUA. 

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