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To Blaspheme YAHWEH Is To Speak And Revile Against HIS NAME

When a man blasphemes YAHWEH, he is going to die.

 It is written, whosoever curseth YAHWEH shall bear his sins and he that blasphemes the NAME of YAHWEH shall be put to death. Die spiritually and there shall not be a light to shine forth. When the beast power begins to rule, darkness is going to prevail in the earth. When a man allows his beast nature to rule, he will find his senses darkened and his ability to think clearly will not be operable. When a man begins to speak against the NAME of the only true creator and he begins to speak reviling language, he will actually curse HIM and say HIS NAME is not appropriate.

We Must Understand YAHWEH'S Truth In A Way As Never Before

The Word of YAHWEH is pure and only HIS servants will love it. We need to understand the might and the power of this great king that is going to be revealed unto us. We must know what we are expecting and the one that shall redeem us from the wrath and the terror that shall overtake this entire earth. The nations will be consumed with the wrath and the terror of Almighty YAHWEH. 

Animalistic Traits, Character denounces The Power Of YAHWEH

In Revelation 13:1 Yochanan saw a great empire or ruler that rose up out of the assortment or federation of nations, a mass of people. You must understand that the wrath of YAHWEH has been poured out upon the nations and there is a mass of confusion and debacle. They are looking for a leader to lead them. He saw this king rise and stand forth with a mighty splendor and anointing of power. He saw the beast, and his spirit shall be as a beast because he can not adhere to the commandments and Laws of YAHWEH. It is just the old Roman Empire coming back to its full authority and power. This is the last stage of the Gentile power. They rule as beast and that is why their ruler is classified as a beast. He has animalistic traits and a character that denounces the power of YAHWEH. That is what a beast does. We can see with Nebuchadnezzar, when he defiled the Law of YAHWEH he was turned over unto the fields. As a beast he clawed in the fields until he realized that the mighty one YAHWEH lived. They will not and are not going to repent.

The Strength Of This Ruling Beast Gentile Power

And upon his heads were the names of blasphemy. Not just NAME, but names of blasphemy. They literally reproach, revile and curse Almighty YAHWEH. That is the strength of this ruling beast Gentile power that even exists today. When a man has that anointing, and it is a false anointing, he rejects and defiles the NAME of YAHWEH.

The Dragon Satan Gave HIM His Authority

As a leopard, he is quick and strong, quick to respond in his corruption and wickedness. Feet as a bear, they think that they determine their own path. Walking in a way that they perceive that is right and doing what they want to. Mouth as a lion, roaring, speaking without any regard at all and they literally think that their words will cause fear and trepidation in the hearts of them that are truly the servants of YAHWEH. The dragon Satan gave HIM his authority. Not all authority, because MESSIYAH said that all authority and power in heaven and earth is given unto HIM.

The Strength And Power Of The Gentiles Last Stand 

This is the end time, and yet YAHWEH warns us of the power of this Gentile nature, this beast spirit and how it will respond unto HIM. They began to blaspheme the NAME of YAHWEH, they began to speak and revile against HIS NAME. This is going to be the strength and power of the Gentiles last stand against YAHWEH. When the beast spoke blasphemy against HIS NAME, what NAME did he speak blasphemy against?

Delivered From Every Yoke And Every Bondage

Only those names that are written in the Lamb's book of life from the foundation of the earth shall be delivered from every yoke and every bondage of this gentile power. Now when a man's NAME is not written, he is going to worship the beast.

It Is Time To Turn Around And Get It Right

This power, this fragmentation of today is of the Roman spirit. It did the same thing under Constantine, it oppressed the pure doctrine of the truth of YAHWEH. They began to commune with necromancers and all kinds of pagan and sun worship. So is it today; that is why you have Sunday worship and such fragmentation of what we call christianity. That is also why you have such diversity of beliefs and doctrines today. There is only one truth, YAHWEH is truth. We do not even question whether our traditions and practices are done according to the truth or not. We just follow in line. Somewhere we have missed it. Somewhere we have turned down a crooked road. It is time to turn around and get it right.

Darkness Is Going To Prevail In The Earth

WAYYIQRA (LEVITICUS) 24:10 gives us an example of how the Israelites dealt with a blasphemer of the NAME of YAHWEH. They took HIM outside the camp and stoned HIM to death.

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