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YAHWEH's Spirit of Truth Brings Power And Anointing

One can only be full of power when they are walking
in YAHWEH's spirit of truth. 

The men of YAHWEH will not be able to speak in the spirit of truth with power and anointing, unless there is an unction or a moving of YAHWEH's spirit,. And unless we have anointed men preaching, we the saints of YAHWEH will not be able to hear. As it was with Micah in Micah 3:8 " But truly I am full of power by the spirit of YAHWEH, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.", so it is today with the true men of YAHWEH. This is their strength. In verse 11" The heads thereof judge for reward, and the kohen (priests) thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon YAHWEH, and say, Is not YAHWEH among us? none evil can come upon us." This is still true today. The reward sometimes is as high as a million for one year salary.

We Should Apply Our Hearts And Study YAHWEH's Word

YAHWEH wants honour, fear and reverence above all. In II Kings 17 we read how the children of YAHWEH kept not the Commandments of YAHWEH and walked in their own statutes. In verse 34 it is written "even unto this day" and so it is today. YAHWEH is the same yesterday, today and forever. We the saints of the most high YAHWEH, should apply our hearts and study YAHWEH's Word, but because we are lazy and have no desire for the Word, we are an ignorant generation. We have no excuse, for YAHWEH has given us the TORAH (law) to show us our transgressions.

Increase In Wisdom And Knowledge, Bearing Much Fruit

If you have not the spirit of YAHWEH, then you are none of HIS. Our own carnal spirit does not propel us to do right. We can and are more than able to walk in YAHWEH's spirit every day. We must not do the things that we did yesterday, but increase in wisdom and knowledge, bearing much fruit. A saint of YAHWEH will have a spiritual mind with life and peace emanating from his soul. When one is walking in the spirit of truth you can sense confidence, assurance, and peace in their countenance.

Man Walks In a False Spirit Of Religion, Not The Spirit Of Truth

YAHSHUA was the perfect offering, and we count it as nothing if we continue to walk daily in sin. We have not been cleansed with the true living water and been washed. Does the spirit operating in you cause you to keep YAHWEH's Commandments and judgments? Look at your own heart and see if it has changed from last week. It should not be the spirit on you that controls you, but the true anointing spirit in you that keeps you. Today what is manifested in man is a false spirit of religion, not the spirit of truth.

YAHWEH Is Leading You And You Still Walk In Sin?

If we would only do what YAHWEH commands us to do, HE will meet every need. We need to sincerely draw close to YAHWEH so HE can touch us. When our heart is pliable, YAHWEH can lead us by the spirit of truth on the inside to govern us. Yochanan (John the Baptist) in MattithYah (Matthew) 3:11 speaks of YAHSHUA baptizing with fire. The true anointing of YAHWEH will burn up all chaff , which is sin, that is in us. We should desire the burning of YAHSHUA'S anointing to purge us now, instead of the unquenchable fire of YAHWEH's wrath when it will be too late to change. It is a blasphemy against YAHWEH when you say that YAHWEH is leading you and you still walk in sin.

Do Whatever It Takes To Bring Us Back To The Spirit Of Truth

We as saints of YAHWEH are all one body. Even as this carnal flesh has many members, toes, fingers, etc., it is still one body. So it is with the body of YAHWEH's people. You can not say that one spirit is leading you to sin and the same spirit is leading another to do right, that you both are in the same body. We can come to the same strength as YAHSHUA, every time and do right. HE was our example in flesh. MICAH 3:12 "Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest." Because we have allowed everything unclean to be sown in our heart, we are hard. So YAHWEH has to plow deep and whatever it takes to bring us back to the spirit of truth. There are many weedy things of the world that choke out. Like morning glories, the more you pull, the more they spring up.

Is It A Spirit Of Truth Or A Spirit Of Error?

With YAHWEH's spirit of truth dwelling in us, we can obey HIS Word and truly please ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH in everything we do. If you have no sin in your heart, you can be truthful in all things. If we will get on our face and seek YAHWEH, HE will open up HIS Word to us. Govern your own heart and try the spirit that is on you. 

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