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Call Upon Power And Fullness Fulfilled In The NAME Of YAHWEH

He that loveth another has fulfilled the Law

YAHWEH we desire to exalt YOU above the heights of the heavens. We come in YOUR NAME to lift YOU up, to praise YOU and to worship YOU in the spirit of truth. That is the life of YOUR Law, YOUR righteousness, YOUR commandments and the breath dwelling deep in our souls, which gives us joy, peace and comfort. It is the power of YOUR spirit, the life giving source, as MESSIYAH was raised from the grave it was by YOUR spirit, YAHWEH. We thank You for the spirit of YOUR Law, truth, wisdom, understanding and fear of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, your SetApart (Holy) Ruwach {roo'-akh}(Spirit).

They Conspired Against YAHSHUA To Destroy And Do Away With HIM

There is one profound message that is going to be preached and it is the message of the everlasting kingdom. It starts with the fear of YAHWEH, because HE is separated from all deities or divine ones. HIS NAME is separated from all because it can not be associated with or be a part of any heathen practices. HE is set above all things for HE made all things. HE must be identified with an excellent NAME for HIS character is excellent and we must know that NAME in this hour. When MESSIYAH came unto the Israelites to proclaim the power and honour of the NAME OF YAHWEH, they began to conspire against HIM to destroy and do away with HIM. HE was a witness against all their deeds, actions, sins and corruption because of the mighty power that is in the NAME OF YAHWEH the CREATOR.

Joy, Energy And Desire To Do The Things Of YAHWEH

It is a good thing to know the ABBA (FATHER) in this hour. HE has not given us a spirit whereby we can not know HIM or the witness of HIS profound truth. It is profound because you can not compare it with natural things, it must be based upon spiritual things. So we must go to the beginning of scripture to find out these spiritual things that YAHWEH did, that we may compare HIS truth or the spirit of truth unto things that are spiritual. You can not take the natural mind and compare the things of the spirit in a natural realm, nor can you take the things of the natural and compare to the spiritual. The laws are totally different, because the law of the spirit brings forth life, unction and power to the truth of YAHWEH's Word. It gives you that joy, energy and desire to do the things that YAHWEH tells you to do.

Changes A Man From The Inward Parts Unto His Natural Body

Men have added and taken away from the scriptures in that they have tried to take away the spiritual impact of the Law of YAHWEH. YAHWEH had to send MESSIYAH YAHSHUA for HE was the spirit of YAHWEH's Law that made us free from the law of sin and death. Everything that YAHWEH speaks is spiritual, HE does not speak carnally because HE is a spirit. HE spoke a Law unto Mosheh (Moses) on the mountain that when he came down from the mountain his whole countenance had changed. That is the power of the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH, it changes a man from the inward parts even unto his natural body you will see a change.

What I Have Said, What I Have Promised Is Fulfilled In MY NAME

In Bereshith (Genesis) 4:26 scripture tells us when man began to call upon the NAME OF YAHWEH, before this time Abraham and Isaac knew the ABBA as  YAH Shaddai{shad-dah'-ee} YAH ALMIGHTY the Almighty of strength. Unto Mosheh (Moses) HE was known as YAHWEH in the power and fullness of HIS NAME because HE said what I have said and what I have promised unto Abraham and Isaac is fulfilled in MY NAME.

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