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YAHWEH's Redemption Plan, The True And Faithful Witness

Tehillim (Psalms) 145:21 "My mouth shall speak the praise of YAHWEH: and let all flesh bless HIS SetApart NAME for ever and ever." This is a requirement of YAHWEH. A living soul will communicate with YAHWEH and a dead soul has no life. When your soul is alive, you can extract from the law. We drink from a living water, which the ABBA (FATHER) invests in us, to keep our soul alive.

Lead Away By Doctrine And Removed From YAHWEH's Presence

When Adam was lead away by a strange doctrine, he sought to deceive the ABBA, and was removed from HIS presence. Today man tries to camouflage in flesh, to hide from the ABBA. In his perverted mind, man is wandering in darkness and can not discern right from wrong. Man today is seeking to change the righteous Laws of YAHWEH.

Learn How Spirits Of YAHWEH Battle Spirits Of Darkness

YAHWEH gives us HIS seven spirits, so we may reach the complete measure of fullness, which enables us to battle against the seven spirits of darkness. See YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 11 for the seven spirits of YAHWEH and Mishle (Proverbs) 6:16-19 for the seven spirits of darkness.

The Darkness In Your Heart Will Kill Spiritual Discernment

GalutYah (Galatians) 5:9 "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." Ivrim (Hebrews) 12:3 "For consider HIM that endured such contradiction of sinners against HIMSELF, lest you be wearied and faint in your minds." Unless you have been renewed in your inward parts by the SetApart (Strong's #6944 qodesh {ko'-desh}) Spirit (Strong's #7307) Ruwach {roo'-akh}) you are empty. YAHWEH created perfection and evil, and HE tells us to choose perfection. YAHWEH does not lead us into flesh. The Qodesh Ruwach leads you to YAHWEH, drives you to keep the Commandments and love HIS Word. Feed me until I want no more. YAHWEH has power to satisfy the inward parts of man. On his own, man has no power to control his feelings, emotions or lust which leavens the soul. We must impale (crucify) the flesh so that it has no power to rise up. Judgment is a weighty matter today. Man has no spiritual discernment, because of the darkness in his heart.

Hearken The Time Is At Hand As Everything Now Becomes Urgent

GilYahna (Revelation) 1:3-8 We must have ears for today our hearing has became dull by gossip, lies and tattle telling. Keep those things which are written, because the time is at hand as everything now becomes urgent. Verse 5 speaks of YAHWEH's redemption plan as YAHWEH sent YAHSHUA for the fullness of HIS people. YAHSHUA was raised to everlasting life, as the first born of the dead. Not as Lazarus, which was raised from death unto a dead body of corruption to die again.

Earnestly Pray For Mighty Men Carrying The Sword Of YAHWEH

MattitYahu (Matthew) 12:41-45 Condemn means to damn. YAHSHUA came as a cleansing power. When we sow to the spirit, we will reap everlasting life. We are corrupt because we sow to the flesh. We need to walk in the spirit so we will not call YAHSHUA a cursed thing. Empty means no truth or word in. Garnish means embellish with it's own honours. Looks nice on the outside, but wickedness inside. In this wicked generation the most abominable spirit is the lying false witness. We must earnestly pray for our men of YAHWEH, that they be mighty men carrying the Sword of YAHWEH, as a true witness.

All These Things You Must Have To Gain The Knowledge Of YAHWEH

 Kepha Bet (2 Peter) 1:1-10 Unto those that have obtained the like precious faith. Love and peace come through the knowledge of YAHWEH and of YAHSHUA. Through the knowledge of YAHWEH and HIS anointed power, HE has called us unto honour, and virtue. Virtue is a pure mind, cleanness and SetApart Pureness by YAHWEH. By keeping YAHWEH's Laws, we show our appreciation for HIM. With all diligence, which is an earnest effort, we should add to faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, SetApart Pureness and brotherly love. In order to add each one of these, you must have the one before. All these things you must have to gain the knowledge of YAHWEH. We as the saints of YAHWEH, should show each one of these as much fruit and abound. These fruits open up the door to YAHWEH.

These Things Give Place To The Devil

GilYahna 3:14 -19 The Laodiceans were lukewarm because, as written in verse 17, pride had corrupted their hearts. EphsiYah (Ephesians) 4:17-32 The Gentiles were vain, empty and nothing was pure to them. They were also alienated from YAHWEH, meaning there was no intimacy with Him. Verse 27 should read "These things give place to the devil." Whom you serve is the spirit that you minister in.

If You Despise The Word, You Are An Enemy Of YAHWEH

YeshaYahu  42:13-21 Those that despise the Word are an enemy of YAHWEH. Our eyes need to be anointed with the eye salve of truth. MattitYahu-15:13 But HE answered and said, Every plant, which MY heavenly ABBA hath not planted, shall be rooted up. 14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.


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