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YAHWEH Is More Than Able To Keep Us Through HIS OWN NAME

Yeshua Is In No Other Name But YAHWEH

Sin destroys the heart of men today whereby his mind is given over unto bewitching and he can not obey the Word of YAHWEH. There is no love or desire for the pure things of YAHWEH for his desires are the desires of the world. This is a vile, greedy, selfish generation and there has never been one like this one. YAHWEH is going to have to destroy that element before HE can ever restore the power of HIS excellence in this earth that HE intended when HE created it.

YAHSHUA Knew The Cup That HE Had To Drink

In Yochanan (John) 17 is recorded the last hour prayer of YAHSHUA and MESSIYAH understood the time that HE was in. HE realized HIS purpose and what YAHWEH had raised HIM up for. HE knew the cup that HE had to drink and that death was imminent for HIM. It is written "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Then how important to the sheep is the longest and most powerful intercessory prayer of YAHSHUA the LAMB of YAHWEH? HE did not pray for the world, but HE only prayed for those given by the ABBA (FATHER).

MESSIYAH Is YAHWEH Showing HIS Love Toward Us All

YAHSHUA MESSIYAH paid the price in full. There is nothing any of us could have done to redeem ourselves from the power of sin. It is the blood of MESSIYAH that has redeemed us. For us to be in HIM, or for HIM to give us unto YAHSHUA, is to show HIS love toward MESSIYAH, that we may be complete in YAHWEH as one.

We Need The Keeping ABBA-LIKE (FATHERLY) Power Of YAHWEH

MESSIYAH always addressed YAHWEH as ABBA. YAHWEH wants to be known as ABBA unto HIS people. We need to know the keeping ABBA-LIKE power of YAHWEH deep in our soul. All things that YAHSHUA did, HE testified that all power was given me of the ABBA. Everything that YAHSHUA did had to fulfill the scriptures and give all honour unto ABBA YAHWEH. YAHSHUA prayed, "And this is eternal life, they that know YOU the one true ABBA and YAHSHUA MESSIYAH whom YOU have sent." To know something or someone you must learn of it. Those that YAHWEH has elected from the foundation of the earth, HE is going to reveal the NAME of the ABBA YAHWEH unto them. We had better know the NAME that has the keeping power.


As YAHSHUA began to pray HE knew that those given unto HIM by YAHWEH, unless the ABBA keep them they would not be kept. YAHSHUA said, No man can come to the SON except they be drawn (given) of the ABBA. YAHWEH had entrusted our souls unto MESSIYAH, because HE knew YAHSHUA would finish the works. YAHSHUA manifested, meaning make known openly, the NAME of the ABBA to the ones that HE had given unto HIM. YAHSHUA identified the ones HE had made known the ABBA unto, only those that were given of the ABBA YAHWEH out of the world.

YAHWEH Brings Light And Understanding To Old Words

Man today has been given over to using Amen, when there is proof that there is a Greek god named Amen. We should use HalleluYah which means praise YAHWEH. Also, Hosanna is not correct. The correct word is yasha, pronounced yaw-shah', meaning to save or deliver.

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