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Take Not The NAME Written In Our Foreheads, YAHWEH In Vain

The command of YAHWEH is that we keep all of HIS Commandments and precepts. Here a little there a little it is all valuable unto the mighty king. What you have today is a mind set that rejects the profound truths of the ABBA YAHWEH that will bring a man prostrate before HIM where he will truly worship HIM. Tehillim (Psalms) 111:7, 119:151,172 All of YAHWEH'S Commandments are sure, faithful, righteous and full of truth, they are confirmed and they will nourish a man's soul for they are a pillar of strength unto us. Yochanan (John) 5:3 When we keep YAHWEH'S Commandments we say that they are not grievous unto us. YAHWEH must govern us by HIS Commandments and Law that we will recognize the one that has done the work in us. 

Our Strength When The Forces Of Hell Are Unleashed

In the end time do you know how the time will be shortened? The days will still be 48 hours but there will be such a delight in the suffering that you suffer for the NAME'S sake of YAHWEH that you will not dishonour HIM, HIS NAME nor the Son's NAME. Debarim (Deuteronomy) 5:11 Do you not realize that YAHWEH'S NAME is so important that HE commanded us not to take it in vain? YAHWEH is a very important and valuable NAME to us for we shall be sealed with that name written in our foreheads. That shall be the strength in our minds when the forces of hell are unleashed against the inhabitants of this earth. We shall have a delight in the will of YAHWEH and we will know the one that we serve.

Understanding Is A Principle Thing Of YAHWEH 

When you understand the truth of the mess and of what we have done, it gives us power. Understanding is a principle thing of YAHWEH for we should have the ability to shun, cast aside and cast out things. When we do not have knowledge of those things, then they have power to take strength in our minds and to rule, plus govern us according to it's will. And now we have grown in the fullness of the knowledge of our ABBA YAHWEH that HE lays out HIS Truth unto us in a way that is easy and not grievous unto us because it is our love reciprocated unto HIM knowing that HE is guiding us.

Do You Deny YAHWEH Before This Wicked World?

Tehillim (Psalms) 139:20 Vain means having no real value, worthless, triviality or insignificance. As children we were trained to follow certain formats and now YAHWEH begins to do the works to bring about the truth of HIS NAME. Are you ashamed to call HIS NAME and do you deny HIM before this wicked world? There is a difference when a man does not understand this truth but when a man hears he cannot shut his heart. 


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