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The Testimony Of MESSIYAH Brings Confidence Toward YAHWEH

There are so many corrupt identities for the testimony of MESSIYAH today that we cannot even identity HIM in HIS purest form. MESSIYAH'S birth was out of the tribe of Judah, which denotes a Hebrew lineage, not Latin or Greek. What a profound thing that YAHWEH did to bring a spiritual light to the law that the Levites could not do because of their sin. For the Levites had corrupted the order of the prescribed Law Of YAHWEH by adding their own dimension and done things that were contrary to the Laws of YAHWEH. So YAHWEH had to bring MESSIYAH outside of the tribe of Levites, which had no association with the Laws of Mosheh that HE would bring about the dynamics of the power of the Law of YAHWEH. 

We Need A Heart That Is Pliable, One That Can Be Touched

Yochanan Alef (1John) 3:20 If your heart condemns you not then you have confidence toward YAHWEH. How can your mind not condemn you, you must have the mind of MESSIYAH. MESSIYAH was YAHWEH in flesh and as a fleshly body YAHSHUA has wrestlings and battles against hell but HIS heart was to please the ABBA (FATHER). HE did all things to please the ABBA so HE was without sin and we can be without sin. Your own natural corrupt heart is going to do everything that it can to satisfy you. It is a stony heart, what YAHWEH needs to do is take that out and give us a heart that is pliable, one that can be touched. 

What Brings A Spiritual Enlightenment To Our Hearts?

Yochanan Alef 3:21 We are not getting very much from YAHWEH are we? This verse lets us know how pleasing we are unto YAHWEH. There is wickedness in our hearts when YAHWEH tells us what is hindering HIM from answering our prayers and our cries but yet we say "I don't think it takes all that." Verse 24 Tells us how we know that we have the spirit of YAHWEH. The spirit of YAHWEH will not desecrate the Law of YAHWEH; it brings a spiritual life and edification to it. The Law of YAHWEH quicken us from sin and things that transgress the Law to keep us from doing our neighbor wrong. Because we have hope through MESSIYAH it brings a spiritual enlightenment that our hearts pant or rejoice in the truth of those laws, for we know that in the law is life. 

The Natural Mind Cannot Comprehend The Things Of The Spirit

Scripture is interpreted by the revelation of the spirit for the spirit reveals the truth of scripture. We as a people have been indoctrinated with doctrinarian spirits that denies the spiritual law of YAHWEH. We know that the Law is spiritual as Shaul (Paul) said in RomiYah (Romans) 7:14 "For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin." for the carnal mind is not subject to the Law of YAHWEH neither indeed can be because the natural mind cannot comprehend the things of the spirit.

This Is What We Need To Face This Battle That Is Before Us

Satan is drawing a mass of people and causing them to have distain for the Law of YAHWEH. Ivrim (Hebrews) 8:10 YAHWEH said I will put MY Law into their hearts and in their minds for if HIS Law is not written in you, you are not HIS people. YAHWEH has elected HIS house and HE has written HIS Covenant in theirs hearts. We need the perfect light of the Law of truth to face this battle that is before us. We are going to have to cleanse ourselves by the judging of YAHWEH. Cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded. There are two examples that YAHSHUA gave in MattitYahu (Matthew) 19:16 and Luka (Luke) 10:25 that we must keep YAHWEH's Commandments to inherit eternal life. 

In the fear of YAHWEH [is] strong confidence:
and HIS children shall have a place of refuge.

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