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Keeps From HIS Curse

When you begin to walk contrary to the TORAH of YAHWEH
 you are a cursed thing.

When a man rejects the TORAH of YAHWEH he accrues the curse of YAHWEH on him. Then woe unto him for his house is cursed, his children are cursed and everything he touches is cursed. This generation is in haste to do things without receiving the warnings of YAHWEH and because they are a presumptuous generation they have brought about the cursed things upon them. MESSIYAH came to reveal unto us the profound attributes of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH that we may walk in the strength of HIS spirit and not incur the accursed things in our lives. Scripture tells us of the accursed one and the accursed things. Satan is the accursed one with a power that he has used to manipulate the minds of many. If a man defiles the tabernacle of YAHWEH or HIS house HE is going to destroy HIM. Do not you know that your body is the house of YAHWEH's Spirit? 

There Is Only One Thing That Produces Life In A Man

Our minds have been shaped and dictated by doctrines that men have established. Yochanan (John) 8:47 When you cannot hear truth it is because you are not of YAHWEH. There is only one thing that produces life in a man and that is the truth by the Word of YAHWEH. It is the life-giving source for nothing else can bring about the power of life of YAHWEH down in a man's soul. When you will not abide in the truth and try to reason within yourself you are an accursed thing.

Until We Do This, We Will Not Sense YAHWEH's Power, Healing Or Anointing

Yahshua Ben Nun(Joshua) 7:12 YAHWEH has said that until we destroy the accursed thing from among us we will not sense HIS power, HIS healing or HIS anointing among us. We have spotted the righteous garment of YAHWEH with fleshy sayings and fleshly traditions so we should hate it. YAHWEH has not changed HE is the same yesterday and today forever. YAHWEH's Word is for us now as it was for them, no difference! We have even a greater measure now than they did then because YAHWEH brought it forth in a way to give us life and that is what the Spirit does; it gives life. YAHWEH has imparted HIS spirit into us so that it will give us light to obey HIS voice and do what HE says.

Scripture Tells What A Woman's Place Is

 YAHWEH has never given a woman the power to preach any doctrine. A woman's place is to teach the young women how to be righteous women, how to dress and adorn themselves and how to be good wives unto their husbands.

A Man Rejects The Laws Of YAHWEH, He Is A Wicked Man

 IF you cannot obey the voice of YAHWEH then you do not know HIM! Mishle (Proverbs) 3:33 When a man rejects the TORAH of YAHWEH he is a wicked man. A man cannot reject MESSIYAH and say that he obeys the TORAH  for MESSIYAH was the fulfillment of that TORAH (Law) and the prophets. HE came to make known that what they said is not a lie, for HE is the hope and mediator between the ABBA and you. MESSIYAH was a witness that YAHWEH's redemption is an everlasting redemption and the price that YAHSHUA paid was sufficient.  Malachi 2:1-8 and 1 Kepha (Peter) 2:9 We are a royal  priesthood so Malachi's warning is for us today. The strength of the power of darkness is going to be mighty and great as if it were possible to deceive the very elect. That is what we wrestle against today and the only thing that keeps us from the curse is the TORAH of YAHWEH.

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