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YAHWEH's Spirit of Endurance, Suffer Without Murmuring 

Endure Is To Suffer Without Murmuring Or Complaining

When someone endures they suffer without murmuring or complaining. It is a very simple thing that is needed in the hearts of HIS people to bring them to the strength of endurance. We must be certain in this hour to endure the trials and temptations that shall try us. In order for us to be assured of this great manifestation that shall transpire, we must have the power to endure. There is something lacking in the hearts of YAHWEH's people as to why we can not endure. Do you think you can endure? You can not endure the least of oppositions. At the smallest of affliction and you run to your flesh, you run to your corrupt ways and try to find remedy in the flesh. You do not fast, pray or deny your flesh. 

We Want To Be Saints

We rejoice for all the pureness, YAHWEH's kindness, HIS longsuffering toward us that we may walk in the power of HIS counsel and knowledge, strength and peace. We thank YAHWEH for the breath in our lungs. HE puts a refreshing in our souls that is an insurmountable joy. The world can not give this, only YAHWEH can. We thank YAHWEH for yeshua. He came in MESSIYAH to deliver us from every bond of sin. We thank YAHWEH for the knowledge of HIS truth and only by YAHSHUA HIS SON is HIS truth revealed. We need to hold fast to the assurance of hope that we have in YAHSHUA. YAHWEH open our ears that we may hear and our eyes that we may see the splendourous advent of the coming of MESSIYAH. 

YAHWEH Is Going To Cleanse Us And Bathe Us In The Fire Of HIS Righteousness

YAHWEH is going to cleanse HIS house and HIS people. HE is going to bathe them in fuller soap for we must go down to the fuller's house.  HE is going to identify every spot, every vile thing and every unclean thing that hampers us from moving on into that place and the realm whereby we can know for certainty that we dwell in HIM.

Sometimes Up And Sometimes Down Twisted Complexities

This is a generation that is filled with doubt and uncertainty. They think they know when it does not have any comprehension of what the ABBA (FATHER) is doing in this hour. Their minds are so distorted and unbalanced that it is not a sure mind. Their hope is not solidified in their souls and that is why they are sometimes up and sometimes down twisted complexities.

Satan Will Begin To Build A Kingdom Power In You

Your flesh denies the Laws of YAHWEH and is not subject to the Laws of YAHWEH. We give this flesh every kind of excuse and reason to sin. We never say, I curse this vile spirit. I curse it at the root that it will not spring up again. You water that thing and you give credence to it. You do not get better but you get worse and worse. You find consolation in your flesh. There is only one true consolation and that is the counsel of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. When you do this you will find the demise of hell working in your mind and spirit. Satan will begin to build a kingdom power in the inward most parts of your mind. Your mind will become so seared toward the Word of YAHWEH that you can not receive it, hear it or even accept it.

A Gentile Has An Uncircumcised Heart That Can Not Receive Truth 

MattithYah (Matthew) 10 What is a Gentile? A Gentile is one that is uncircumcised and the foreskin of their heart is still present, who's heart can not receive truth. It is impenetrable and they reject truth. That is why they respond and do the things the way they do in their flesh. The spirit of YAHWEH causes a transformation and a change in a man's heart. You are not the same, you do not act the same way, you do not walk the same way, you do not talk the same way and you do not respond the same way at all. YAHWEH creates a transformation in a man.

We must simply stand still and endure the hardships without complaining, murmuring, and without questions.

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