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What Separates Us From The Pure Law Of YAHWEH?

YAHWEH gives us the liberty to come before HIM
 and deny every power or strength of flesh that it does not
rise up to separate us from the pure Law of YAHWEH. 

We, the saints of YAHWEH gather in the NAME of YAHWEH through the strength of the Blood of MESSIYAH to receive YAHWEH'S truth uncompromisingly without any fear of any repercussion of the enemy or our flesh. There is a cry that is going to come from the people of YAHWEH and it is one that is going to be the same because as the magnitude of terror and troubles begins to surmount in the world today there is only one hope for the people that truly know YAHWEH. For as we move into this great hour of conflict and opposition scripture tells us of this great battle and who this battle will be against. There is a force of darkness and hell that shall come forth out of the loins of the power of Satan, for he has one mission and scripture points us to what he will battle against and the purpose of his battle. 

Our Strength And Keeping Power In This Onslaught Of Hell

Tehillim (Psalms) 54:1,2 Saul was this power of hell as the dragon that shall come forth to try the very seed of Almighty YAHWEH. In the midst of afflictions, trials, Saul pursuing him and death all around him, in all this David called upon the NAME of YAHWEH where he found things that were good and satisfied his soul. It is only in the NAME of YAHWEH that there is yeshua for HIS people. Revelation 14:12 this is our strength and keeping power in this last hour onslaught of hell against Almighty YAHWEH.

The Only Way That YAHWEH Is Going To Save Us

Tehillim (Psalms) 106:47 YAHWEH in this hour is gathering HIS people from among the heathen, for that is the only way that HE is going to save them. 1 Dibre haYamim (Chronicles) 16:35 David again cried, remove us, deliver us away from this heathen spirit of carnal thinking, these heathen traditions and rituals that we may acknowledge that there is a NAME of the ABBA that is a SetApart (HOLY) NAME. Today YAHWEH'S NAME is not reverenced or honoured. In verse 36 the people did not say amen, what they said was HalleluYah, praise YAHWEH, we exalt YAHWEH, or we acknowledge YAHWEH.

We Must Know Who We Are Submitted To And Who We Obey

Our love and affection should be set upon YAHWEH by pleasing, obeying and submitting in obedience of reverence to HIM as we do everything that HE says. We must know who we are submitted to and who we serve. Not in a form or a title but what is the NAME of the one that dispenses such power and authority that HE commands all the attention and love of any man. That is the one that I want to know that I can call HIM by HIS NAME as HE called me by my name. 

 YAHWEH Brings This Profound Truth To Us

Revelation 12:17 Satan is not going to make war with this diabolical generation for they do not keep the commandments of Almighty YAHWEH. The last book of the scriptures and YAHWEH brings this profound truth to us, that this power of hell is not pouring wrath upon this wicked world, his battle is against those that keep the commandments of YAHWEH. We can see Israel how during much bondage and tribulation that it was the remnant of the seed of YAHWEH that kept the Law that suffered much. The world did not suffer, they flourished and had much because they had the mark of the beast, they had the name of their god. The battle of this last hour is against only YAHWEH'S Remnant that keeps HIS commandments and has the witness of MESSIYAH. That is why the enemy is doing all it can to say the commandments are for the Old Covenant, the laws are not relevant for today and try to disallow YAHWEH'S Word.

You Are Taking HIS NAME In Vain

2 Corinthians 4:4 The god of this earth has the power of deception to blind your mind by traditions, feelings, emotions, your sin, corruption and your pride that you cannot seek the truth. What is the power of this truth? It is the revelation of Almighty YAHWEH and that MESSIYAH is the express image of YAHWEH. YAHWEH is not going to allow man to have another god before HIM, deny HIM, use HIS NAME in vain or say that the NAME of YAHWEH has no validity. You are not going to appease man today by saying lord, god, Jesus or the lord bless you. When you do not say YAHWEH and give HIM the honour and praise you are taking HIS NAME in vain because you say it is worthless. That is what vanity is, having no value or power at all. 

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