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Impenitent Heart Rejects YAHWEH's Law, They Cannot Repent

Because you have  rejected  YAHWEH's Law,
I will also reject you for your heart is impenitent.

YAHWEH's kindness should lead us to repentance to say I am wrong ABBA (FATHER) I have transgressed against YOU. The power of obedience brings anointing unto ones soul not only in numbers but also in power. This is the revelation of the longsuffering of YAHWEH for if a man sinned under the old covenant he died, he had no time to repent. Now YAHWEH has done a marvelous thing through MESSIYAH to bring the power of that Law and the fullness of it, for what words HE spoke, they were spiritual from the beginning and they have not changed. YAHWEH has laws to show you how wrong you are, where you have fallen and where you need to get back. In time past we have not truly known the ABBA'S NAME and The SON'S NAME and that is why we have not walked in the light of HIS power and the strength of HIS anointing. We have sinned and transgressed repeatedly without consciousness or knowledge of our sins and YAHWEH never intended for that to be. When a man sins, because of YAHWEH's longsuffering, he will not commit that sin again.

In The Natural Sense The Way The First One Goes They All Follow That Same Pursuit

The birthright was to lead in the instrumental things of YAHWEH, the worship and understanding of the Law. He was a pattern, and the strength of the father was imparted into the first-born. Esau, because of his vile wickedness and his evilness, could not inherit that birthright.

Can Not See YAHWEH's Revelation Walking In A Carnal Mind

YAHWEH said HE has seven profound spirits and the whore that sits upon seven hills is trying to emulate the anointing or the high spiritual plains that we ought to walk on. The Spirit of YAHWEH takes us to a higher elevation that HE may be revealed unto us and you are not going to see HIS revelation walking in a carnal mind.

YAHWEH sayeth I Will Reject You For Your Heart Is Impenitent

Romans 2:5 This generation is a hard and stubborn one. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and hardness or stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Do you know what turns men away from the truth of YAHWEH? Titus 1:14 Fables, which are lies and commandments of men that are your own ideas and emotions, are what turn you away from the truth of YAHWEH. That which is esteemed highly among men is an abomination in the sight of YAHWEH. HE never intended for you to have flesh aroused and have fleshly sensations because you loose perspective of the spiritual realm. That is why television is going to destroy more people than anything.

MESSIYAH Came To Show You How To Go In The Way

YAHWEH's Law has not changed. HE is still looking for a blood offering to cover our sins and YAHSHUA was that offering for us. YAHWEH brought us the marvelous light MESSIYAH to show you how to go in the way. I brought MY Law and MY Truth to keep you in the place before ME that you will not get far from ME sayeth YAHWEH.

An impenitent heart is one which cannot repent
and does the same things over and over.

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