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Understanding The Zeal of  True Worship Of  FATHER YAHWEH

YAHWEH's Spirit And Truth Must Be In Heart To Worship HIM

YAHWEH created man to exalt HIM and to reverence HIM so that when HE came in the cool of the day he might know that this is the MIGHTY ONE the CREATOR of all things. What men offer today is not worship for they draw from their pagan traditions and their religious experiences so there must be an emptying out of the vessel. We begin to incorporate all of those pagan identities and things that we have learned from every kind of vile corrupt way and then we think that we can bring that before YAHWEH to give up a righteous offering. It cannot be and YAHWEH shall not receive it.

Do You Set This Wicked Thing Before Your Eyes?

Man puts his sanction on a ballgame to gather in homes for worship, they will go from house to house and break bread and it is not of YAHWEH. They have set their spirit on the god mars that they may inquire of that strength to do battle and to fight against the prominence of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. YAHWEH did not intend for man to sit in front of a television set and fill his mind with pollution. HIS word says I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes and a television set is a very wicked thing. Man will worship their cars, their football, their basketball, their baseball, they worship all that. Man will sit for hours worshipping the television set and will not spend one minute with the word of YAHWEH or prayer. What an abomination! 

Baal, Lord Or Self, Who Or What Do You Worship?

2 Melakim (Kings) 10:19 Baalism is a diversity of religion for it is not just about Baal, there are so many different spirits that they fall prostrate before. You have so many diversities of religions, the Apostolic, the Church of God Only, the Church of Jesus Christ, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, you just name them, they are all spirits of Baal or lord. They have no power nor anointing, you cannot find that hardly in what you call the Assembly of YAHWEH nowhere. They have no faith for they cannot believe YAHWEH for a healing, they cannot believe YAHWEH to sustain them and supply the bread. Though HE slay me I will trust HIM. YAHWEH is going to destroy all the worshippers of Baal.

What Is True Worship in Spirit and in Truth?

There is one thing that the worship of YAHWEH does it revives a man's soul to bring about the restoration of HIS commandments, HIS laws and HIS covenant in a man. You must press through to enter into that spiritual realm to worship YAHWEH because the flesh has such opposition against the laws of the spirit. There is a labor to true worship to enter into that place of rest for the carnal mind is enmity against YAHWEH. The things of YAHWEH bring correction and reproof for HE sets things in order to show us our vile transgressions of HIS law and the carnal flesh despises that. So HE had to administer a law that would bring this wicked deceitful heart of man subject unto HIM. Then they may fall before HIM prostrate for a renewing of their mind and their spirit that the conscious of the inner man may be revived to acknowledge and worship HIM. YAHWEH anointed the Sabbath that man would come forth to worship HIM. You are not going to lay around on your duff all day, sit around filling your belly with corn husk and say that you are keeping the Sabbath. YAHWEH wants you in HIS House to shut the gates of the city so that nothing that defiles would come in on the Sabbath. MESSIYAH came to preach one truth that men ought to worship YAHWEH and bow before HIM. There must be a difference between the called out ones of YAHWEH and the wicked of this world. We must get some zeal to worship YAHWEH in spirit and truth for HE seek such to worship HIM

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