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YAHWEH Tells Us To Be
Not Weary Of Heart

Carnal things motivate the natural mind, for the Law of YAHWEH does not govern it. In this hour Satan is working his work to seduce the minds of this emotional generation. That is why we must have the mind of MESSIYAH and sow to the Spirit whereby that living well will erupt in our souls constantly. YAHWEH sent YAHSHUA in a natural physical man to give us confidence and assurance of HIS promise to redeem us from the curse of this life. Death would have no power and we would not have to fear death because the Word was made flesh and paid the price in full.

The Powers Of Hell Will Do Anything To Cause Weariness To Overcharge Us

The first-born always has the authority and power because he was the one that was the kohen (priest) of the family. He was the one that offered up the accolades and offerings unto YAHWEH. He was the one that intrigued the ABBA, for he was the strength of the family and held the birthright. We are the first fruit of the resurrection of MESSIYAH and YAHWEH has given us that power and authority that we may go to the ABBA to inquire of HIM without any doubt. The powers of hell know that there is a birthright that entitles and gives us the authority to offer up praise offerings unto the ABBA and they will do anything to cause a weariness to overcharge us.

Scripture Tells Us Why We Are Weary

The enemy in this hour is trying to cause a state or a mind of weariness and faintheartedness to befall the people. Scripture tells us why we are weary, so that we have lost the Spirit of YAHWEH to lead and to guide us and why our hearts are faint without strength to press beyond the opposition. When one is weary that will do anything to satisfy the things of the flesh, they are willing to give in and give up to try to find other alternatives.

Entrapments Of The World Will Seduce And Draw You Away

Bereshith (Genesis) 25:29 The world today will cause a man to be faint and weary, for if your mind is caught up in the entrapments of the world they will seduce and draw you away from the strength of your heritage and your birthright. Mishle (Proverbs) 3:11 If we would do what YAHWEH tells us to do we would sense HIS anointing and power to resurrect us. Because we do not do what YAHWEH tells us we give up on HIS truth and begin to despise what HE has done for us. 

Consider MESSIYAH And The Things That HE Endured

Galatians 6:9 We cannot become weary with correction and faint for if we faint in the day of adversity then little is our strength. Ibrim (Hebrew) 12:3 The reason men are weary and faint today is because they do not truly consider MESSIYAH and the things that HE endured. If we would only consider the opposition that MESSIYAH endured and let it be paramount in our minds we would know that YAHWEH is able to do all things. YAHWEH is truly not in our minds or our hearts else we would not be weary and faint, for HE is a wellspring of life. If you faint and give up on the Law of righteousness because there are things that you perceive that is a part of you or that you love then you have no strength at all.

Souls Cried Out To YAHWEH And HE Delivered Them

Tehillim (Psalms) 107:6 In the midst of trouble the people in the depth of their souls cried out to YAHWEH and HE delivered them. Once they sincerely cried out to let HIM know that there was nothing in themselves that they could do YAHWEH said now I can deliver you and bring you to that place of plenty. Esau did not do that, he still relied upon the power of his flesh "I will sell, it is mine, I can do what I want to" and then he went out to despise his birthright. We should bless YAHWEH when HE judges and corrects us for if you do not do that then your heart is fully set to do evil.

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