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YAHWEH's Pesach (Passover), Where HE Puts HIS NAME Now And Forever

We keep the Pesach (Passover) in MESSIYAH because YAHWEH put HIS NAME in YAHSHUA and it is through HIS blood that we are kept. There is a memorial of YAHWEH in written scripture to stir up our pure mind by way of remembrance. Scripture is given that the righteous Law of YAHWEH will fill a man's soul that the purpose of YAHWEH may be fulfilled. What is the purpose of YAHWEH? It is that we should not transgress against HIM and not sin against HIS Covenant, but that we should obey what HE commands us to do.

Inspiration In Our Hearts By The Spirit Of Life 

MattithYah (Matthew) 5:17-18 The Law and the prophets are permanent, sure, unmovable and established by the inspiration of YAHWEH, but because man can not see the life of the Law or that they are a Spiritual thing he can not be satisfied with any kind of law. MESSIYAH came to bear witness, to give strength, anointing and to fulfill the Law and the prophets, and that is what the spirit of YAHWEH will do. MESSIYAH YAHSHUA came to give us inspiration in our hearts by the spirit of life that is in the Law of YAHWEH, to make us free of the law of the spirit of death and sin.

Full Of The Delight Of YAHWEH For Comfort And Security

Revelation 22:14 To be blessed is to be full of the delight of YAHWEH for there is a comfort and security there. This nation is not blessed because they do not keep the Commandments or the Law of YAHWEH. They have distain for them, they reject them and they deny them. They participate and are inspired by their pagan Easter sunrise service when the scripture clearly tells us to observe Pesach (Passover) at evening time. Pesach (Passover) did not come by the traditions of man or the laws of man but it came by the inspired heart of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. Debarim (Deuteronomy) 16:2-3 In this scripture we are told where and for how long to keep the Pesach (Passover), the place where HE puts HIS NAME now and forever. 

The Anointing Of YAHWEH Equips Us To Press Against Opposition

Yochanan (John) the Baptist was more than a prophet, yet he did no miracles, he did not raise anyone from the dead nor did he heal any sick. He was the forerunner of YAHSHUA and was anointed with the Word, scripture and the Law of YAHWEH in his mouth. When it was time for him to decrease, YAHWEH moved him out of the way and that is what we must do. We must decrease and move out of the way our traditions, the law of our flesh and will, that the laws of righteousness may have power and strength in our lives. Then and only then can we be equipped with the anointing of YAHWEH to press against the opposition of hell that should try us. That is why we falter and fall at the least little thing, we have no strength or power to oppose the powers of hell because we resist the Commandments of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Is Not Playing In This Hour 

Shemoth (Exodus) 12:12-13 Not only did YAHWEH come against all the firstborn of man and beast but against all the gods. We have things in us that have been birthed by our own malice, stubbornness, sin, wickedness, and laws of depravity. YAHWEH said HE would come against our self-made gods, which is the leaven in us. The only way that you will not be brought under the death of that is that the blood be applied and that is the power of the purging of the leaven. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH is that token of blood that guards and must be applied to the post of our hearts. Purge out therefore the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, as you are unleavened, for even MESSIYAH our Pesach (Passover) is offered (sacrificed) for us. The time of Pesach (Passover) is drawing nigh and we had better search our hearts to see if there be any leaven in us. YAHWEH is not playing in this hour for HE has given us plenty of time to repent.

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