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To Love YAHWEH With All Of Our Mind, Soul And Strength

How will the world know and understand without any doubt that we love the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH?

Many truly do not know what the love of YAHWEH is, how to love HIM or show HIM love. Love is an action or deed shown unto the one or thing, when there is a great admiration in your heart toward that one or thing. When a man says he truly loves the ABBA (FATHER), there ought to be action and deeds there.

Hope Beyond What We Can See Or Even Comprehend

YAHWEH, through the mighty hope of MESSIYAH YAHSHUA the LAMB, YOU have caused the hearts of YOUR people to be inspired with the hope beyond what they can see or even their comprehension. YAHSHUA came to witness, not to destroy the Law and the prophets, to pay the price in full for the redemption of the HOUSE OF YAHWEH. HE came to make it full in our hearts, to give us the light and knowledge of YAHWEH's truth. Our fleshly carnal mind could not have understood, but YAHSHUA MESSIYAH with HIS example made it simple that a way faring man could believe and walk in it without fearing death.


Anything that is not based upon the Law of Scripture is iniquitous and lawless because it has no laws to govern that thing at all. YAHWEH has given us the Law to govern every aspect of our lives, for HE is the governor and exalted KING. Every King rules by decree and commands, that is the way HE rules. YAHWEH has called us unto HIS bosom that we may know that HE is our ABBA and there is nothing like that, an ABBA for KING. We must live as YAHWEH has commanded and instructed us, for we can not come to HIM any other way. HE is not going to receive any other offering but the one that HE has commanded us to offer unto HIM. That is thanksgiving with our bodies, hands and lips in praise and worship. YAHWEH'S LAW brings us unto the fullness of HIS light, that is why the LAW of the SPIRIT of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH will make us free from the law of sin and death.

Keep Your Heart Straight, Your Mind Pure And Set Upon YAHWEH

Yochanan 15:9 YAHSHUA was talking to HIS disciples, those that had been SetApart. When a man is truly SetApart his mind and desires are SetApart from the world. He will not allow them to inundate his spirit when he comes into the presence of YAHWEH. How can we say that we love the ABBA when we do not keep HIS Commandments? Scripture must show and tell us how our love toward ABBA YAHWEH is identified. It is not in our feelings and emotions. In verse 12 YAHSHUA says you must love one another as I have loved you and once we understand that love, then and only then can we open our hearts to do all things that the ABBA YAHWEH has commanded. YAHWEH, in order to assure our hearts that we are not left alone, has sent the comforter to comfort our hearts that we walk in the Law and Commandments of YAHWEH and HIS truth. HE said "I will not leave you nor forsake you", meaning HE would not leave to chance that in our carnal mind our hearts would deceive us, so HE gave us the Comforter. These are the things that will keep your heart straight, your mind pure and set upon HIM

Have You Laid Down Your Life For YAHWEH?

Yochanan (John) 10:17 Scripture tells us to deny ourselves, come after MESSIYAH YAHSHUA our example, take up our stake and follow HIM. When we do this by executing our flesh and laying down our wicked ways, then we are able to pick up the stake of suffering and patience to gain our life in HIM. Hereby doth the ABBA YAHWEH love us that we lay down our life and take up HIS.

 What Is The Seal Of YAHWEH In Our Foreheads? 

Yochanan (John) 3:33 When we receive as true the representation of YAHWEH'S fullness in MESSIYAH YAHSHUA, we are in fact setting to ourselves the seal of YAHWEH in our foreheads.

Most Horrifying Lie Uttered Out Of The Mouth Of People Today

There is anathema in the world today that men will say "I love God". It is the most horrifying lie uttered out of the mouth of the people today. Yochanan (John) 15:9 YAHSHUA talks of the ABBA'S love. Can you in all of your superlatives and verbs describe that love? Do you have any understanding of that love or can you literally phantom that love at all? We must begin to walk in this pulsating love that YAHSHUA MESSIYAH talked about because that is the only way that we are going to keep our affections set upon things above and not things beneath. When we do that, we will be able to love YAHWEH with all of our mind, soul and all of our strength. In everything we do we should strive to please HIM.

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