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YAHWEH Commands Cleanse Yourselves Of The Accursed Thing

YAHWEH tells us to cleanse ourselves from all leaven
that we make keep ourselves from the accused thing. 

 Until the house of Yisrael had confessed and cleansed themselves of the accursed thing YAHWEH's wrath was kindled against them. We exalt YAHWEH to identify HIM as who HE is and when we do that there is a spiritual awaking inside us. When one cannot do that there is a darkness that holds him to his flesh and he cannot get beyond the limitations set by his flesh. We must begin to walk in the spirit and there is a Law of the Spirit.

What Brings A Curse Upon The Whole Body? 

1 Corinthians 5:5 Scripture says that heretics after the first and second admonition reject and we have tried to find place for them. When we do that it is an accursed thing and we bring a curse upon the whole body. The Law of YAHWEH is a command, as to a married man do not commit adultery and in that there is a law that says husbands love your wives. The Law and the Commandments are neglected today and if you do not do them then there are things that are going to happen. When a man falls unto those things then YAHWEH brings judgment. This is the reason this nation is in the shape that it is in for they have rejected the Commandments of YAHWEH and because of that this is an accursed nation.

Because Of One Man The Anger Of YAHWEH Was Kindled

Yahshua Ben Nun (Joshua) 6:17-18 YAHWEH gives us a warning to keep ourselves away from the unclean things as HE warned Joshua and in chapter 7 YAHWEH gives us an example of how HE dealt with an accursed thing. Because one man took an accursed thing the anger of YAHWEH was kindled against Yisrael. The fire of hell is coming and the people today have their minds wrapped up in nothing but flesh. Just as Achan could not see his wickedness, for he did a wrong thing and he brought trouble upon the whole house. YAHWEH tells us to confess our faults one unto another. Without confession of your sins you will die spiritually to burn and be consumed by your own wickedness. Saul tells us that if a man walks in a fornicating spirit do not even fellowship with him, reject him. One that will not obey or rejects the Commandments of YAHWEH turn him over to hell. We do not want to do that because we are tied in with emotions and feeling which will damn your soul into hell. 

Cleanse Ourselves From All Filthiness

"For we know that the Law is Spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin." Therefore knowing that we are carnal sowing unto death we need to begin to cleanse ourselves from all the filthiness of the flesh and spirit to perfect the righteousness of YAHWEH in our lives. It is by mercy and truth that our wicked ways are purged.

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